Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Back in the medieval times, bedrooms were simple affairs. Often the entire family and even livelihood shared the space. With our sense of design, space and privacy evolving, thankfully bedrooms are no longer about literally hitting the hay. In today’s day and age, bedrooms are private spaces designed to your personal sanctuary. It is somewhere perfect for you to have a great night’s sleep and an even better morning. Here’s a guide to certain bedroom interior designs and plans, to help you navigate the bedroom maze.

bedroom interior design

A Room You Can Walk In

Begin designing your bedroom by making spatial planning decisions. Your first task will be to pick out the bed wall. The longest uninterrupted wall is a good option to go with, as it will afford you plenty of space for the headboard and side-tables. Some people like positioning the bed in a manner that they can view the door and the window (especially if the window has gorgeous views). Others choose to go by the rules of Vastu and Feng-shui and have the bed face a certain direction. Regardless, attempt placing your bed such that you leave plenty of walking space around it so that you can move around the room comfortably.
Pick Out the Bed Wall for Bedroom Design

Put The Matter To Bed

The bed is one of the most critical components of your bedroom interiors. Picking a platform bed will give you a frame that has an inbuilt horizontal base on which the mattress can rest. Choose a panel bed if you want a headboard and footboard made of flat panels of wood. Further, there are a host of space saving options available such as the trundle in which an extra bed is stored within a larger bed, to be wheeled out when required. A wall bed and foldable bed are other clever selections that save space – and are typically used in a guest bedroom. A bunk bed can be a great design for a child’s bedroom – making it a fun arrangement that children love. If you need lots of extra storage, plump your money down for storage beds that have hinged frames under the mattress or those than come with side drawers. For something more elaborate and luxurious, opt for the grand four poster bed or even one with a canopy. With the bed frame decided upon, turn your attention to the mattress – our recommendation will always be to spare no expenses when it comes to buying a mattress. After all, you spend nearly half the day on it!
Put the Matter to Bed for Bedroom Design

Looking for functional bedroom design ideas?

The headboard, A Style Statement

While headboards are not mandatory, they do add a touch of class and elegance, especially in the master bedroom. Headboards can come attached to the bed, or you can wall mount one independent of the bed making for a floating effect. Headboards are available in a variety of designs, and you will find no dearth of choices when it comes to identifying one that is just right for you. Wooden headboards are a classic that you cannot go wrong with, with wood lending itself so easily to the style of the room and of the bed. For a more industrial or contemporary look, you can install a headboard made of metal such as wrought iron or brass. Looking for something which spells luxury and comfort? Padded or upholstered headboards with their textured and sumptuous look can come to your rescue. Bookcase beds have storage shelves for a headboard, making them a nifty solution for storing and displaying items such as books, lamps, and photo frames. You can even build in light into the headboard resulting in a handy reading or display light.
Headboard Style Bedroom Design

Don’t Just Make The Bed, Dress It Up!

You have the bed of your dreams, a comfortable mattress to sleep on and a statement headboard that adds oomph to the room. Don’t forget to dress your bed in style to tie the entire room together. Once you have the basic sheets and covers in place, layering on a bedcover will add a strong element of colour and texture to the room. Add cushions to dial up the look by several notches. Mix and match cushions of different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns for a casual but elegant effect. Drape a throw over the bedspread to further dress the bed, making it look trendy and chic. When it comes to dressing the bed, all you have to remember is that the more you layer, the better your results. Just ensure that the bed, when made up, retains an element of informality and casualness. After all, you want it to be inviting and cosy and not stiff and formal.
Dressing Up the Bed for Bedroom Design

Getting The Storage Just So

Wardrobes are one of the most critical storage solutions you will need in the house. While identifying the right fit for your needs, consider the space that you have in your room, and storage requirements. While the traditional hinged doors will never go out of style, small spaces will benefit by having sliding doors. You can buy off the self stand-alone wardrobes or invest in installing wardrobes customised to your needs. If you can spare the space, nothing beats the luxury and convenience of a walk-in closet or wardrobe. Make sure that the wardrobe exteriors are in keeping with the rest of the room. Wooden doors add a touch of charm while glass doors or those with mirrors make the room look larger. The interiors can be a mix of hanging space, drawers and open shelves. With several organisation solutions available in the market, you will find your perfect match in a jiffy.
Wardrobe for Bedroom Designs

Don’t Stop With Wardrobes

With the premise that a bedroom free of clutter makes for calmer and more relaxed sleep, we advocate a place for everything and everything in its place. With this in mind, look to build storage beyond the wardrobes, especially if you have limited wardrobe space. Have your nightstands double up with inbuilt drawers. Do make sure the drawers don’t become home to all odds and ends. Your headboard can have display shelves and you can further install floating shelves and units at strategic locations. Use the under the bed area for storing off-season clothes – either by investing in box beds or off the shelf containers or bags specially built for such a purpose. Get creative with seating options such as ottomans and convert them into storage. Think through any other storage or furniture needs you may have; you may want a dresser and a mirror, or a working surface with some storage shelves. Be clever with these and pare them down to the absolute essential.
Don't Stop at Wardrobes for Bedroom Design

Lighting That Sets The Mood

When lighting the bedroom, begin with choosing ambient lights that serve the purpose of lighting up the entire room. While you want enough light in the room, you don’t want it to be harsh and glaring, so pick soft warm hues and dimmable options. If you have any areas or items that would like to draw attention to, such as art pieces or figurines, pick out some clever accent lights. For example, the front of a wardrobe can be made to look striking with the installation of overhead accent lights. Task lighting is important if you need to carry out activities such as reading or working in the bedroom. Table lamps on the nightstands or sconces on the walls close to the bed are a very practical solution for those who like to read in bed. And remember, blue light or the glare from your phone and laptop doesn’t belong in the bed, so make sure to turn these devices off well before bedtime.
Lighting that Sets the Mood for Bedroom Design

Come, Have A Seat

If your bedroom can afford the space for extra seating, go all out to make the most of it. A sofa – think settee – by a wall or a deep armchair which becomes a reading nook makes for a rather inviting room. Placing a club chair close to the bed results in a cosy and warm look. If you are constrained for space, don’t lose heart. Put in an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed, or a stylish ottoman or two. These can double as storage solutions making them a complete win-win. Such extra seating is not only functional but also make the room elegant and comfortable. They will give you yet another reason to linger for a while in the most relaxed room in your home.
Seating Ideas for Bedroom Designs

Adding Interest To The Walls

The bedroom can be a wonderful space to put up some gorgeous artwork and other décor items. With a little bit of thought, you can turn an ordinary wall area into a cynosure of attention. Do up a wall with striking wallpaper or hang an intricate tapestry to make an attractive statement. Add sculptural pieces to a horizontal painting or mirror over the bed for a stunning look. Beautiful wall sconces, stylish storage or an entire gallery wall of paintings and art work – literally the ceiling is the only limit when it comes to doing up the walls. As you do up your bedroom, utilize our ideas to make those all critical decisions. To end, hope you sleep tight and wake up fresh as a daisy!
Adding Interest to the Walls for Bedroom