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by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 18, 2024 | 6 mins read

Living room accessories for your home
Living room accessories ideas to transform your home into decor heaven Your living room sets the tone of your home and more so your personality. As you start your interior design project for your home, it is important to keep in mind how decor and space can complement each other. By doing so, you reveal what your favorite accessories are. What do you like and absolutely dislike! Living room accessories help you create a dream home and that’s why you must choose and curate your decor mindfully. Photographs, plants, knick-knacks, wall art – these are a few essential accessories you must include as part of your living room decor project. Not only add beauty to your living area but also speak volumes about your nostalgia, keep-sakes, and your interests. For an eye-catching living room, these are our recommendations for some quirky, befitting living room accessories that will appeal to you and everyone else.

Retro Decor: Vintage Living Room Accessories

The thing about vintage decor is that it never fails to appeal. They trigger nostalgia every time you look at it and that’s why including vintage elements in your living area is a brilliant idea! Place a quirky, good old TV set, radio, your grandmama’s handpicked furniture or just that precious lamp to bask in memories of good old times as you relax in your living room.
Vintage living room accessories never fail to appeal, adding vintage elements like quirky, good old tv is a brilliant idea!
Vintage living room accessories grant a retro look and feel to your home

Indoor Plants: Green Living Room Accessories

Indoor plants work as mesmerizing accessories for your living room. They grant feel-good vibes as well as a vibrant texture to the living room. Moreover, you can also pair them up with golden knick-knacks to complete the overall look of your space.
Emerald green living room accessories, indoor plants work as mesmerizing accessories and grant feel-good vibes
Indoor plants work wonderfully as green living room accessories
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Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Wall Art: Modern Living Room Accessories

In a neatly designed room, walls and accents do a lot of talking. That’s why modern wall art perfectly works with your modern decor plan. Bold paintings, minimalistic pastel prints or typography frames are a few options to check out if you are looking for modern living room accessories.
Modern living room accessories wall art perfectly works with modern decor plans like bold paintings or typography frames
Choose relevant wall art to make your living room modern
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Photographs and Paintings: Blush Pink Living Room Accessories

As a living room palette, blush pink offers a lot to experiment with. Be it curtains, planters, photographs and paintings, the versatility of these props help create a stunning living room. You can also showcase your bookshelf to complement the overall interior design scheme of these accessories.
Blush pink living room accessories, be it curtains, planters, photographs, and paintings, help create a stunning living room
Paintings, ceramic planters, photographs pair well for blush pink living room accessories

Throws, Cushions, Vases: Yellow Living Room Accessories

Yellow living room accessories look extremely mesmerising if you use them well. Handpick yellow cushions, throws and even vases to add some sunshine in your living area. You can also pick wall art with a pop of yellow to streamline the joyful yellow living room interior design scheme.
Yellow living room accessories look incredibly mesmerizing, yellow cushions and vases to add some sunshine in living room
Bring in summery sunshine to your home with yellow throws and table decor
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Chandeliers, Succulents: Grey Living Room Accessories

A grey living room provides a stunning backdrop to contrasting decor. This colour highlights accessories more than any other palette out there. So, smartly include elegant chandeliers, chic vases, succulents and even terrariums to complete this living room design.
Grey living room accessories include elegant chandeliers, chic vases, succulents, and even terrariums are a great idea.
Succulents, chandeliers, and ceramic decor go well as grey living room accessories

Candles, Lamps, Paintings: White Living Room Accessories

White living room accessories make a classy, subtle statement in your living room. Including glossy white lamps, textured pastel paintings, scented white candles will enhance the pristine vibe of your living room.
White living room accessories list bright white lamps, textured pastel paintings, scented white candles look pristine.
Use candles, white lamps and pastel paintings as white living room accessories
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Old Clocks, Fabric Planters: Rustic Living Room Accessories

Want a living room that grows on you and soothes your soul? We suggest using rustic living room accessories like reclaimed old clocks, hanging fabric planters to grant a textured, indie look to your home. Bring in rustic charm with these pieces and see how warm and wonderful your space feels.
Rustic living room accessories like old reclaimed clocks, hanging fabric planters, and class chairs bring warmth to the area
Reclaimed wood clocks and textured hangers work great as rustic decor for living rooms

Chic Lamps, Metal Vases: Minimalistic Living Room Accessories

Minimalistic decor is trending for all the right reasons and it’s here to stay! Use chic lamps and polished metal vases to exude charm and sophistication in your living room. However, make sure you do not overdo it because beauty lies in simplicity, right?
Minimalistic accessories for the living room decoration, Use chic lamps, and polished metal vases to exude charm in the area
For a no-frills attached living room decor, use elegant lamps and metal decor pieces
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Balloon Lamps, Cushions: Peppy Living Room Accessories

Coming home to an upbeat, cheerful living room is everyone’s wish. So, decorate your living area with vibrant, colourful balloon lamps and let it appease your eyes and sensibilities. You can also add fluorescent decor like neon vases, table accessories to make it all gel well.
Peppy decorative accessories for living room like colorful balloon lamps, table accessories, and pillows bring happiness
Create a happy living room for yourself with upbeat balloon lamps

Print Art Frames, Rugs: Black and White Living Room Accessories

Black and white living room accessories always make a great impression. Also, their palette lends a streamlined and neat look to any space. So if you want your living room interiors to be inspired by the same, we recommend using black and white rugs, solid paint print art and typo frames for walls. You can also place black vases, planters around the room to complete the look!
Black and white living room accessories like rugs, solid paint print art, and typo frames make a great impression.
Make the most of black and white accessories with solid print art frames and rugs
By now, we are sure you must have picked your favorite living room accessories idea already from our recommendations. Make the most of this decor inspiration and redo your living room with style for the season!
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