Make The Most Of Your Small Balcony With These Amazing Ideas!

by Devna Tiwari | January 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

Small balcony design and decoration ideas for your home

On beautiful sunny mornings and relaxing summer evenings, an unappreciated balcony, regardless of its size, is a tragic sight. So if your balcony is just a cemetery for dead plants and nothing but dirt, listen up! Here we bring you great ideas to transform an overlooked outdoor space. Your small balcony into a charming hangout to unwind and entertain!

Sunny days with gushes of cool breeze are finally here. The season calls for an evening outdoors with a refreshing mocktail. If that is how you feel then why not do it in style? Don’t worry if you don’t have a front porch to lounge in or a sprawling garden with a swing. You can transform your small balcony into your favourite outdoor hangout spot with just a little attention.

Wondering how? We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite decor ideas for small balconies to help you make the most of this space in your home. These elegant and thoughtful balcony designs are dreamier than the balcony in the classic Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet! However, since this is 2o20 our designs are a bit modern and a lot less tragic. 

These design ideas for a small balcony will help you get started on this mini home project.

A Small Table For A Small Balcony!

A small coffee table with comfortable chairs is a must in your small balcony if you want to enjoy that perfect cup of coffee or a plate of hot crispy pakodas. While there are various designs and styles to choose from, pick a table that folds up in a snap. A folding table is an excellent idea for an open balcony, as it’ll be easier for you to move it in during the rains.

Small balcony design having a small table with comfortable chairs

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Maximize Your Space With A Built-In Seating

Make the most of your space with a built-in seating option. A drop down foldable table with a comfortable settee is a smart idea for balconies. This is also an excellent option to maximize your square feet! It can be pushed back to the wall when not in use and you will never have to run to your balcony to rescue your furniture from getting knocked over by strong winds.

Small balcony design with a built-in seating for maximising the space
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Add A Touch Of Nature

If your balcony is covered and protected from extreme weather conditions then this cosy decor idea for your balcony is ideal. Add some throw pillows to create a comfortable seating spot on the floor for yourself. You can also pick a settee style of the sofa if you have enough space to fit one. Next step, cover your balcony with lush plants, flowering pots, a grass wall to give yourself that backyard you dreamed of! Don’t forget to add herbs to make your balcony smell as fresh as it looks.

Small balcony designs having lush plants, flower pots, a grass wall to add a touch of nature

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Dazzle It Up

Give your balcony lots of light for those late-night catch ups with your friends and family with good lighting. Hang a few lights or mount those sconces or wall-mounted lamps. If you stay in a rented property you can add string lights, fairy lights or even better outdoor lanterns to save your walls from any damage. Also, LED strip lights are an excellent option. They can be a part of any room in your home. Besides, appropriate lighting can make your small balcony appear a lot bigger and jazz up your space all at once.

Dazzle up your small balcony design with good lighting and wall mounted lamps

Add A Fun Hammock Or Swing

You may be in town but your balcony can sure make you feel like you’re on holiday. A chic hammock or a fun swing will give your small balcony a laid-back vibe. If your balcony is big enough do add a swing bench for some fun and relaxation. Sit back and look at the city lights. Don’t forget to add some throw pillows to make your space cosy.

Small balcony design having a hammock or swing to add a fun element

Incorporate Foldable Furniture

If you’re short on the floor space choose foldable furniture that can be tucked away when not in use. This folding chair and table will free up your floor space. You can also move it around easily as it is lightweight by nature. Besides, you can get them painted in bold colours to make a statement!

Small balcony design having a incorporate foldable furniture that can be tucked away
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A Stylish Bar Unit

How about a happy hour on your balcony? A stylish hidden bar is all you need to design yourself a space to kick back and enjoy a drink or two looking at the world below. The cool thing about this bar unit is you can cover it when you are not using it and save your precious spirit collection from dust. If you have a closed balcony you can add a pair of bar stools and pendant lights to give yourself a cool lounge!

Small balcony design with a  hidden bar with a pair of bar stools and pendant lights

And there you have it! Amazing ideas to make the most of your small balcony. Now you can enjoy this space with small design hacks and make it a spot for memories.

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