A Guide To Study Room Colour Combinations

Colours play an essential role to create a peaceful and productive atmosphere. According to colour psychology, there are certain colours ideal for your study room that can positively affect your mood. Vastu specialists believe that darker colours must be avoided in study rooms. For instance, black is a big no-no! Whether you use your study room space to pay bills, work from home or study late at night, a study room with the right colour will be a lot more inspiring. Whether it’s a bright yellow or lush green, here is a guide of colour combinations for your study room. Let’s take a trip down the world of colours.

Classic Cream And White

This is the most soothing colour combination for your study. Not too harsh on the eyes, it’s an excellent pick if you work or study late at night. A cream and white study provides you with just the right amount of brightness in the day as shown in this image. Both these colours absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it and therefore you do not need too much lighting in a study room like this.

Classic cream and white are the best colour combination for the study room with soothing effect.

Deep Brown And Grey With Silver

A deep brown and grey study room with hints of silver like this promotes creativity and helps you concentrate on all your tasks at hand. It creates both a calming and productive room, not to mention one that looks incredibly chic at the same time.

Deep brown and grey study room color combination creates both a calming and productive.

Do you know which colour is best for a study room

Study Room Colour Combinations with Lavender And Grey

Any shade of purple from light to dark brings in a magnificent touch to any room. Lavender paired with a light shade of grey gives your study room a colour combination that’s as refreshing as the morning dew. Also, this colour combination works well for every age group, meaning it plays well for a kids study room as well as for a home office.

Lavender and grey color combination for study room brings in a magnificent touch to study room colour.Six clever study room decor ideas

Cedar Green And Coffee

This study room with cedar green ledge table, coffee-coloured cabinets and a mural wallpaper is an escape from the busy world. Needless to say it is precisely what you need to focus on your tasks or for late-night reading sessions. This colour combination will make your study room energetic and refreshing and help you focus better.

Study room painting colour with cedar green and coffee-coloured cabinets bring energetic study room color

Pink And Grey With Copper

Comforting to eyes and calming to the mind this is a very feminine colour combination. No surprises then it is an excellent choice for a teenage girl’s room or for a working woman’s study room. It’s exceptionally light to the eyes and will not make you feel tired or lazy after hours of working or study sessions.

Pink and grey study room colour paint is a very feminine study room colour combination.

White And Greys With A Wood Floor

White is a popular choice of the wall colour as you can pair it with any other colour and make it stand out as shown in this image of a study room set up. White cabinetry against a solid grey wall is tied together with wooden flooring. This is an excellent choice if you are going to use this study room as a break out space as well. This pairing is modern and sophisticated.

White and grey study room color combination for modern and sophisticated.

Pale Green And Grey

Green is a colour that brings in the feel of nature and is known to evoke soothing, peaceful vibes as you get your work done. This colour symbolises a motivational environment and grey adds a touch of style to any space, making it an ideal colour combination for your study room.

Pale green and grey study room colour that brings in the feel of nature and is known to evoke soothing.

Blue And Brown With A Splash Of White

If your study space is going to be an extension or part of your bedroom as we see in this image, a sophisticated yet soothing colour combination of blue, brown and white ideal. It’s refreshing and bright enough and will make any bedroom standout.

Blue and brown color combination for study room is refreshing and bright enough and will make any room stand out.

Now that you have a long list of study room colour combinations and their effect on your mood and vibe. Now it’s time to pick your favourite one and give your study room a motivational makeover.

Design Tip: Ensure that you stick to a maximum of three colours for your study room to avoid producing a sense of confusion in the room.

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