Home Tour Of A 3BHK In Bengaluru Transformed By DesignCafe

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 25, 2024 | 6 mins read

A look at how our top interior designers in Bengaluru transformed a 3BHK apartment into a cosy paradise.

Manish and Suhana have known each other for 17 years and share a beautiful bond that’s based on friendship, compatibility and values. They are true examples of what urban couples with modern ideas yet traditional values look like. They had always dreamed of a home with luxurious European-themed interiors. The couple wanted a home that oozes comfort and depicts their love for family bonds in every corner.

Finding an interior designer who could imbibe these nuances while elevating the functionality of their space was not easy. That’s until they visited one of their friend’s homes that happened to be designed by the best interior designers of DesignCafe. They called our design experts and then there was no looking back. Nikita, one of our top interior designers in Bengaluru, met Manish and Suhana to understand their preferences and requirements in detail. She then developed some functional designs while keeping in mind the couple’s love for European design aesthetics. 

Previously, when the couple looked for and approached the best interior design companies in Bengaluru, they felt that the designers came with preconceived notions. They would try to sell their design styles and ideas. On the other hand, DesignCafe believes in personalised designs. Our designers listen to your preferences and curate the home that connects with you, reflects your personality and story.

We ensured Manish and Suhana’s home was well-lit, clutter-free and designed with clean lines and a sophisticated aesthetic — just the way they wanted.

A Luxurious Living Area With A European Theme

We designed the couple’s living room in muted colours with a touch of gold highlighting the European-style design. Suhana is a huge fan of intricate artefacts, so we ensured she has lots of space to exhibit her showpieces. The white chesterfield sectional sofa lends an elegant vibe, but the corner is the showstopper which is also Suhana’s favourite spot. It is designed with her favourite European wall, a wing chair and a lamp. This is where she spends her evenings reading books and enjoying her cup of tea. 

A Decorous Dining Room For A Welcoming Vibe

Again, to match the couple’s preference for European-style interiors, we opted for leather upholstered chairs and a mirror-finish highlight wall. The soft tones, clean lines and reflected light jazz up the entire space and create quite a buzz with their friends and family. We added some sputnik chandeliers and uber-cool lamps to seamlessly blend the modern and traditional designs.

A Modern Pooja Room With A Divine Aura

Manish and Suhana were very particular about the pooja room. They wanted a traditional praying space where their mother could offer her prayers comfortably, yet the design should match the home’s modern interiors. So, we designed a smart pooja room with a jali backdrop to enhance the divine aura of the space. The shelves and pull-out counter make it easy for them to perform their daily rituals comfortably.

A Master Bedroom For Comfort And Luxury

They wanted their master bedroom to be soothing and comfortable where they could laze for hours watching TV. We went for a neutral colour tone, a soothing wallpaper on the accent wall and a wall-mounted TV unit. The wood panelling adds a sense of warmth to the space. Manish was a little worried about the niches that came with the external design of the house, but our designer Nikita suggested transforming them into decorative wall slots to showcase Suhana’s artefact collection. This personalised idea took the design aesthetics several notches higher. We have also added a compact and ergonomic workspace where they can take work calls or do their office work.

A Bedroom For Elderly Parents

The second bedroom is designed keeping in mind the couple’s elderly parents. Manish’s mom wanted ample storage space to organise her belongings in a clutter-free manner. So, we added a modular wardrobe and hidden storage solutions for her. The bedroom is designed with light colours and ample lighting options for a bright and well-lit space. We also added an extended headboard to elevate the bedroom’s luxury quotient. 

A Kids’ Room To Nurture The Dreams Of Your Little One

Manvik, their six-year-old son, is a fan of construction, so we designed his room with a construction toy theme. The wallpaper with construction vehicle motifs livened up his room and turned it into his happy place. We also added some wall-mounted shelves as a display space for all his toys. The window seater gives the family a space to spend quality time together and enjoy the view as well. The bedroom is thoughtfully designed to give Manvik a space where he can nurture his dreams and enjoy a playful time with his parents.

A Modern Kitchen For A Clutter-Free Cooking Experience

The kitchen is designed with a white acrylic finish to match the overall design and make the space look bright. The handleless drawers and pull-out units provide ample space for storage and free flow movement. The overhead cabinets are kept well within reach for a comfortable cooking experience. Suhana also wanted a space in the kitchen where she could sit while enjoying her cup of tea so we added a breakfast counter for her.

On the whole, Suhana and Manish’s 3 BHK is the perfect example of modern home interiors with minimalistic furnishing, clean lines and a luxurious vibe. Every room portrays the owner’s character and showcases their preferences.

If you liked this blog on Manish and Suhana’s home tour and want DesignCafe’s experts to design your home, book a free consultation today. Our personalised designs are curated to fit your budget and lifestyle. For more interesting blogs on home interiors, check out our blog and guide section.

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