A Guide To Choosing The Right Bed For Your Bedroom

Do you know that we spend one-third of our entire life on a bed? This also means you give plenty of mindshare and time to pick the right one! Ye! Choosing a bed is a critical life decision that must not be taken in a hurry. A wrong bed will only give you backaches, sore muscles, and disturbed sleep. 

However, if you’ve found yourself confused by the plethora of choices available today only to end up buying a bed that’s either too big or small for your room, remember you are not alone. Many homeowners make the same mistake and buy one that doesn’t fit into their lifestyle or requirements. A good night’s sleep on a good bed is what you need to become a better you every morning. And so, to help you on this quest, we have compiled a step-by-step guide to choosing the right bed.

What Is The Size Of Your Bedroom?

The dimensions of your bedroom determine the size of your bed. To relax properly you need enough room around your bed for free-flowing movement. Before you pick a bed first understand the floor space and dimensions to arrive at a bed size which fits in perfectly into your room. For instance, if you have a small bedroom a king-size bed is not an option. What you need are multifunctional beds that leave you with extra space in the room when you are not sleeping on them. A murphy bed or sofa bed is a great option in this setting.

Bed design for your home where the dimensions of your bedroom determine the size of your bed for bedroom design

Who Is Going To Use The Bed?

The second and crucial aspect to choosing a bed is knowing its users. Is this bed for the master, kids or guest bedroom? So let’s say you are choosing a bed for the master bedroom – a queen king-sized bed (depending on overall room dimensions) will be a good fit. However, if you are buying or building a bed for the kids’ bedroom, look for fun options like bunk beds or cots. For guest rooms, an elegant twin bed or even a single bed will work just fine. 

Latest bed designs for your home where the second and crucial aspect to choosing modern wooden bed designs

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How High Do You Want Your Bed To Be?

The height of the bed is as important as the size. This is something that is often overlooked by many, without realising that it impacts the space and storage of the bedroom. A taller bed is easy to deep clean, have more storage space underneath and are ideal for taller people too. Floor level beds are considerably hard to deep clean but are great options if your room has wall protrusions. So for example, if your window sill has a protrusion a taller bed won’t fit, but a floor bed will. 

New bed design for your home where the height of the bed is as important as the size of bed ke design

Have You Considered Storage Beds?

For small homes space maximisation is key. Your choice of bed can actually be of help here. Consider buying a bed with inbuilt storage to maximise space. Opt for either standard drawer systems, hydraulic storage bed or one with built-in storage. Such beds will help you keep your bedroom clutter-free. You can tuck away all your seldom-used items – blankets, trolleys, winterwear – and make more space in your bedroom. 

Double bed designs in wood where your choice of bed can actually be of help here for bed headboard design

What size bed do you need?

How About A Space Saving Bed?

If you are looking for a bed for an occasionally used guest room or a room that is comparatively smaller in size, then space-saving bed designs like a slide-under bed, murphy bed or a sleeping loft is your answer. These designs will save you tons of space and help you make the most of every square inch. These smart designs are an excellent pick for small bedrooms because they can be pushed back into the wall leaving ample floor area that can be utilised as a sitting area or to just move around more freely.

Latest wooden bed designs where the space saving bed designs are like a slide-under bed or a murphy bed or a kingsize bed design

What Is The Right Material To Consider For A Bed?

Beds are made in a variety of materials these days – options like teak, solid, Sheesham or Mango wood are just a few to name. What’s important here is considering the climatic conditions of your city before you choose the right material for your bed. For instance, solid wood, though long-lasting in nature, are prone to termites. If you live in a coastal area opt for processed engineered wood or laminate beds wood rots in humidity. However, ensure you check the quality, brand of manufacturer, terms and warranties before you buy any bed.

Modern bed designs for your home where you consider the conditions of your city before choosing the right material for your bed designs in wood with box

What Is Your Budget For The Bed?

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a bed considering the multitude of variants out there. However, your budget will help you filter these options. Solid wood beds are pricier than modern engineered ones. Similarly, king-sized beds are more expensive than single beds. If you’re looking for storage beds, a hydraulic system is costlier compared to those with in-built drawers. You don’t want to fall in love with a bed and then worry about financing it do you? Nor do you want a bed that burns a hole in your pocket and serves no purpose. Reconsider all your options carefully before you invest in a bed.

Bedroom bed design for your home where solid wood beds are pricier than modern engineered indian bed design

Once you’ve chosen your ideal bed, do not settle for a normal mattress  – the reason you will sleep well. Ensure it’s comfortable and cosy to get a good night’s rest. Pick a mattress that’s not too soft or hard – neither are good for your back and sleeping posture. 

We hope this guide helps you pick an ideal bed for your bedroom. Wish to know more? Leave us a comment or reach us at:

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