Does Symmetrical Balance In Interior Design Add Any Value? Let’s Figure Out

A guide to create the symmetrical balance in your home’s interior design. 

“The desire for symmetry, the balance, the rhythm, in form as well as in sound is one of the most inveterate of human instincts.”

-Edith Wharton

Your home’s interiors need to be visually appealing and striking. That’s probably the first thing you think about when you’re getting started with a home interior design project.

And as a result you may end up buying a lot of furniture and decor elements under social media influence to make your home’s interiors more ‘Instagrammable’. Only to find that what you get is a lot different from what you visualised.

To get the perfect interior design scheme for your home, you need to understand the concept of symmetry. Creating a symmetrical balance in the interior design of your home is the key to a perfectly designed home. Such a home is not only pleasant to the eyes but becomes a positive space to live and work in. So before we get into the details of symmetrical balance in interior design, let’s understand symmetry in the real sense of the term.

Symmetry is all about creating a visual balance and a rhythm within the present layout of your space to bring continuity without making the space look monotonous or boring. You can bring symmetry to your home by creating a mirror image between the two halves of your room, creating separate spaces within one living area, or tactfully arranging your furniture and art pieces to balance the space. But to create that balance without losing the functionality of your home’s interior design can be a challenge.

In this blog here we have listed valuable tips and design ideas to help you create striking interiors infused with symmetrical balance in every part of your home. Read along to know more.

How To Bring Symmetry To Your Living Room’s Interior Design

Creating symmetry in the living room can be done by placing a statement decor piece like a mirror, wall art, or frame right in the centre. This divides the room into two mirror images. However, this is possible only in a large living room. For small living rooms, you can bring symmetry to the interiors with wall panelling, artefacts and a slight change in placement of furniture. Here are a few tips and tricks to ace the symmetrical balance in your modern living room.

  • Symmetrical Furniture Placement: If you have a large space, and an eye on symmetrical aesthetics, opt for identical furniture and furnishings. Identical daybeds on opposite sides and a decorous mirror between two wall paintings lend a luxurious touch to the design and decor. You can add two side tables with lamps on top to take your symmetrical interior game a notch higher.

Symmetrical balance in living room design with twin daybeds on opposite side

  • A Cosy Conversational Area: Create a cosy and symmetric conversational area with two identical chairs or couches facing each other. You can add a contrasting sofa in the middle to break the monotony. Place a side cabinet for extra storage but balance it out with potted plants on the other side.

symmetrical balance in interior design with two identical chairs facing each other

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  • Symmetrical Wall Panelling: Wallpanelling adds definition to your home’s interior design scheme and accentuates the aesthetics. A similar wall panelling for the entire dining and living area helps maintain harmony and symmetric balance in your space. Add to this a low-lying cabinet with handle-less shutters and wall-mounted TV unit to improve the functionality of the space. It will also create good symmetrical balance and blend in with the design elements of the space.

Wall panelling is a symmetrical balance in living room design

  • Mirrors Can Lend Symmetry Even In Small Rooms: Mirrors not just add to the symmetry of spaces but make it look bigger as well. Three same sized mirrors on the wall plats at an equal distance from each other is all you need to bring harmony even in a small asymmetrical living room. If you have a door on one side of your living room, like the one in this image here, a book cabinet with concealed storage is perfect to utilise the dead corner on the other side while balancing the interiors.

Symmetrical balance in interior design with mirrors in the living room

  • A Perfectly Symmetrical Gallery Wall: You can bring symmetry to your living room with art too! Place two identical sized frames and opt for brick cladding on the accent wall to make your accent wall bring attention to the artefacts and the vibrant sofa set. The wooden coffee table and side cabinet with open shelves stitch the look together and make your living room functional, lending a warm vibe alongside. 

symmetrical balance in interior design with two identical sized frames on brick cladding wall

Enjoy The Beauty Of Symmetrical Interior Design In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most incredible space in your home. It is the space where you enjoy a good night’s sleep after a long day of work or laze around on grumpy weekends. While it is easier to bring symmetry to the living room because of the seating arrangement and entertainment unit, here are  easy tips for a symmetrical bedroom interior design.

  • The Placement Of Your Wardrobe Is Crucial: Your wardrobe is the most essential yet heavy piece of furniture in your bedroom after your bed. So to bring in the symmetrical balance in your bedroom’s interiors, try placing your modular wardrobe opposite the window. This will help make the space look 

Bring symmetrical balance to bedroom design by placing a modular wardrobe opposite the window

  • Two Side Tables On Either Side Of The Bed: Placing two side tables not just elevates the symmetrical balance of any given space but adds to its functionality as well. You and your partner can keep all bedtime essentials like spectacles, books, and other knick-knacks in an organised manner. 

Two side tables bring symmetrical balance to interior design by placing them on either side of the bed

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  • Bring In Symmetry With Finishes: If you want to add a dressing unit or a study nook that might come in the way of your symmetrical bedroom, the trick is to maintain continuity. Let the finishes of your furniture pieces be similar to maintain the continuity of your home’s interiors. Here we have used wood finished laminates for the dresser unit and the bedside cabinet to blend in harmoniously.

Symmetrical balance in bedroom interior design with furniture in similar finishes

  • Fluted Wooden Wall Panelling: This type of wooden wall panelling lends a geometric pattern to your home’s interior design and infuses a lot of warmth. The wall panelling in this image also highlights the modular dressing unit and an ottoman for you to doll up in the comfort of your bedroom.

Symmetrical balance in bedroom design with wooden wall panelling

  • Symmetrical Headboard: Your headboard is the focal point of your bedroom. So opt for an extended headboard with tinted glass panelling on both sides. Glass reflects light beautifully and makes your room look bright and well illuminated. Place two identical side lamps on each side of your bed to accentuate the symmetrical balance in your bedroom’s interior design plan.

Symmetrical balance in bedroom interior design with extended headboard with tinted glass panelling on both sides

Create A Sense Of Harmony In Your Kid’s Bedroom

Symmetric balance has a positive impact on the human mind, especially on the tender mind of your kids. It helps bring a sense of balance and harmony and makes the room look tidy. Here are a few tips to infuse symmetrical balance while making your kid’s bedroom look fun and vibrant.

  • A Wall For Study And Play Time: Divide the wall of your kid’s bedroom equally for studies and fun activities. In this image, the study nook has a pegasus wall with hanging shelves while the other half has a climbing wall to enjoy indoor physical activity. This design aids the physical and mental development of your child.

Divide wall for symmetrical balance in kid's room design for studies and fun activities

  • A Gallery Wall To Bring Symmetry Through Art: You can also infuse symmetry through wall art and photo frames. Wall art brings in an artistic touch and adds an element of vibrancy to your kid’s bedroom. The identical frame sizes bring harmony and create a balanced look. You can add a canopy bed in the middle to make it the focal point of your kid’s bedroom interiors

A gallery wall brings symmetrical balance to interior design through art in the kid's bedroom

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  • Colours And Theme Play A Vital Role In Creating Symmetry: As already mentioned, symmetry in home interiors is all about maintaining the rhythm and creating a balance. Thematic interiors are a great way of bringing symmetrical balance in interiors. To justify the jungle theme we have used forest green colour for half of the wall but have balanced it out with white. Both these colours create a striking contrast and complement each other well. You can use a diagonal paint design to take your symmetrical interior concept a notch higher. The wooden laminated headboard and study cabinet complement the jungle theme beautifully, while the floating shelves and bed with storage add functionality to the space.

Symmetrical balance in kid's room design with green colour for half of the wall and other halves with white paint

  • Wall Panelling And Choice of Furniture: The symmetry in this kids bedroom is created through the bunker bed on one side and a study desk for two on the other. Bunker beds save a lot of space and bring in symmetry because of the design. The wall panelling on the accent wall adds definition to the design, while the chalkboard wall provides space to showcase your kid’s creativity. We have added an ergonomic study desk for two and identical bucket chairs to add to the symmetric balance while giving your kids enough space to study comfortably.

Symmetrical balance in interior design with a bunk bed on one side and a study desk for two on the other

Symmetrical Kitchen Interior Design For Hassle-Free Cooking

Symmetry in the kitchen is not just about aesthetics but functionality too. Symmetry in the kitchen facilitates free-flow movement and keeps all your cooking essentials within your reach. So get ready to give your kitchen a symmetrical makeover for a hassle-free culinary experience.

  • Handle Less Drawers And Cabinets For A Clean Look: Handle less drawers and push-to-open cabinets lend a clean look and aid with symmetrical balance in your kitchen’s interior design. You can use high gloss laminates or a lacquered glass finish to add extra jazz to your kitchen interiors.

Symmetrical balance in kitchen design with handleless drawers and cabinets

  • Create A Mirror Image In A Parallel Kitchen: Creating symmetrical balance in a parallel kitchen is comparatively easy. Try creating a mirror image on either side of the kitchen with similar finishes on cabinets and a single backsplash design. We have strategically placed the hob unit opposite the sink for a comfortable cooking experience. You can also add your refrigerator on the corner to complete the kitchen work triangle and make your space efficient and functional.

Symmetrical balance in parallel kitchen design with similar finishes on cabinets and a single backsplash design

  • Modern Storage Units For A Clutter-free Look: A cluttered kitchen is the last thing you want in your home. It not just hinders your work but makes your kitchen look messy and unwelcoming. Modular kitchen storage units like tall units, pull-out pantry, oil pull-out, overhead cabinets with lift-up shutters, and magic corners provide ample storage space to house your crockery, supplies, jars, and bottles. This helps keep your workstation free and helps bring in symmetrical balance in your kitchen too.

Modular storage units bring symmetrical balance to kitchen interior design for a clutter-free look

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  • Harmony In Finishes To Maintain Continuity: Symmetry in the kitchen can also be infused through continuity. This kitchen is designed with wood finish laminates throughout the overhead and base kitchen units to maintain continuity and aesthetic balance. You can make the island counter the focal point of your kitchen’s interior design. Place two to three chairs on either side to add to the symmetry of the kitchen and turn it into a cosy dining cum cooking area as well.

Symmetrical balance in design with wood finish laminates throughout the overhead and base kitchen units

  • Brick Cladding Walls For Symmetry: If you love industrial-style interiors, this kitchen design is perfect for you. The brick cladding walls make a bold statement with a geometric pattern that stands out visibly. We have tactfully placed bulky units like the fridge and appliance garage diagonally opposite the empty wall with the window. This way, we have tried to create diagonal symmetrical balance in design.

Brick-cladding wall for symmetrical balance in kitchen interior design makes a bold statement

  • A Pair Of Identical Pendant Lights: Place two pendant lights on your breakfast counter to add a symmetric touch. These lights illuminate the breakfast counter and help create a cosy ambiance perfect for intimate dinner with your partner.

Symmetrical balance in design with a pair of identical pendant lights above the breakfast counter in the kitchen

Curate A Luxurious Bathroom With Symmetrical Interiors

A well-designed bathroom improves the luxury quotient of your home interiors several notches. Sleek and comfortable bathroom interior design helps you relax and unwind and rejuvenate your mood each time. And what better way to enhance the interiors other than symmetrical balance? Here are a few easy tips that you can incorporate the next time you plan a bathroom makeover.

  • Dual Vanity Unit: To bring in symmetrical balance in the interior design of your bathroom, opt for a dual vanity unit. Identical mirrors will make your bathroom look bigger and brighter, while dual cabinets not just add harmony to your space but double up your storage area too. You can also choose hexagonal slate tiles for the walls to infuse geometric patterns in your bathroom. This bathroom design is not just symmetrical but houses your laundry unit and bathtub seamlessly without appearing bulky. 

Symmetrical balance in interior design with dual vanity unit and mirrors makes the bathroom look bigger

  • Mirror With Flanking Sconces: Flanking sconces are another easy trick for a symmetrical balance in your bathroom’s interiors. These decorous wall sconces highlight the vanity unit and makes it the focal point of your bathroom. We have opted for brass lamp holders to match the entire bathroom fittings. This bathroom is a perfect example of a minimalistic design with a touch of luxury.

Symmetrical balance in bathroom design with flanking sconces

  • Similar Colour And Patterns: Other than dual vanity and harmonious light settings, we have used similar colours and patterns in this bathroom to ace the symmetrical balance in design. The beige colour on the walls and the floor lends a tranquil vibe, while the white laminates on the vanity unit match the sinks, bathtub, and pot, maintaining continuity across the space. You can also add two floating shelves on either side of the vanity unit to complete the symmetrical look while increasing the display space for your toiletries.

Things To Avoid While Designing Your Symmetrical Home Interiors

  • Don’t go overboard with symmetry in interiors as it will destroy the cosy quotient of your home interiors. 
  • Try to avoid bulky furniture; modern space-saving furniture is easy to incorporate in symmetrical home interior design
  • Too many patterns can be a sore to the eye; balance the design with muted colours and indoor plants.
  • Avoid multiple pieces of floor mounted furniture as it will take up unnecessary floor space and make your home look cluttered. 
  • Go for a single focal point and bring in symmetry in interiors around it. Too many focal points can create a distraction.
  • Do not use multiple textures and finishes; instead play with two similar or contrasting finishes to create symmetrical balance
  • You don’t always need to create a mirror image between two sides of a room for symmetry; subtle changes as mentioned above can also bring a visible balance to your home interiors.

Hope this blog has given you enough information on bringing symmetrical balance in your home’s interior design. Having said that, it is always advisable to take expert advice before investing in home interiors. Bringing symmetrical balance requires precision, an eye for detailing, and years of experience to strike the correct balance between aesthetic beauty and functionality. Book a free consultation with our expert designers today, and they will help you with personalised designs that suit your budget and lifestyle. So call us now, and let’s design the perfect home that resonates with the harmony of symmetrical beauty in every corner and make your dream home a reality.