A Complete Guide To Modern Kid-Friendly Living Room Designs

Here are our tips to design a home that is a safe haven for your kids to move around freely.

Your living room is the most active space in your home. It is the place where you entertain your guests, enjoy fun times with family and friends or enjoy a solitary evening cup of coffee. So when the time comes to redesign your living room’s interiors it’s usually all about dreamy, flamboyant ideas to create a dynamic first impression with your guests.

But a family’s priorities change considerably once kids come into the picture. Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to designing a kid friendly living room. Be it avoiding sharp edges, placement of expensive artefacts, the choice of flooring and wall paints, and much more.

And this often leaves homeowners with limited options with aesthetics taking a back foot. What if we tell you we have some modern kid-friendly living room design ideas that are safe, functional and aesthetic? This guide will help you with small details to make your living room kid-friendly without compromising on design sensibilities.

5 things to keep in mind for a kid friendly living room

Modular Furniture That Is Kid-Friendly

Homes with kids need modular furniture that is smart, functional and safe to use. It also needs to be low on maintenance – so furniture that is easy to clean, stain and scratch proof to make your life hassle-free.

Here we have the list of the best kid-friendly furniture for your living room to make it a space that everyone enjoys!

  • Avoid Sharp Edges: Sharp edges on furniture can hurt your kid when they move around. Rather, opt for round tables and curved corners. Not only do they lend a seamless look but are safer to use if you live with kids.
  • Choose A Round-Nested Coffee Table: This style of coffee table is space-saving, functional, and visually appealing.
  • A Wall Mounted Bar Unit: If you want to add a bar unit opt for one that you can mount on the wall. This frees up precious floor space leaving room for your kids to move freely without them bumping into it and knocking your glassware off. Ensure your bar unit is placed beyond the reach of your kid to keep your expensive wine bottles and glasses safe and avoid unwanted accidents.
  • A Wall Mounted Bookshelf: Love showing off your extensive book collection but can’t find one that;s out of reach from your toddler? Add a wall-mounted bookshelf. If you choose a free-standing one, the chances are that your kid will try pulling the unit and hurt themselves in the process. The wall-mounted shelf can also be used to showcase your favourite artefacts and potted indoor plants.
  • A Well Placed TV Unit: For the TV unit, you can either go for a wall-mounted or floor mounted one. However, our design experts suggest opting for the latter if you have a playful kid at home. So even if they try to sit on the cabinet, the floor-mounted TV set will bear your kid’s weight and save you from any mishaps.
  • A Foldable Dining Table: Homes with kids need multifunctional furniture. A foldable dining table that can be pushed back in when not in use doubles up as a useful side cabinet. This helps save space and turn your living room into a cosy dining area when needed. Space-saving furniture is a clever way to add the functionality of your space and makes it kid and adult-friendly too.
Make a kid-friendly living room by avoiding sharp edges and opt for round tables and curved corners
The modern kid friendly living room features a round nested coffee table
A kid-friendly living room furniture wall-mounted bar unit frees up precious floor space to move freely for kids
Kid-friendly living room ideas- add a wall-mounted bookshelf that keeps your toddler out of reach
Kid-friendly living room- opt for floor mounted tv unit that will bear your kid's weight
Kid-friendly living room with a foldable dining set doubles up as a helpful side cabinet
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Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

What Finishes To Choose For Kid-friendly Living Room

Finishes play an important role when you are designing a kid-friendly living room. You need to ensure they are durable, scratch-proof, stain-proof so that you can maintain them without any hassle.

  • Why is Duco the best choice: When thinking of a kid-friendly living room, Duco is the best choice for you. It has a smooth finish with no sharp edges making the space completely safe for your kid. You can choose vibrant colours to make your living room look lively.
  • What Is Better – High Gloss Or Regular Laminates? Laminates come in multiple colours and textures and have a better shelf life compared to Acrylic. So if you live with toddlers then our design experts suggest choosing dark coloured or rustic textured laminates as you can hardly see any scratches. But if you have slightly older kids at home, we would highly recommend high gloss laminates. They are easy to clean and lend a premium look for just a little bit more money.
  • Is Acrylic Worth The Cost? Acrylic is the most sought after finish because of its seamless look and mirror-like finish. It comes in matching edge bands, and the gloss does not fade away with time. Although it’s a bit pricier than high gloss laminates, but the look and feel of it is worth the expense. The only disadvantage of Acrylic is that it scratches easily, and the glossy sheen reflects a lot of light, making these scratches visible. So it is advised to avoid Acrylic if you have small kids playing around the house.

Kid-friendly stylish living room with a Duco finish making the space entirely safe for your kids
Kid-friendly living room, go either with high gloss or standard laminate to lend a premium look
Kid-friendly living room with acrylic finish furniture lends a seamless look and mirror-like finish
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How to Choose Kid-Friendly Seating Arrangement

Seating in your living room plays the primary role because it gives you a space to laze around after a long day of work or chill with your family and friends. However, for families living with kids at home the style and design of your seating options becomes critical.

Here are the things you need to be mindful of before choosing the perfect seating unit.

  • A Chesterfield Sofa: With sharp edges being a strict no-no you can choose a chesterfield sofa if you like a retro look for your living room. The leather or fabric upholstery makes it comfortable to sit on while the rolled arms make it safe for kids as well.
  • A Sectional Sofa: This style of sofa is a great space-saving option and it is a perfect solution for homes with large families. If you love sitting together and spending some quality time this seating arrangement is ideal. Some come with storage options to store your kid’s toys and other knick-knacks in a clutter-free manner. 
  • A Futon Bed: Thi is an excellent option if you are looking for budget-friendly ideas. You can use it as a sofa or a bed and roll it up when not required. They are comparatively cheaper to regular day beds and comfortable as well. Choose some peppy colours for a vibrant kid friendly living room.
  • An Upholstered Accent Chair: A cushioned upholstered accent chair is a good addition to your seating options in your living room. Choose the winged accent chair to protect your kids from falling off.
  • Pouffes And Ottomans: Both pouffes and ottomans come with storage options. Pair them with floor cushions and you get the safest seating options in addition to the sofa unit. Storage in ottomans gives you the option of keeping your kids toys and books hidden. Great when you want to quickly clean up your living room before your guests arrive!

Best kid-friendly living room with chesterfield sofa furniture
Kid-friendly living room design idea with sectional sofa is a great space-saving option
Kid-friendly living room with a futon bed furniture
Upholstered accent chair is the best kid-friendly living room furniture
A kid-friendly living room features pouffes and ottomans
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Avoid Mishaps With Kid Friendly Living Room Rugs

Most mishaps and accidents happen at home. Kids love playing around on the floor and, if not careful, can lead to some ugly accidents. The best way to avoid such unwanted incidents is to dress your floor with rugs. These not just protect your kids from getting hurt make your living room look cosy as well. However, the only disadvantage of rugs is the tedious process of cleaning it when your kids spill food/ liquids on them. Before you choose a rug, opt for one that is made from fabric that is easy to wash and does not stain easily for hassle-free maintenance.

Avoid mishaps with kid friendly living room rugs to help avoid unwanted accidents
Rugs help avoid unwanted accidents and lend a comforting look.

Best Lighting Options For Kid Friendly Stylish Living Room

Make sure to have concealed wiring across your home and avoid any hanging wires, especially with your little one around. You can choose chandeliers and a false ceiling with spotlights and cove lights to illuminate your living room. Stay away from all floor lamps as they will be at easy reach to your child and can pose to be unsafe for homes with kids. Opt for wall-mounted light fixtures and wall sconces instead.

Kid-friendly stylish living room- choose chandeliers and a false ceiling with spotlights and cove lights to illuminate
Choose your lights carefully to save your kids from any mishaps

Want to make your living room fun and quirky

Wallpaper Or Paint – What’s The Best Option For Your Home?

Both paint and wallpaper have their own share of pros and cons. While wallpaper is easy to install compared to painting your living room walls they tend to peel off easily from the corners if not treated well. Design Cafe’s team of design experts recommends opting for eco-friendly, washable wall paints for your living room. They are safe for your kids and easy to maintain. Even if your kids stain or colour your wall all you need to do is to just wipe it up with a sponge and a mild soap solution. You can also choose chalkboard paint for a section of your wall to give your kid a dedicated space doodle and paint when bored!

Kid-friendly living room with eco-friendly wall paint is safe for your kids and easy to maintain
Eco-friendly wall paints are the best option if you have small kids at home

We hope you have ample information to design your living room thoughtfully. If you want any more information about modern kid-friendly living rooms or want a design expert to help you with your dream home interiors, book a free consultation today. 

Our modular and space-saving home interior solutions are personalised to suit your budget and lifestyle. So call us now and get ready to make your dream home interiors a reality.

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