Villa Interior Design Ideas

Villas speak of space, of immense possibilities and unhindered imaginations. Villas are large homes, with their own separate niches for different tasks and activities. They are built painstakingly, reflecting personal interests of an owner. If you’ve built a villa for yourself, it must have come about after years of planning and conceptualisation, design and discussions. However, the work of a villa doesn’t just end at the outer facade. What matters is what happens inside, and how you will make it the best possible space for you and your family. Villa designs do not follow the traditional path of general homes. The very expansiveness of the space compels greater creativity, more connectedness, more ideas and immense possibilities. There are always chances of going overboard, hoarding furniture and accessories because the space can take it. There are also chances of going minimal, which can create emptiness and can become depressing in the long run. The right balance of right decor and design, with a blend of colors and complemented by great contrasts without compromising on the functional needs is what makes villas stand apart. If you’ve been wondering where to begin, or how to go about it then below are a few design tips that can help.

Uniformity of Design

A villa can be overwhelming, and because of the large canvas tempting to play with contrasts, contradictions and vibrant hues. Although this works, there must be a definite plan how to go about it. Alternatively, what works best is a uniformity of design. Stick to a neutral or familiar palette, such as pastels, greys, beiges. Contrast these with a deeper/darker color hue. Continue this design into everything, from sofa sets and furniture to wallpaper and accessories. If the color seems too monotonous, add a pop of contrast with colourful cushions or a signature chandelier. Work around this home design and see how versatile it then is to change the look constantly.

Uniformity of Design for Villa

Subdued Grandeur

The best place for opulence and luxury are villas. There’s just so much space that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. The trick to getting grandeur right is not to go overboard, but have elements that sit together well. Well lit false ceilings, panelled foyers with dull gold finishing, wooden flooring and walls, ornate chandeliers are design elements that sit well, neither weighing heavy nor too light. What matters in their use is again the uniformity of design. Pick a signature room – living or dining – and play with subdued opulence in that space.
Subdued Grandeur for Villa Design

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Touch of Old World Charm

Homes are meant for living. It is where we spend a major portion of lives time to rest and recuperate. It does well to be surrounded by familiarity especially in a villa. A touch of old-world charm brings back memories, is familiar and will also help you find space for things you owned or were handed by family. Embellish your home with old furniture, ornate rugs, hanging chandeliers. Decorate your villa with old paintings. There is a lovely charm in the old and the villa also becomes your legacy to hand over eventually.
Villa interior design in old-world charm

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Space for Everything

Let there be space for everything. Don’t go overboard with one set of things and lose out on the other. If for example, one-of-a-kind furniture are what you want to collect, make sure you don’t do to much of it too. Make space for essential accessories, rugs, collectibles from your travels, kids items and loved ones. In the kitchen make open and closed shelving, space for refrigerators and other appliances. In the bathroom, keep space for towels and toiletries. Let there be space for everything, and also spaces where there is nothing at all.
Modern villa interior design for everything

Quiet Calming Niches

Villas with their humongous space often take care of everything, but don’t have adequate quietness where one can just meditate and relax. If you’ve visited villas you would have noticed that such spaces around the home are an absolute must given how chaotic life can be. It isn’t necessary to force this space, but must evolve from the design to make it more natural and calming. In the living room for instance, build water bodies surrounded by natural foliage with an overhead roof space for light to seep in, expand balconies and fill them with plants, pots and natural stone slabs. Create window sit-outs and niches for some evening calm time or to hang out with your guitar. These niches will be very crucial once life takes you on its journey, and you’re trying to find moments of peace.
Quiet Calming Niches for Villa

Plan Family Entertainment

Villas are big and can be overwhelming. By their very nature they create space for different activities, and everyone is often busy with their own work. One way to get families together is with entertainment rooms. Villas enable the creation of spacious, soundproof entertainment rooms that can even double as office rooms of mini-conference spaces. In this way you need not travel much for work as well as get the whole family together whenever the need arises.
Plan Family Entertainment Room Design In Your Villa Design

Outside Sit Outs

As much as you create a calm and quiet space to enjoy and reflect, nothing beats the value of a balcony. Unlike apartments that have smaller balconies, villas can be played around with to create large outside spaces, balconies with elaborate furniture, a bar and other decor elements. These can also double up as entertainment spaces or to celebrate with friends and families. Sit-outs or balconies don’t need clever planning, just the right frame of mind to create the space you can escape to.
Outside Sit Out Design for Villa House

Family Rooms

Elaborate dining areas and family rooms where everyone can congregate makes owning a villa worthwhile. Especially in joint families, where everyone does their own thing, catching up once a day is truly special. The dining and cooking area can be designed in such a way so as to facilitate easy movements. Large overhanging chandeliers, beverage cabinets and storage in close proximity and eye-catching wall decor go a long way in making family areas bright, engaging and vibrant.
Villa interior for family rooms

Large Bathrooms

In villas, never ever compromise on bathrooms. The large space enables the creation of so many niches that come handy. Storage spaces for towels and toiletries, over the basin storage and other necessary fixtures, bathtubs and shower spaces are all possible in villas. Optimise this space because it is here you will begin your day from, and end your day with. Don’t also forget to create space to move around. Most bathrooms don’t factor this in and therefore spills and slipping often happen. Use neutral colors and watch how your bathroom carries its own charm.
Large Bathrooms in Villa House

Home Bar

Creating bar spaces are not possible in most homes. But in villas, imagine the variety you can showcase and display! Elegant, stylish home bars help you showcase your capabilities, become a great success with friends and moreover do not necessitate you going out of your home every time. Villas have their own luxury and owning a home bar is one.
Luxury villa interior design with bar area