10 Winning Wardrobe Colour Combinations For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 8, 2024 | 5 mins read

Inspiring two colour combination of wardrobe design for your home

Gone are the days of monotonous cupboard designs that only served a practical purpose. With custom wardrobes in vogue you have a myriad colour combinations to choose from as well. Here is our list of the best colours for your wardrobe.

With wardrobes what is on the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside. And they’ve come a long way from being purely functional pieces of furniture to store belongings to a work of art in themselves. Today you will find options with colour, style and finishes like veneer, laminate, glass and more. These 10 wardrobe colour combinations should help you choose a style for your own space.

wardrobe finishes

In Continuation

Sometimes, the colour combination that works best for your wardrobe is the one used for the rest of the bedroom. In this image we see white and lilac, both light colours, that have been used in equal measure. They work in tandem without seeing over the top. In this bedroom, the wardrobe and its colours are a mere extension of the rest of the furniture.

Glossy finish white and lilac wardrobe colour combination in this bedroom works well.

Bright Wardrobe Colour Block

Colours are all about having fun! This bedroom has a light and breezy vibe to it.  A white and grey wardrobe colour combination would seem slightly pale in comparison to the rest of the room and therefore bright yellow has been added to break the monotony. 

The bedroom has a bright yellow and grey double colour wardrobe design.
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Red To Highlight The Borders

You have to be careful when going for a bold colour like red for a two colour combination of wardrobe design. Red has been used to highlight the borders of this glossy white wardrobe. This one ticks all the right boxes when it comes to a classy and sleek wardrobe design

Bedroom wardrobe colour combinations in white & red on the border with a dressing table is a sleek design

Natural Is Best As A Wardrobe Combination

This bedroom’s interior has been designed with the warmth of natural and neutral colours. It makes perfect sense to use a complementing colour combination for this bedroom’s wardrobe.  Wardrobe bas sunmica as a finish and is a classic option.

Wardrobe designed with the warmth of natural and neutral colours in the bedroom is sunmica colour for wardrobe.

Half And Half Wardrobe Colour Combination

The look of this simple wardrobe design has been accentuated with the use of a two colour combination. Blue literally infuses the colour into the design and the combination works well with the play of colours with the interiors of this bedroom.

Bedroom wardrobe colours designed in half blue and the half beige combination works well.

Accentuate The Browns

It is completely alright if you prefer to play safe with wardrobe colours. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot make it look interesting. The natural coloured brown finish used for this wardrobe is given the right amount of highlight with the use of white. Combinations like these in neutral colours are generally hard to go wrong with and work with most designs.

Wardrobe colour designed in natural brown finish with white highlight combination in the bedroom.
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Neutral Wardrobe Colours

This wardrobe designed with white lacquered glass doors would have looked monotonous had it not been for the addition of grey borders. The overall design of the bedroom is simple and subtle in terms of its colour scheme. The grey and white colour combination works towards maintaining the flow.

Master bedroom wardrobe colours in grey and white combination design.

A Rustic Colour Mix For Your Wardrobe Design

The rustic colourful finish used for this wardrobe hardly needs another colour thrown into the mix. Subtle silver lines add the perfect dual tone look to it. White is another alternative for wardrobe colour combinations for similar finishes as it highlights the look in a natural way.

Rustic mix colour combination for wardrobe doors highlights the look in a natural way.

Dark And Bright Wardrobe Colour Combination

The fun squares of dark teal and yellow add a bit of fun to an otherwise simple white coloured wardrobe. Combinations of two or more striking colours work well in spaces where the overall decor and design is done using a mix of the same colours, balanced with use of neutral hues.

White coloured wardrobe with fun squares of dark teal and yellow laminates colour combination for wardrobe design.

No Colour Is The Best Colour

The modern interior design of this bedroom calls for a modern wardrobe. Sometimes, the best colour is indeed, no colour. The glass door of this wardrobe allows for a peek into the contents of the wardrobe which indirectly add colour to this space. 

The modern bedroom has a wardrobe with a glass door but no wardrobe colour unique design.

For a piece of furniture as large as the wardrobe, a two-colour combination balances the enormity of it. Not to forget it looks visually stunning too. Choose the best wardrobe colour combinations for your bedroom with the help of our blog here. 

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FAQs On Wardrobe Colour Combinations

What are some ways to incorporate patterns into your wardrobe color scheme?
Use patterned finishes for your wardrobe that match the color scheme of the room. This will help create a harmonious yet striking look for your wardrobe. Another way is to combine patterns with solid colors to create a unique look yet prevent the space from looking too overwhelming.

What are some ways to add a pop of color to a neutral wardrobe?
Add a pop of color to a neutral wardrobe by pairing it with accent furniture in a bright colour. For instance, add a lounge chair in a bold red or navy blue. Alternatively you can also hang patterned curtains in a bold color.

What are some ways to coordinate your wardrobe color scheme with your home decor?
Choose a color for your wardrobe that belong to the same color family as the existing color palette of the room. You can also opt for finishes for your wardrobe that match other furniture pieces in the room.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when selecting wardrobe color combinations?
1) Avoid selecting too many colors for your wardrobe color scheme as it can make your space feel overwhelming and cluttered.
2) Make sure that the style of your wardrobe matches the overall style of your room.
3) Be mindful of using bold colors for your wardrobe when it comes to small rooms.
4) Remember to consider the texture of your wardrobe materials and how lighting in the room will affect the colors of your wardrobe.

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