Clutter-Free And Chic: Wall-Mounted Dressing Table Designs For Bedroom

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 12, 2024 | 4 mins read

Wall mounted dressing table designs for bedroom

Go for these chic and clutter-free dressing tables!

Dressing tables have everyone’s hearts and minds. Both for their beauty and functionality, dressing tables are considered to be an integral piece of bedroom furniture. But take our word for it, gone are the days of buying those bulky, boring dressing tables.

These days, homeowners and interiors designers have increasingly developed a liking for wall-mounted dressing table designs for bedrooms. And that too for all the right reasons! Wall-hanging dressing table designs are sleek, space-saving and incredibly streamlined. They add more character to your bedroom space and at the same time, declutter them. And how luxe they look and give you more storage space to arrange all your knick knacks, make-up, accessories and more.

Got a modern bedroom or a simple one? In either case, these all-new dressing table designs will enhance the space for you. Take a look at all our suggested picks for them right away, then?

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Simple Wall-Mounted Dressing Table Designs

Often, sophistication lies in the simplest designs. It could not ring truer for this type of wall-mounted dressing table designs for the bedroom. With a mirror-mounted cabinet and sleek planks, this dressing table design can be perfectly fitted on the corners. It will save you a lot of extra space and look stylish at the same time! You can go all minimalistic for this dressing table design and it will still stand out as a highlight in your bedroom. That’s the charm of its subtle design — you will agree soon!

A simple wall-mounted dressing table design with a mirror-mounted cabinet in the bedroom lends a sleek look.
Who says a simple dressing table is not stylish?

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Wooden Wall-Mounted Dressing Table Designs

Quintessentially Indian and uber-contemporary, a wooden wall hanging dressing table lasts long and is robust. Also, its warm tone and polished texture grant a plush edge to your bedroom. From rosewood, walnut and sal to mahogany and teak — you can choose from a variety of wood to get this dream dressing table design for your bedroom. Get it made for your bedroom already!

A wooden wall hanging dressing table design in polished texture in the bedroom looks elegant.
This dressing table design is timelessly elegant

Minimal Wall-Mounted Dressing Table Designs

Right in sync with the latest design trends, we cannot recommend this minimally handcrafted dressing table design enough. With a mirror lined up right in the centre and shelves arranged by the side, this wall-mounted dressing table design fits in easily in every kind of bedroom. If you wish to make the most of the corners of your bedroom, then by all means go for this dressing table design. We bet you won’t regret it.

Minimal wall fitted dressing table design with tv unit attached looks minimalistic in the bedroom.
Keep it soothing with this easy-to-maintain wall-hanging dressing table
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Stylish Wall-Mounted Dressing Table Designs

A dressing table is indeed an unmissable component in your bedroom layout. That’s why it is recommended to pay more thought to it. Select a dressing table design that is functional and fashionable at the same time. Experiment with various plywoods, hues and materials to create that dressing table of your dreams! You can choose a modular design for it or even get it handcrafted from the wood of your choice.

Wall attached dressing table design is functional and fashionable lends plush touch to the modern bedroom.
Pick this plush dressing table for your modern bedroom

Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Dressing Table Designs

For many studio apartments and smaller homes, space poses a big constraint. But what if we say you can find a way around it? For instance, by choosing such cornered, space-efficient wall-hanging dressing table design, you can tick both of those boxes! With a bit of research and help, you can also design a stunning yet space-saving dressing table — who says wall-mounted designs are boring?

Space-saving dressing table design wall mounted with cupboard in the bedroom is a brilliant dressing table.
Make use of this smart dressing table design to save more space

Modern Wall-Mounted Dressing Table Designs

Although wooden dressing tables are always preferred by Indian homeowners, these days even plywood or laminates are chosen to give a rather stylish look to the dressing table. You can follow this trend for your wall-hanging dressing table design. Pair up pastel and white laminates with sleek drawers for the same — it would seamlessly complete the overall look of your favourite dressing table design!

Modern wall mounted dressing table design in pastel and white laminates with sleek drawers in the bedroom.
Sleek and up-to-the-minute, this modern wall hanging dressing table design is iconic

Be it for that quick touch-up or prancing before that important presentation, a dressing table is a must-have for your bedroom. While you are at it, these wall-mounted dressing table designs will add more elegance and space to your bedroom. Consider them for that next overhaul or for your new bedroom with our curated recommendations! To select custom wall-hanging dressing tables, feel free to book a consultation with our experts. We will be happy to assist you, as always.

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