5 Clever Space-Saving Wardrobe With Study Table Designs

by Pallabi Bose | January 25, 2024 | 4 mins read

Wardrobe with study table design

Building a workstation in a limited space can be difficult. Here’s how we do it!

If you’ve come across this blog while looking for inspiration for a study room interior and decided to give it a go, you might be a part of the ever-growing gig economy or someone working from home. Or you might be a parent looking for ways to set up a stylish study nook for your kids. Whatever your need may be, a study room is a great investment. But, if you are tight on space and budget, the next best option is to design a built-in wardrobe with a study table in your bedroom. Curious? Read on to know more about modern wardrobes with study table designs.


Study Table Attached With Wardrobe Designs

Wardrobes are one of the essential furniture of the bedroom. But, they take up a lot of space, especially if you have the floor-to-ceiling kind. If you need to place a study desk and a chair, that eats up valuable floor space, making your room look even smaller. That’s where the study table attached with wardroom designs become a game-changer. In this bedroom, the modern wardrobe unit not only has a desk attached, but it also has storage cabinets. This is the perfect amalgamation of modern functionality and aesthetics.

Wardrobe with study table study table which are essential furniture of the bedroom
A sleek wardrobe with an attached study table

Multifunctional Corner Wardrobe With Study Table

If you are someone who adores clean lines and minimalist design when it comes to furniture, then this kind of multifunctional corner wardrobe-cum-study table unit is perfect for you. As you can see from the image below, this unit makes the room look put together. It features a combination of open shelves and a covered storage unit so that you can keep files and papers hidden and showcase prized collections at the same time.

Modern wardrobe with study table design with compact corner wardrobe with study table unit
Compact corner wardrobe with study table unit
Give your wardrobe a designer look!

Ultimate Space-Saving Kid’s Wardrobe With Study Table

When you are living in a home with limited space, you have to get imaginative and creative. Take this wardrobe for your kid’s bedroom, for instance. It is the ultimate solution if you do not have any room to spare for a study desk. But for kids, a study desk is essential. That’s why we have added a bookshelf and a seamless sliding desk to this wardrobe. It can be pulled out when your kid is studying and stowed away once done. This space-saving kid’s wardrobe with study table design keeps the room tidy while increasing functionality.

Space-saving kid's wardrobe with study table
Space-saving kid’s wardrobe with study table

Compact L-Shaped Study Table With Wardrobe

When working from home, you need everything at arm’s reach. Be it a file or a book when you need to take a breather. We all know when you are working for a long time, the workstation tends to get messy. That’s why you need a bigger surface area. This stunning modular wardrobe has a large bookshelf and an attached L-shaped study table. It works well for the room as it uses every square inch of the wall without eating up valuable floor space.

Compact l shaped wardrobe with study table design
Compact corner wardrobe with study table unit

Carve Out A Study Desk From The Wardrobe

Instead of extending the study desk from the side of the wardrobe, you can also carve out a space for the workstation. It makes the unit look more compact. As shown in the picture, this modular wardrobe-cum-study desk is perfect for those who live in small spaces, like a studio apartment. It is also ideal for those who do not want to compromise on the precious wall and floor space.

Carve out a corner wardrobe with study table which is perfect for those who live in small spaces
A compact study carved out from the wardrobe

These innovative modern wardrobe with study table design ideas help you build a study nook right in your bedroom and work with the space you have available. For more interesting space-saving interior ideas for your study, check out our other blogs. Our designers are here to guide you in your home transformation journey. So, book your appointment to brainstorm and get started.

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