No Space? Try An L-Shaped Modular Kitchen In Your Indian Home

by Ashish Rai | January 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

L shaped modular kitchen designs for indian homes with beautiful cabinets in l shaped kitchen design

“In the childhood memories of every good cook, there’s a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom.” – Barbara Costikyan. 

The kitchen plays an integral part in everyone’s lives. It’s that space where childhood memories made – those of your mother whipping up a warm meal for you, where the family gathered over the holidays and where big delicious food was prepared for festivals. 

But as time passed and technology improved, homeowners found less use and space to store bulky utensils. New gadgets came in to save time. These days homeowners seek functional kitchens that save space without compromising on designs. The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen layouts. This layout provides ample storage space that makes it popular with modern homeowners. It is also suitable for homes with limited space. An L-Shaped kitchen has counters along two perpendicular walls and just one corner. This type of layout leaves the rest of the floor plan open; the main benefit is that you can cook a scrumptious meal and chat with folks simultaneously!

What Makes An L-shaped Kitchen Convenient?

An easy and organised kitchen that gives you two work zones in one kitchen. So if you are thinking about remodelling your kitchen, consider an L-shaped kitchen that is perfect for Indian lifestyles. 

L-Shaped kitchens, more importantly, is completely aligned with the principles of golden triangle rule. This is the distance between the sink, stove and fridge. This layout fits perfectly in this triangle and works best with small and medium-sized kitchens. Worktops and cabinets are positioned to suit the user and the job in hand. Frequently needed provisions and utensils are stored at easy reach while the sink and appliances are positioned for logical movement between tasks.

However, a great kitchen isn’t all about rules, it’s also about comfort, space and dollops of inspiration to cook up delicious meals.

The Magic Of The Work Triangle In An L-Shaped Kitchen

The imaginary line between the oven, sink, and refrigerator make up what kitchen experts call the work triangle. The main idea behind this concept is to ensure enough space between these three elements making them efficient to use. All L-Shaped kitchens consist of the same design element –  a refrigerator, two countertops perpendicular to one another, cabinets above and below, and a stove. What matters is how they are placed in relation to one another. The refrigerator should be placed on the outside corner of the work triangle so it can be opened from the centre. No other object or table should be placed in the line of the work triangle.

Modular kitchen design l shape with all the stuff like oven sink and refrigerator for l type kitchen
The L-shaped kitchen provides efficiency and creates multifunctional space

Maximum Utilisation Of Space

An L-shaped kitchen makes optimum use of space to accommodate all your utensils and appliances to make cooking a hassle-free experience. Every inch of space is carefully thought out, planned, and used to give you sufficient storage for all your needs. Now you won’t find yourself scrambling to find things or cooking in a mess.

L shaped modular kitchen designs where you have utilise your maximum space in the small l shaped kitchen design
Space can be used to store condiments and utensils in an organised manner

Get Creative With Corners

Corners spaces are great space-saving areas that you can use to the fullest if designed smartly. You can turn corners into magnificent work stations. They maintain the layout of the kitchen work triangle, brighten up your kitchen and offset a backsplash really well. Build shelves, corner drawers or slimmer cabinets and store your crockery to make good use of corner spaces. This way your dead corners will look aesthetically pleasing and useful.

L shaped modular kitchen where you can get creative with the corners in l type kitchen design
Put those corners to good use with space-saving designs

Cabinets For L-Shaped Kitchens

Use those empty walls for cabinets and dedicate one wall for a large window to keep your kitchen brimming with natural light and fresh air. Fill those empty walls with matching cabinets to store utensils and gadgets. It’s going to give your kitchen a spanking new look. Your kitchen cabinets, drawers adds sophistication and creates ample space for all your culinary needs. Install handle-free floor cabinets to give your kitchen a clean and seamless look depending on your requirements and convenience.

L shaped kitchen cabinets which make your kitchen look neat and clean for l shaped kitchen designs for small kitchens
Cabinets and shelves maximise space and make a kitchen look neat and clean

L-Shaped Kitchen With An Island

An L-Shaped kitchen with an island works wonders at the centre and gives the space a sense of complete balance. An island is where you can chat with your family and friends as you keep an eye on dinner. Add additional storage with shelves and cabinets underneath. Want something more savvy? Then build a wine rack or coffee mug holder beneath as well. Use for casual seating or get your kids to do their homework as you cook. Moreover, an island in an L-shaped kitchen increases buyer appeal of your home as a design element.

L shaped modular kitchen with an island which gives a space of complete balance for l shaped kitchen designs Indian homes
A gathering place for friends and family also a table to eat and share

8 x 12: A Magical Number

An 8 x12 kitchen is convenient if you have a small home and are typically suited for a single cook. Spread out appliances along the two sides so you have an open work triangle. There should be four to seven feet distance between fridge and sink, four to six feet between sink and stove, and four to nine feet between your stove and fridge.

Small indian kitchen design in l shape with a drawing of small 8 x 12 l shaped kitchen
8 x 12 kitchens are great for single cook homes

In today’s world, the kitchen is the heart of your home and one that way more multi-functional than ever. Thus, the kitchen designs are given much importance. The L-shaped kitchen layout is flexible, has ample storage and balances all zones based on particular activities. It is now a place to cook, entertain family, to work and make memories. Cooking was never this fun, isn’t it?

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