Penthouse Interior Design Ideas

Penthouse designs define luxury. A penthouse offers maximum comfort, privacy and an ambience that defines class. Penthouse are often built on the higher levels of buildings and offer spectacular views of the surroundings. Unlike traditional apartments, these homes do not suffer from a lack of space, having both a terrace and balcony. Their interiors are comfortable yet elaborate, design ideas versatile and always adhere to a contemporary brief. Interiors and decor of penthouses must look attractive in keeping with the ambience of the space. There are a few design features that differentiate them from regular apartments, and a few are elaborated below.

Private Outdoor Spaces

Penthouses thrive on bringing the outdoors in. Because they evolved from service rooms on roofs, they came to have large open spaces around. Whether modern or contemporary, outdoor spaces can be designed around plenty of design elements as per your needs. Instead of projected cantilevered balconies reminiscent about penthouses of old, the setbacks nowadays act as private terrace spaces to create the right kind of ambience. An open terrace space is open to creativity. You can choose to design a rustic, earthy ambience with natural, rough hewn elements to mimic the outdoors, wrought iron furniture, potted plants, soft lighting and planter beds. Private spaces afford much needed respite as well as relaxation for owners. Besides they make for great party decks at other times.
Penthouse design of private outdoor spaces for penthouse

Exquisite Furniture

The furniture in your penthouse apartment must be carefully chosen to sync with the interiors, ambience and floor patterns. Having any of this off-rack may look too jarring in such a home. Sofas and other furniture for your living room can be sectioned for a more formal look. Small alcoves and nooks with assorted seating, makes for informal decor. Polished wood furniture, rectangular or circular seating gives your furniture a classy edge. The choice in furniture gives penthouses an exclusive and inviting look.
Penthouse design furniture in your penthouse apartment
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Right Color Choices

Unlike traditional apartments where colours can be chosen randomly, penthouse colours can be too loud or muted depending on what is chosen for which part of the living space. Colours play an important role in the design of such homes. You can choose to contrast it with your furniture and wall colours. White or pastel walls would contrast well with dark toned furniture including browns, greys and blues. Neutral colours lend more sophistication and balance out any loudness in colours. Alternatively, you can even have neutral colours running through everything – floor, walls, furniture and upholstery. Another option is to choose neutral earth colors for your walls and ceiling, and contrast it with bright colours for the floor. Whatever the case may be, the right colour choices can showcase a well-built and well put together penthouse design.
Choose the right color for your modern penthouses design

Winding Staircases For Penthouse Design

Staircases are not compulsory but in penthouses across two floors they add to the elegance and richness of the place. Beautiful winding staircases can either be placed inside or outside the home, and lend an aesthetic element more than functionality. Winding staircases are available in a multitude of designs, colours and finishes.
Choose winding staircases for penthouse interior design

Light Accentuates Luxury

Light always plays a significant role in every home. For luxury homes, lighting takes the ambience to an altogether different level. In penthouse, lighting fixtures and elements are as important as the light itself. Avoid any lighting that does not complement the interior design. Pendant lights from the ceiling over the main area, long standing lamps, subtle LED lights incorporated into false ceilings are all complementary when planned and designed well. Lighting in penthouses can be an attractive proposition considering the extensive amount of space. However this is also where one should be careful in not going overboard. Shadow and light have equal space in penthouses and can transform the design of home interiors. Bedrooms can do well with table lamps. Bathroom sconces around dressing areas add a functional touch. Balconies and terraces do well with string lights and ceiling pendants. Lighting design should be modern and innovative without going overboard.
Lighting fixtures and elements for penthouse bathroom design
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Windows and Doors For Penthouse Design

With a large penthouse space comes large doors and windows to let the wind in. Frameless windows that are large and run from floor to ceiling, are great for penthouses. Alternatively aged framed ones work just as well depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Besides making rooms look luxurious and lavish, they also showcase the surrounding scenery. Simple colours in doors and windows without any loud contrasts, encased in glass showcases the home, and in turn its inviting luxury.
Choose right windows and doors while design your penthouse interiors

Embellish Rooms

Contrary to what we do in apartments, rooms in penthouses must not be filled for the sake of it. Penthouses come with a unique perspective and what they are adorned with, must also be well thought out. Customisation plays a significant role in penthouses. From choosing pieces of furniture that merge well in living and dining spaces to embellishing floors and ceilings in a way they offset each other, panelling walls in bathrooms to installing glamorous, high-end appliances – choices such as these add personality to a home. Penthouses have come a long way from just being ‘Mansions in the sky’ to becoming coveted properties that are true value for money. Often considered showpieces of buildings, they are pricier, come with more facilities and amenities and provide incredible views. They are a glimpse into the world of luxury, where comfort is defined by the amount of time, effort and money in making a space truly luxurious and inviting.
Choosing pieces of furniture in living and dining spaces
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