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Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

Contemporary living room design ideas

Contemporary style can be defined as the style of the moment. Today’s contemporary interiors are ultra-minimal with graphic prints, sharp lines and metallic surfaces. It often sticks to a monochromatic colour palette of black, white and grey. If a colour is added, it is often bright and saturated like blue, red, or orange.

If you are looking to give a contemporary flair to your house, start with the living room. A living room sets the tone to styling the rest of the house. Here are some contemporary living room design tips to help you get started.

Create Interesting Colour Contradictions

A lot of people have this misconception that a contemporary colour theme can only be white or grey. The colour pallets of contemporary living rooms should be strong and dynamic. This can be achieved by creating interesting contradictions. Which means, even if you primarily use white in the room, use a key piece of furniture that has a stark contrast in colour. The red chair used in the living room stands out amidst white roof, flooring and sofa set.

Contemporary living room with white or grey should be strong and dynamic
The bright pop of colour challenges the white tone of the room

Raise Furniture for Clean Looking Living Rooms

Contemporary living room ideas involve a room that is clean looking and fitted. Nothing too loud or fancy. This living room with its raised and minimal furniture certainly fits the description. The unique lighting on the wall enhances the style quotient of the room without being overpowering.

Living room contemporary interior design with minimal furniture and unique lighting on the wall
The colourful rug ties the space together
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Use Geometric Patterns To Create Texture

Creating layers of texture is one of the popular contemporary living room ideas. Interior designers recommend using geometric patterns, subtle colours, and a combination of different materials to create texture. It is important to understand that texture is not only about using patterns or shapes. Anything that adds a visual stimulation, be it colour, lighting or even layers of furnishing works just fine. Note how the patterned rug interacts with the geometric wallpaper. The mix of evergreen black and white creates a contemporary feel.

Contemporary living room design with geometric patterns and subtle colours
The flower vase fills in for the missing colour element

Play With Lighting For A Contemporary Style Living Room Design

Lighting is one thing that you can go overboard within a contemporary living room. Recessed spotlights, when paired with an accent lighting, look ‘wow’ with any room. You can even add a highly sculptural pendant light that can double up as an artwork. The best part about contemporary living room designs is that you can use multiple strips of LED lighting. The overall look of the room will be enhanced like in the living room here. It beautifully gels up with the ceiling and highlights the architecture giving it clean, geometric shapes.

Contemporary living room ideas with metallic accent wall and statement lighting
Note the smart usage of useful and statement lighting

Wood Fits Well In Every Era

When it comes to a contemporary living room, wood is always on the top of the designer’s preferred materials. Wooden TV consoles and coffee tables when arranged with contemporary living room elements like intricate wall hangings, it creates a cohesive space mixing modern and transitional elements.

Contemporary living room interior with wooden tv consoles and coffee tables
The style is timeless yet seriously contemporary

A contemporary living room design is a perfect mix of warm and cool featuring crisp layouts, varying colour pallets and artistic pieces. Take your pick from our curated list here and enjoy a living room like never before.

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