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Steal The Show With Latest Walls And Panel Designs For Your Bedroom

Wood PVC wall panels for bedroom

Wooden walls and panels are an excellent way to make your bedroom eye-catching

Oh the wonder of wood! This natural material is timeless and versatile. Whether you fancy a cottage styled bedroom with rough edges and asymmetrical lines or a stylish western designed one, wood is your answer to everything. Wooden walls and panels give bedrooms an alluring appeal texture and depth. There are an array of finely moulded wooden wall panel designs to pick from these days. And the best part, it is incredibly simple to install. This clever design element can be used in any bedroom and matches with every style. Still not convinced? We have for you a list of wooden wall designs and panels for your bedroom that will give it the ‘wow’ factor!

infographic latest wall panel designs for bedroom

An Alluring Ash Wood Panel

Ashwood is strong, dense and durable. It is used to make bows, tools, and baseball bats. No surprises then why we’re suggesting a design made with an ash wood panel; it will last you a lifetime. Check out this floor to ceiling wall panelling on one side of the bed. Doesn’t it create a warm, cosy feeling as if you’re living in a cave? You can also add spotlights on the ceiling, as shown in this image, for a chic touch.

Ashwood is a robust, dense and durable wooden wall designs bedroom.
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A Geometric Cedar Wooden Wall Panel

Wood panel designs with geometric patterns is another clever way to modernise your bedroom space. It’s an unconventional design that goes well with modern bedrooms aesthetics. Besides, this design can be customised to your taste. See the symmetry of geometric patterns in this image? It lends a seamless look yet one that is striking. Also, cedarwood has a pleasant aroma, and repels insects that makes it an ideal choice for a bedroom.

Bedroom wall wooden design in geometric patterns is another smart way to modernise your bedroom space.

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Walnut Wood Panels

Offset wooden walnut panelling is an excellent idea for a modern bedroom, just as we see in this image here. This lovely cladding pattern makes it the major decor element of this bedroom. If you are picking a panel design for a bedroom that’s a wee bit tight on space, this is the one for you! This design adds depth to a small-sized bedroom thereby making it look more spacious.

Walnut wood bedroom wall panels are an excellent idea for a modern bedroom.
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Reclaimed Oak Panels

Whether you use fresh or reclaimed wood, the final panel design on your bedroom wall will be striking and add meaningful style to it. A focus wall or a room designed entirely with reclaimed wood panelling can transform it from staid to striking in seconds! Reclaimed wood panelling offers a rustic charm to your bedroom with a rough yet flawless appeal to the entire space.

Bedroom Pvc wall panels reclaimed wood panelling offers a rustic charm with a rough yet flawless appeal.

Rustic Barn Wood Cove Panels

Reclaimed barn wood with cove panelling makes a significant impact in a bedroom as a feature or  floor to ceiling wall. There are endless possibilities to play with the designs, textures and style when it comes to rustic barn wood. This type of panel design lives by its name and brings in the feel of an old rustic barn feel to any bedroom.

Bedroom wooden wall design endless possibilities to play with the designs, textures and style when it comes to rustic barn wood.

Soft Wood Panels

If you aren’t a fan of rustic designs but do like the idea of using wood in your bedroom interiors, consider softwood panelling for your walls. The texture of this type is smooth and it is also easy on the eyes. Notice how the walls displayed in this picture adds an elegant statement to the overall space? Consider incorporating two tones; as you see here, to make your bedroom interiors more attractive.

Softwood wall panel design for bedroom texture of this type is smooth, and it is also easy on the eyes.
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This post with six ideas hopes to help you pick the right wooden wall design and panel for your bedroom. Let us know which one you like in the comments below. Need suggestions? Book a consultation here. 

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