6 Stylish Ways To Glam Up A Grey Bedroom

by Anugraha Venugopal | January 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

Grey bedroom colour ideas for your home

Stylish and elegant grey bedroom ideas for modern makeover. Read on.

If you’re looking for grey bedroom ideas, chances are you identify with qualities like composed, practical, reserved and reliable. Perhaps, you prefer your living space to be in order a bit too much. And here’s the tricky part — while you like to keep things in order, you definitely don’t want to come across as boring. That’s where we come in with our creative and functional furniture that works like a charm in a grey bedroom. We nail the balance between utility and aesthetics. For the hard-core grey fan, varying the hues of grey should do the trick. Read on to know how you can give your bedroom a makeover with gorgeous grey.

Grey Bedroom Ideas That Are Simply Sophisticated

They say simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. It seems definitely true when scouting for grey bedroom ideas. This can be a go-to design for those who prefer the functional aspects minus the frills. The room features varying hues of grey as the dominant colours while the other elements form the filler shades. The statement furniture is, of course, the matte finish floor-to-ceiling wardrobe which ensures that no space goes to waste. The upholstered headboard and innovative lighting fixture that doubles up as wall decor help retain the essence of simple sophistication.

Grey bedroom ideas with matte finish floor-to-ceiling wardrobe ultimate form of sophistication
A simple and functional grey bedroom

The Bold Yet Minimalist Grey Bedroom

This grey bedroom design is perfect for those who want the greyness to be clearly visible and yet not overpowering. Go for an accent wall in grey — either with paint or a wallpaper. A customized grey headboard will ensure that your accent wall stays clean in grey. Add in elements such as bed linen, throw pillows and coverlet in the same palette. Grey bedroom curtains are also a great addition. And that pop of colour can come from a small cabinet, colourful side tables, some art work and pendant lights.

The bold yet minimalist grey bedroom wall design is perfect greyness to be visible
The minimally bold grey bedroom
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

The Elegant And Supersmart Grey Bedroom

Here’s an elegant and super-functional grey bedroom for a work-from-home professional. The grey bedroom walls feature panelling which accentuates the wall art. Now onto the best parts — custom modular furniture that saves space and is multi-functional. The floor-to-ceiling veneer wardrobe has been customized with cut-outs to form open shelves — ideal for displaying prized possessions or regularly used items. We’ve extended the shelf to a floating, corner study desk — saving good floor space. The bed design maximizes its utility with a customized headboard that includes a rack, a hidden bookshelf and pull-out drawers. Maximum storage in minimum space! Complement the wood and grey colour scheme with gold-plated chandelier lighting and voila, the elegance quotient hits a high.

Elegant grey-themed bedroom walls feature panelling which accentuates the wall art
Space-saving and multi-functional grey bedroom

Pops Of Teal In A Grey Bedroom

A dark grey bedroom works well with a complementing pastel shade. For instance, go for an accent wall in dark grey and complement it with teal artwork. Or do it with your bedding; use both dark grey and teal shades as they are equally stunning grey bedroom colours. Bring in some neutral white to add a finishing touch to the room. You can opt for a dual-coloured laminate wardrobe with white in it. Or you can keep your study desk in white. Notice how the open shelves ease into the corner study desk to make it multi-functional. Space-saving and effective organization in one! Throw in a dark grey rug, some roll-up curtains and a pendant side light to complete the look.

A dark grey bedroom with pops of teal complements the space
It’s a win-win with dark grey and teal

Keep The Grey Bedroom Wallpaper Fun

When it comes to children, it’s best to not overdo any colour in their bedroom (unless they’re on a hunger strike for it) as their preferences keep changing over time. For this reason, it’s better to opt for a wallpaper. The light grey wallpaper in this bedroom stands out with its fun and simplistic design. The chair and rug also add to the glorious grey palette. The desk with drawers and additional open shelves in beige blend well with the grey quotient. The nightstand — created as an extension of the headboard — is an excellent use of space. The custom shelf above the bed is kept accessible for children. We’ve chosen modular furniture so that children have more space to themselves even with things around.

A light grey bedroom wallpaper stands out with its fun and simplistic design
Fun grey bedroom ideas for children

An Industrial-Style Compact Grey Bedroom

How about an industrial-style bedroom in grey with minimal resources? We’ve incorporated the industrial vibe with the wallpaper pattern of an exposed brick wall. In order to create cosiness in the compact space, we’ve paired off-white with the grey bedroom walls. The other walls are untouched to make this into the accent wall. The sliding wardrobe and the wall-mounted dressing table also reflect the off-white and grey colour scheme. The floating drawers save floor space and lend a roomy vibe. The hexagonal floating shelves, pendant light, indoor plant and bedding add to the aesthetics and vibrancy of this compact room.

A compact grey bedroom incorporated the industrial vibe with the wallpaper pattern of an exposed brick wall
Pair grey and off-white to liven up a cosy room

We hope you enjoyed these grey bedroom ideas. Grey is a versatile colour so you will never run out of ideas. For more ideas in grey, check out our other blogs. Do you want to mix some of your ideas with ours? Perfect! Our designers are here to listen to your needs, share suggestions that will best fit your requirements and co-design your living space. Ready to book an appointment? Here you go.

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