Boring Walls No More: Guide To Different Types Of Wall Panelling Materials

by Nikita Keshwani | January 8, 2024 | 9 mins read

Different types of wall panelling materials

Interior wall panelling materials have the power to transform your home from bland to breathtaking.

If you’re looking for something beyond plain walls and fancy wallpapers for your home interiors, you’ve landed at the right place. Wall panelling is all the rage in modern architecture and it totally deserves all the admiration it gets. It’s one of the most popular ways to hide any inefficiencies in construction or transform a dingy corner in your home. Wall panelling materials are added as an extra layer to the walls and hence prove to be much more durable than wallpapers.

Best Wall Panelling Materials For Your Home Interiors

Now that you’re aware of how installing wall panels can breathe life into a dead space in your home, let’s look at the various types of wall panelling materials available in the market that help you create drool-worthy home interior designs.

PVC Panels

PVC panels give your walls a smooth sleek look. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and cost-effective too! They come in a plethora of designs, textures, colours, and finishes. Since PVC wall panels are made of polyvinyl chloride, they are resistant to any weather changes and safe from termite and mould infestation. The biggest advantage of using PVC panels is that they are highly resistant to water and humidity which makes them an ideal option for kitchens and bathrooms. Moreover, PVC panels are 100% recyclable which makes them an eco-friendly choice.

PVC wall panels material are lightweight, easy to clean, and cost-effective
PVC concrete panels for an industrial-style bedroom

Industrial home interior designs are very popular nowadays and this is one great way to infuse it in your bedroom interiors. These PVC panels with concrete finish do a great job of lending your bedroom an industrial feel without costing you a fortune. Out of all the different types of wall panelling materials available in the market, PVC panels are the cheapest at a starting price of  ₹50 per square foot. A low-lying upholstered wall panel creates a striking contrast to the PVC panels and makes this bedroom design edgy. 

MDF Panels

Touted as the best material for wall panelling, MDF offers a wide array of benefits. MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard which is strong yet can be easily moulded and finished to create artistic wall panel designs and patterns.

MDF wall panels material
Clean lines for minimalistic bedroom wall panels

If you love simple, clean designs then this MDF panelling is a must-have. Oozing sophistication, this modern and spacious bedroom features MDF wall panels with Duco paint finish for a sharp look. For a cohesive design, the wardrobes too feature panelling in the same rectangular design as seen on the walls. A large wall art becomes a central focal point on the panelled wall which makes this bedroom design very classy and high-end.

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Laminate Panels

Looking for a low-maintenance option? Look no further than laminate wall panels! They’re attractive, versatile, durable, easy to install, and require minimal upkeep. In addition to being available in a variety of designs and colours, laminate panels are a hot favourite because they add a layer of protection to walls and prevent them from damage due to moisture.

Laminate panel is a type of wall panelling material that adds a layer of protection and protects from moisture
Add style to your bedroom with laminate wall panels

Check out this stunning bedroom design featuring laminate panels in grey and dark wood finish on the accent wall. The geometric panel design transforms this compact bedroom into a sleek and sharp space. The mirrors on both sides of the bed enhance the overall look and make the room appear more spacious. The grey tufted headboard beautifully compliments the grey laminate and stands out against the dark wood laminate. 

Natural Wood Panels

One of the most luxurious looking interior wall panelling materials, natural wood can instantly make a room look warm and cosy. You can create a variety of interesting panel designs with natural solid wood, but it can get very expensive to use in large spaces. Natural wood wall panels are also a great choice for soundproofing a room. For instance, they are highly recommended for home theatres or entertainment rooms as they ensure perfect acoustics leading to an enjoyable movie viewing experience.

Natural wood wall panelling material offers to soundproof space
Natural wood wall panels absorb sound and prevent echo

This living room design spells out a warm, welcoming, and ambient setting and is a dream come true for all minimalists. It features an elegant TV unit with natural wood wall panels on the wall behind it. It is complemented by the wooden flooring which gives this modern space a rustic spin. Set against a plain grey wall and a backlit wooden TV wall, the wooden panels make a bold style statement. A set of hanging pendant lights with gold accents add a touch of luxury to the room.

Upholstered Panels

Upholstered panels are quickly becoming the most popular trend in home interiors because of their stunning appearance. These wall panels don’t just soften the look of your room but also act as acoustic wall panel material. Upholstered wall panels can be created using a variety of fabrics and colours. They can also be tufted to create different patterns and give your walls a unique appearance.

Upholstered wall panels material elevates the look of the space
Use upholstered panels to improve the look and sound

Check out this swanky home theatre lounge that is a perfect addition to your home for bonding over movie marathons with friends and family. The upholstered wall panels with diamond tufting lend this room a luxe aesthetic while at the same time preventing voice echo in the room. This acoustic wall panels material absorbs sound and prevents it from escaping the room which promises a superior listening experience.

Glass Panels

Glass is a great wall panel material when you want to make a space look more bright and spacious. Glass panels are also highly sought after for creating separation between two spaces without constructing walls. Glass panels can be plain, tinted, back painted, or frosted for a stylish look.

Glass wall panels for bathroom
Protect bathroom walls with glass panels

This bathroom wall presents a great example of a glass panel. The walls are covered in lacquered glass with gold accents to create an elite, modern bathroom space. The glass wall reflects the bathroom lights and makes the bathroom look bigger and brighter. Since glass doesn’t get damaged by water or moisture, it does a great job of protecting the bathroom drywall. The wooden vanity and sink colours are kept subtle to let the glass wall panels shine through.

Mirror Panels

Mirrors are one of the most interesting materials used for wall panelling. They have been used for ages for decorative purposes, but using them as wall panels further amplifies their charm. Mirror panels can instantly add depth to any room and make it look larger than life by duplicating the view. You can effortlessly transform a boring or ugly wall by adding floor-to-ceiling mirror panels of high quality.

Mirror wall panels instantly add depth to any room
Soothing living room with stylish mirror panels

If you are looking to give your compact living room a vibrant makeover, this mirror panel design is your answer. It’s timeless, urbane and perfectly does the job of creating the illusion of a larger space. This wall panelling design is proof that mirrors can instantly brighten any space. To top it off, the colour palette of this living room adds to the beauty of the mirror panels. The custom backlit open shelves on both sides of the mirror panels and the window bay seating with storage underneath make this living room further elegant, modern and functional.

Benefits Of Wall Panelling

Did you know wall panels come in all price points and are very cost-effective? Yes! You can pick from a myriad of attractive options to infuse style into your home interiors without breaking the bank. Let’s deep dive into some more advantages of interior wall panelling materials:

Aesthetic appeal: The number one reason why we recommend wall panels is that they have the power to effortlessly transform any space. Wall panels create an intriguing focal point in the room and make the entire space look lavish. You can smartly enhance any space with 3D wall panels materials or create a bespoke wall with mirror panels. 

Hide flaws: Wall panels are not just popular for decorative reasons, they are also a great solution to cover up construction flaws or structural damages. They cleverly conceal all noticeable imperfections and offer seamless and impressive results. Be it a bunch of wires or a plain Jane wall, elegant wall panels are your best bet to disguise them as a stylish feature.

Wall protection: In addition to being visually stunning and great at camouflaging defects, wall panels offer functional benefits too! They are highly durable and prevent your walls from everyday wear and tear. They are especially recommended for areas that experience high moisture, like the bathroom. Using moisture-resistant options like PVC panels can keep your walls in good condition for a long time.

Easy installation: With the advancement in technology, installing wall panels is now straightforward and easy-peasy. Of course, you still need professionals to install them, but their tongue and groove system ensures the process is hassle-free and less arduous. 

Insulation and soundproofing: Installing wall panels is one of the best ways to insulate a wall. They prevent heat from escaping the room and keep it naturally warm. Additionally, certain materials used for wall panelling stop sound reverberation and reduce noise by absorbing sound.

Easy availability: You wouldn’t need to hunt high and low for home interior wall panelling materials. They are easily available in a variety of textures and colours. Wall panelling materials are highly versatile and can be used to create unique designs and styles to suit your lifestyle and budget. 

Good durability: This last point is sure to seal the deal for you. Wall panelling materials are extremely durable and long-lasting. Most materials used for wall panelling are resistant to water, moisture, and scratches. Some are even certified fire-resistant. This means they will be strong for years to come.
Did we fill your head with some exciting ideas to creatively add wall panels in your home interiors? Now chance upon our guide to finding the perfect lights to jazz up your home interiors.

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