Let Your Guests Go Green With Envy! Living Room Design Ideas For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | May 14, 2020 | 4 mins read

Green living room design ideas for your home

A Green living room is this season’s alternative to whites and neutrals – explore our green living room design idea as part of your interior design update! In colours ranging from lime to mint, these gathering spaces are for green lovers.

You may think green is a wee bit dark to put on your living room walls, although this hue is as soothing as it is bold and strong, and can also make a soft statement in any living room. Whether it’s a bright green accent wall or a mint green couch, adding hints of this soothing colour has the power to transform a dull living room to a chic one. If you wish to add more drama to your space, indulge in deeper and darker tones of green like emerald or forest green. Don’t worry if you fear dark colours, pick a playful tone of lime green or keep it timeless with a pistachio green couch. We have designed looks for living rooms both big and small in all shades of green. From accent ottomans to living rooms dipped in a green colour palette, you can pick from the best ideas to transform your living room with the colour of this season!

Modern Olive Green Living Room With A Touch Of White And Grey

If you fear the idea of dark tones of green in your living room, this setup with minimal use of olive green is an excellent pick for you. Hints of white and muted grey make it a soothing colour combination. All you see are hints of olive green on this compact TV unit and the upholstery. It’s perfect if you want to add a light stroke of green in your living room interiors.

Green living room with a tv unit in olive green and white colour

Green Living Room Furniture And Accents For A Tropical Touch

Introducing green accents like the comfortable couch, with a wood coffee table is an excellent way to bring the lush green feel indoors and a great pairing to offer your living room a crisp aesthetic. Here, in this beautiful living room concept, the BIG green couch is the centrepiece! The colour further flows on the sidewall. The living room is adorned by the wooden accents and the decor pieces like the potted plants and vases that tie up this eye-soothing setup.

Green living room colors with green couch makes a beautiful modern green living room

Emerald Green Living Room Walls For A Dreamy Vibe

The most generous shade in nature’s palette, emerald is a lovely shade to bring into your living room. It is believed that this shade of green brings a sense of renewal and revival, something that’s so essential in today’s stressful world. And what better way to relax than in the comfort of your home? This living room was designed with the same thought. The emerald statement wall with a green sideboard, plants in a gold pot and a copper coffee table makes this living room a dreamy one.

Green colour combination for living room with emerald statement wall, green sideboard and plants

A Green Wall Panelling To Create A Bold Statement

A vibrant shade of green gives this living room a lively spirit. A floor-to-ceiling green panel is a focal point here. The upholstery and ottoman in a bright playful shade of green ties the whole space together. The green panel wall in this stylish green living room is beautifully offset by a three-seater couch in a lighter hue. Also, we love those green patterned cushions!

Green living room wall panel and green sofa gives this room a lively spirit

A Green Statement Wall For Your Living Room

In this minimalist style living room, a statement green wall adds much-needed vibrancy and contrast. This statement wall further binds all the decor pieces together in this space. This is an excellent option for those who like to make small changes in your living room using the colour of the season. It’s classy and does not overpower the room either.

Green living room walls create a minimalist style living room design

Sure, green is a strong colour but one that works exceptionally well with almost every type of decor piece and colours. If you like the idea of a green living room, pump up the luxe factor with jewel tones like ruby or sapphire. Pick a prime shade of green and keep the rest of the colour scheme simple. And for some expert advice on how to design your home with functional and modular home interiors, book a free consultation with us today.

Let us know what you think of our green living room ideas in the comments below.

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