Simple Dressing Table Designs For Bedroom

by Pooja Dara | January 25, 2024 | 8 mins read

Simple dressing table designs for bedroom

A dressing table is an essential piece of bedroom furniture and an added fashion accessory that’s found in modern Indian homes today. It is more like a hotspot for the family where each member spends considerable time making themselves visually presentable before going out.

Contrary to popular belief, a dressing table goes way beyond just a mirror on the wall and now also incorporates drawers, shelves and a special seating space so that you can have a satisfying experience while you’re on the job. Since it is a place where you can often experiment with your fashion/style and also give yourself a confidence-boosting pep talk, it needs to look beautiful and decluttered as well.

A dressing table can be customised according to the user’s needs and preferences as you can choose from a wide variety of dressing tables based on the shape, size, storage space required, structure material and budget. A dressing table can also be used to maximise any unused niches in your bedroom as they’re pretty great space savers.

To spare you the hassle, we’ve compiled a few important factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the right dressing table for your bedroom. Trust us, it will save you a lot of time, money and energy later on. Here they are:

  • The measurements of the bedroom and the dressing table: Make sure that you keep the layout/measurements of your bedroom along with the width and height of the dressing table in mind so that you can shortlist your choices wisely during the purchase process. It is one of the most important factors since a small dressing table might not match the overall look of your room and a big one will hinder easy movement. It needs to be just ‘right’
  • The mirror: What’s a dressing table without a mirror? It is the second most important thing to consider as it helps you view yourself on the spot without having to go to the bathroom specifically, thereby saving time. Mirrors for the dressing table also come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and material so you’ll be spoilt for choice.  Ideally, a dressing table with a large mirror is suitable for those who want to see their full reflection whereas a dressing table with a medium-size mirror is perfect for those who are makeup fanatics 
  • The amount of storage space needed: Women need to incorporate way more items in a dressing table as compared to men since they have cosmetics, jewellery, perfumes and other related accessories as well. Hence, the dressing table must be designed with the maximum storage capacity in terms of drawers, cabinets or shelves. Isn’t it better having extra space in your drawers than having to clutter the dressing table?
  • The security mechanism (locks and fixtures): Since one often stores valuable items like expensive jewellery and statement accessories in the dressing table, investing in a good locking fixture or mechanism won’t do you any harm. Also, double-check the lock to ensure that it works properly before you finally purchase the dressing table. It’s better to be safe than sorry! 
  • The material: Wood is the most trusted material for designing dressing tables as it is highly durable, has an excellent finish and looks timeless no matter what kind of bedroom you live in. You can opt for either mango wood or Sheesham wood for this purpose. Are you looking for some great simple wooden dressing table designs for the bedroom? Then, you’re at the right place 
  • The lighting built in and above the dressing table: Make sure that the lighting around the dressing table is adequate so that you can dress up and clearly see yourself in the mirror or even easily see how your make-up is looking once you’re done. Placing your dressing table at a safe distance from the window also lets you take advantage of the natural light while you can also choose the perfect artificial lights from a wide number of styles — accent lighting or task lighting options are ones you can go for
  • The seating area in front of the dressing table: Some dressing tables come without an attached seating option while others do include them. Choose a chair that has some colour and texture so that it matches the overall design aesthetics of your room and also brings in a warm and cosy vibe into the bedroom space
  • Some more questions that you need to reflect upon: 
    1. Should the dressing table serve as a multifunctional piece of furniture in your bedroom such as a work desk? 
    2. What are the other decor items that you can experiment with to beautify your dressing table? 
    3. Do you need to design a dressing table or go in for an exclusive dressing room based on your storage needs? In case you go in for the latter, then check out the latest dressing room design ideas

Let’s now have a look at the most trending simple dressing table designs that most homeowners are going gaga over.

Simple Dressing Table Designs With A Wardrobe

This simple wardrobe design with an attached dressing table can help you make the most of the compact space in your bedroom. It is also an ideal option for those who don’t have many things to either display on or store in your dressing table. You can easily reach your wardrobe for your outfits and apply make-up without wasting time moving around.

Simple dressing table designs with a dual-colored wooden wardrobe
The dual-coloured wooden wardrobe and dressing table look absolutely gorgeous and complement the white interiors of the bedroom
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Simple Dressing Table Designs With Built-In Seat Area

This is among the most modern simple dressing table designs for your bedroom. It is built in a showcase-style design where you can store your favourite books on the top shelf, hang your coats and jackets in the cupboard to the side and use the wide shelf below to accommodate all your make-up essentials. This dressing table also comes with a built-in area for the seat so that you can put it back in when it’s not in use.

Simple dressing table designs with built-in seat area
This beige-coloured dressing table design pairs well with the dark hardwood flooring; the green plant also adds a pop of bright colour in the bedroom

Simple Dressing Table Designs With Multiple Shelves

If your bedroom is compact and you have a lot of personal grooming items that can’t be easily fitted into the drawers, then you should opt for this simple dressing table design for your small bedroom. It comes fitted with multiple vertical thick-glass shelves fitted into a long rectangular box-like structure and has a mirror of an equal size attached to it to the side. All the elements of this dressing table are put together so creatively that it looks like a single unit. It doesn’t take much space and also helps you stay focused on what you’re doing.

Simple dressing table designs with multiple shelves brings  classy vibe  into the bedroom
This compact yet simple dressing table design with a recessed light on top brings in a luxurious and classy vibe into the bedroom

Simple Dressing Table Designs With Recessed Lights

Do you want to maximise the often-overlooked corner space of your bedroom but don’t want to invest in a dressing table? If so, you can accommodate a full-length mirror on the wall and squeeze in a vanity drawer with two shelves to serve as a DIY dressing table. The white vanity space merges well with the bedroom and almost gives a feeling of it not being there at all. Each of the wooden shelves mounted on the wall are fitted with recessed lights so that you’re able to clearly see what’s placed on each shelf without having to strain your eyes.

Simple dressing table designs with recessed lights
You can also place precious items on the shelf and enhance the room’s decor with a designer pendant light
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Floating Dressing Table

This floating dressing table with a medium-size mirror on one side of the wall, a small closed cabinet on the adjacent wall and a wall-mounted shelf saves a lot of floor space. It can also help you easily use the space below it for storing other small items that often clutter the room like a pair of shoes or even an extra stool or pouffe that’s not in use.

Simple floating dressing table design with wooden elements in the bedroom and the natural light
This dressing table along with all the other wooden elements in the room and the natural light coming through the window bring a rustic feel to the bedroom

Vintage-Style Simple Dressing Table Designs

If you’re looking for a more classic and traditional look for your bedroom, then you can opt for this vintage-style dressing table with an ornate mirror. It mimics the old Hollywood style and adds some visual interest in the bedroom. The elegant lamps on the side tables and the bouquet of flowers in a vase tie the whole look of this room together.

Vintage-style simple dressing table design with the light-grey themed decor
This vintage-style dressing table along with the light-grey themed decor act as a magnificent focal point for your bedroom

Hope this blog post has given you enough inspiration to design or purchase your dream dressing table for the bedroom. If you’re looking for more guidance, don’t hesitate — get in touch with us and our interior design team will readily and happily help you out.

So get ready to infuse an everlasting combination of utility and aesthetics in your bedroom space with an amazing dressing table of your choice!

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