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How to Maximise Storage Space in Your Modular Kitchen

What good is a spanking new modular kitchen if it doesn’t have the right storage options? Armed with the right functionalities your modular kitchen will become a space for easy meal preparation, better organisation and a beautiful place to enjoy an evening with friends and family. We have for you a few must-have features that will maximise storage space in your modular kitchen.

The Marvel Of Magic Pull Outs

The most undervalued and underutilised spaces in kitchens are corners. Corner spaces, such as those under the joints of your kitchen countertop, when used optimally, can be the most efficient space maximising solution. A magic pull-out is one such functionality that makes optimal use of spaces in blind corners and is also a very easy to use the unit. Pull the handle to open the doors that are fitted with shelves for storage. Trays in front can be removed for cleaning and clipped back right in while back shelves can be pulled out individually for easy loading and unloading. Magic Pull-outs are a great option to store tableware, pots and pans making your kitchen free of unnecessary clutter.

Maximize Storage Space in Your Modular Kitchen with Magic Pull Outs in kitchen design fir small space

S-Shaped Carousels Save Space

This S-Shaped functionality finds its way out of blind corners in a predefined path. S-Shaped carousels are ideal to store frequently used items like spices or utensils that usually find themselves sprawled over countertops or dumped in one huge container. An easy to operate unit like this keep kitchen counters clear of a mess and optimises dead spaces to give you extra storage.

Maximize Storage Space in Your Modular Kitchen with S Shaped Carousels in indian kitchen design for small space

Skirting Drawers

Skirting drawers extend an excellent storage option in kitchens that are tight on space. These drawers are used to store trays, table mats or tools. It is built as the last drawer of the sequence utilising unused space beneath.

Maximize storage space in your modular kitchen with skirting drawers for small spaces

An Oil Pull Out

An oil pull is another sleek storage option for modular kitchens, especially those that are small and tight on space. They are designed with narrow shelves and helps store frequently used jars, bottles, cans, and other staples at easy reach but out of sight.

Maximize Storage Space in Your Modular Kitchen with Oil Pull Out

Janitor Unit For Stocks and Supplies

A Janitor unit is a robust and carefully designed unit to meet the requirement of a separate janitor room. The unit has appropriate provisions to store and stock all your janitor supplies. Further, it ensures your kitchen stays clean and presentable at all times. You don’t want your guests to see brooms and a damp mop lying on the kitchen floor, do you?

Kitchen Space Saving Janitor Pull Out Unit in simple kitchen design for small space

Drawers Make Your Space Better

To keep your kitchen utensils and accessories in place, drawers are your go-to place. With a massive variety of materials and designs out there for kitchen drawers in recent times, homeowners have a plethora of options to choose from. Also, for clean freaks in you, drawers give you the freedom to sort out your chaos and organise your kitchen the way you want to.

kitchen ideas for small spaces with pull out tray style drawers below the countertop for space maximisation

Wall Shelves For Storage And Display

What better way to make use of ignored kitchen walls than with shelves? Kitchen wall shelves provide plenty of storage options and can be customised to your needs and taste. They also add an element of surprise with a pop of colour and some quirky accessories thrown in.

Wall Shelves for Kitchen Storage Maximisation and Space Saving in modular kitchen for small space

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Shelves and cupboards in the kitchen are old school now. Modular kitchen cabinets, premade with precision and hosting a variety of designs and colours are all the rage now. Modular cabinets in kitchens have defined spaces for all your utensils and kitchen appliances. They can be designed to fit your kitchen layout and are obviously a cheaper alternative to building a kitchen from scratch.

Maximise storage space in your kitchen using modular kitchen cabinets.

Tall Units Are A Storage Boon

Designing a kitchen with a tall unit is a boon as it doubles up as a pantry to store miscellaneous items. Take advantage of your kitchen’s height to its maximum to make enough room to store everything in one place. A tall unit fits perfectly in your kitchen keeping things out of sight. Opt for either a pull-out pantry or a dispensa swing. Both work equally well.

Tall Units for enhancing the storage space in your Modular Kitchen.

Kitchen Lifts Add to Decor And Function

These pop-up appliance lifts can transform kitchen spaces into multi-utility zones. Add countertop kitchen lifts to store condiments, small utensils and appliances. Incorporate kitchen lifts to make optimum use of corners while keeping in mind all your day to day cooking needs. Lifts play an important role in the external look of kitchen shelves and cabinets. Careful thoughts have to be given when choosing a style, colour, finish, and other aesthetic elements. There are plenty of materials you can choose from – laminates, acrylic, lacquered, veneer, and glass. Take your pick and lift away!

Kitchen Lifts to enhance storage space in your Modular Kitchen.

Kitchen Cupboards For Neat Organisation

A clean cupboard with a slim fit into your kitchen adds that extra pizazz to decor. Cupboards are essential storage accessories to ensure your kitchen is a neatly organised space free of clutter. Style it according to your taste- casual, contemporary, or classic country!

Kitchen Cupboards to enhance storage in kitchen space saving ideas

We at Design Cafe have passionately designed our modular kitchens with the right accessories to make your life easy and your cooking time more enjoyable. Our modular kitchen storage solutions come with the perfect blend of functionality, design and cater to the fast-paced life of modern-day homeowners. We give our customers special features and accessories that are not only easy on the pocket but bring in that edge, class and aesthetic value to turn up the appeal of your modular kitchen.

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