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Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas

The word ‘wardrobe’ has its origins in French – ‘wardrobe’ or even ‘garderobe.’ If you were to study the etymology of this word, it’s easy enough to see what it means. Warder means to guard and robes are clothes, resulting in an effective storage solution that protects your clothes. Which such interesting origins it is of little surprise that this piece of furniture does far more that serve your storage needs. Your choice of wardrobe interior design will go a long way to make organising your clothes and accessories effective and efficient. They can also greatly enhance the look and style of the bedroom.

Placing And Sizing The Wardrobe

One of the first decisions you need to make is about where you want to place your wardrobe and how large do you want to be. Consider how much storage space you need and how much precious real estate are you willing to spare. How many people are going to be using the wardrobe? Do you need separate ‘his’ and ‘her’ sections? Determine the dimensions of the wardrobe accordingly. Be creative with where you want to place the wardrobe. With such clever wardrobe interior design ideas in the market, the most awkward space and oddest of corners can be converted into nifty storage. On the other hand, don’t fill up all the available space with a wardrobe, however tempting extra storage may be. Be realistic about your needs and space and size the cupboards to fit them.
Placing And Sizing The Wardrobe

Build Or Buy?

Once you have your storage needs figured out, it’s time to answer the important build or buy question. It is exciting times in the home furniture market and possibilities available are more varied than ever before. Especially if budget is a constraint or speed is of the essence, consider shopping for a wardrobe that matches your specifications. However, if you don’t want to make any compromises and want a solution custom made to your requirements, turn to someone who can build the wardrobes for you from scratch.
Build Or Buy

A Wardrobe For Every Need And Space

If you expect to be on the move when it comes to your home and want to move your treasured furniture with you, explore the stand-alone wardrobe. If you want more storage, wall mount floor-to-ceiling wardrobes instead. These come without or without lofts depending upon your preference. They are an ever-green choice and are available in a range of styles and materials. You can hardly go wrong with them. Sliding doors are a handy alternative for those with space constraints that don’t allow for swinging doors. They can also make the room appear quite elegant and sleek, so definitely put them on your consideration list. However, having sliding doors means you can’t have a long centre drawer and you won’t be able to view all the contents of the cupboard at one go. Want to utilise two adjacent walls and the corner between? Install an L- shaped wardrobe, with the additional option of sliding doors, to make the most of that corner. If you have sloped ceiling, that you don’t want to get in the way of your storage, sloped wardrobes can come nicely to your rescue. Finally, if you have room enough, there is nothing that quite spells luxury the way a walk-in wardrobe does. These come in three layouts, U-shaped, G-shaped and parallel and give you plenty of storage for all your clothes and accessories.
A Wardrobe for Every Need and Space

Making Practical Choices For Interior Material

Plywood, made by binding layers of wood cut in sheets, is a popular option for the interiors of wardrobes. Moisture resistant plywood, boiling water-resistant plywood and marine plywood are the options available within this material. You can alternately go with particle board, especially the pre-laminated variety. MDF is another consideration for material when it comes to building the interiors of your wardrobe.
Making Practical Choices for Interior Material

Finish off with Exterior Material Styled to Your Bedroom

With near limitless choice of material, you can be sure to find something for the exteriors of the wardrobe that fits right in with the style and finish of your bedroom. Laminates, made of layers of plastic resins, are frequently used and come in a range of colours and textures including matte and glossy. If you want glossy, easy to maintain lacquered or polyurethane paint is another alternative. Wooden veneers are another popular choice as they replicate the look of solid wood. They only need a polish now and then as maintenance. If you are looking for something more contemporary, consider coloured glass or even mirror. Mirror can look cool and elegant and make spaces look bigger than they are. Glass can provide a sleek and modern touch and is further available in many varieties such as clear or frosted. Clear see-through glass doors do mean that you have to keep the interiors of the wardrobe immaculately organized. Lastly, metal in another material which can lend your bedroom quite a modern and industrial look.
Finish off with Exterior Material Styled to Your Bedroom

Storage Components that Make Organizing a Delight

Next you will want to turn your attention to organization options and components. One of the most commonly used system is the hanging one in which rods can be installed at a height of your preference for short, medium and long clothes. Full hanging works well for long dresses and coats while three fourth hanging is more suitable for shorter clothes such as trousers. If you only ever want to hang shirts and similar sized clothing, a half hanging will suffice for your needs. Some clothes like folded clothing and t-shirts are best stored in piles and shelves can be quite a boon for them. With pull out shelves and trays, you need not suffer from items forever disappearing at the back. Drawers are another storage solution which can be quite useful, especially for smaller items like socks, underwear and the likes. Special rods and racks for accessories such as ties and belts can be installed should you require them. Flat or slanted shoe shelves that can be pulled out are a popular organizational accessory.
Storage Components that Make Organizing a Delight

Go Creative with Your Wardrobe

If you have limited space and you want to kill several birds with one stone, put your thinking cap on and come up with some out of box wardrobe ideas. Incorporate a dressing table complete with mirrors and storage into the wardrobe or convert a portion of it for study table and bookshelves. Build in vertical storage that pulls out for all those shoes and even books. Install your wardrobe around a television or build the television into it. With no dearth of interior design ideas, material and layouts, you will find a wardrobe or a set of wardrobes that are the perfect fit for you in no time. One that meets your functional needs and completes the look of your room.