7 Art Deco Bedroom Design Ideas For A Luxurious Upgrade

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 8, 2024 | 6 mins read

Art deco bedroom design for your home

Art deco bedroom design ideas to match your elite home interiors and lifestyle.

If you are looking for some trendy bedroom interiors that are modern with a luxurious vibe, art deco bedroom interiors are for you. The geometric patterns, golden accents, love for all things eclectic and bold colours of this design theme make for a luxury bedroom interior. The look is clean, elegant, versatile and goes well with most design aesthetics. Art deco has gained popularity in the interior design world because of its timeless glamour, luxurious appeal and functionality. So, get ready to blend the retro wave with your modern bedroom interiors by embracing some quintessential art deco bedroom designs. Scroll down to explore the beauty of modern art deco bedrooms and give wings to your creative instincts. From art deco-inspired bedroom furniture, wallpaper to decor, we have deconstructed all the details to crack this trendy look for your home.

An Art Deco Bedroom That Embraces Geometric Patterns And Bright Colours

This bedroom is designed with a pop of bright colours and geometric shapes on the wall. The matching colour laminates on the furniture creates a beautiful riot of colours and lends a playful vibe. The modular wardrobe with sliding doors and multiple storage units help keep your room clutter-free while the mirror front lends an elegant and spacious look. To accentuate the eclectic look of this art deco bedroom, we have added some macrame hangers and hanging planters. These lend an earthy touch to your bedroom’s modern interiors. Opt for simple marble flooring to let the bright colours on the wall do all the talking.

Bedroom art deco with geometric patterns and bright colours on the wall accentuates the eclectic look
Have some fun with art deco bedroom colours

Art Deco Inspired Bedroom In Glamourous Grey

The grey accent wall in this bedroom adds an edge to the interiors. Do not shy away from adding a glamorous wall piece to accentuate the space. We have opted for a light-coloured printed wallpaper for the rest of the room to draw focus to the accent wall. This bedroom also has a walk-in closet with a modular wardrobe and a dresser unit. This helps increase the functionality of the space and utilise the bedroom to its optimum level. The cushioned headboard in light grey creates a striking contrast against the wall and lends a luxurious vibe. The pendant lights on either side of the bed create the perfect ambience for a cosy sleeping space. Dress the window with blinders and some potted plants on the bay.

Art deco inspired bedroom design in grey accent and printed wallpaper adds an edge to the interiors
An art deco bedroom with modern furniture and accents
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Add Drama To An Art Deco Bedroom With Luxurious Golden Accents

Wood lends warmth to your home interiors and is an intelligent way to bring in the vintage art deco bedroom design aesthetics to your ultra-modern interiors. The sandpaper wall with LED light panels lends a rustic touch and matches well with the wooden aesthetics. We have also added a compact workstation with a wooden chair and a sleek study top with a keyboard pullout so you can avoid working from your bed. But the showstopper of this bedroom is the gold framed mirror on the wall. It highlights the wall beautifully and adds a dash of glamour to the art deco bedroom interiors.

Art deco bedroom with luxurious golden accent matches well with the wooden aesthetics
Elevate an art deco bedroom with a statement mirror

Textures And Patterns Dominate Art Deco Wallpapers For Bedrooms

Bold geometric patterns are the signature style of art deco interiors. This wallpaper with a design featuring hexagons lends a clean and bold look. The multi-coloured wall adds a sense of vibrance to the space yet looks elegant and soothing. The modular wardrobe with sliding doors and a loft area provides ample storage space. The false ceiling with cove lights and spotlights illuminates the space and helps brighten up the blind spots as well. Opt for a dark-coloured cushioned headboard for a cosy and luxurious experience.

Geometric art deco wallpaper in bedroom lends a clean and bold look
A bold geometric wallpaper lends an artistic touch

Experiment With Cool Shades For Art Deco Bedroom Colours

A pop of blue on the wall can bring a cheerful vibe to your bedroom and can instantly uplift your mood. This art deco bedroom design is excellent for your master bedroom and the kids room as well. If you’re looking for ways to blend pastel shades into your art deco bedroom designs, this interior design is for you. The bubblegum pink shade goes well with the vibrant blue and brings in a charming aura. Place some velvet-covered cushions and a blue bucket chair for the study nook to complete the look. The king-size bed with an extended headboard lends a comforting vibe while the ergonomic study setup makes it a multifunctional room for you.

Art deco bedroom colors with bright palettes blend very well with the interior
Art deco bedroom colors with bright palettes

Focus On Statement Lights To Ace The Art Deco Bedroom Design

Lights play an important role in accentuating the beauty of any home interior. A statement light is a must in most art deco bedroom interiors. Opt for some round geometric chandeliers in gold or brass for a uber cool look. We have also added a dressing unit with a round mirror with golden panelling for a luxurious aura. The raw wood laminates on the dresser and side table infuse an earthiness and strike the right balance of an eclectic design. The backlights on the wall panelling can act as a night lamp for the bedroom wall and jazz up your beautiful bedroom interiors. Place a potted indoor plant for a splash of green and freshness into this classy bedroom design.

Art deco bedroom design in round geometric chandeliers in gold infuses an uber-cool look
Designer lights to illuminate an art deco bedroom
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Geometric Wall Paneling Adds Definition To An Art Deco Bedroom

If you’re looking for some simple ways to incorporate art deco bedroom decor, this idea is what you need. The patterned wooden panelling on the wall creates symmetry and is extremely soothing to the eye. Add some spotlights on the ceiling to highlight the wall and make your room look well illuminated. Keep the furniture minimum for a clutter-free space and to bring focus to the wall. A low-lying bed, sleek side tables and a space-saving modular wardrobe are enough to complete the look. This design is also perfect for compact bedrooms.

Art deco interior bedroom comes with patterned wooden panelling on the wall
An accent wall with geometric wood panelling

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