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Green Bedroom Designs That Will Make You Feel You’re In The Lap Of Nature

Green bedroom design ideas for your home

Energise, revitalise, and get in touch with nature! Surround yourself with green even if greenery comes in the form of interior design elements. 

Whether you’re looking to spice up your bedroom with colours and accessories or turning your bland space into a refreshing zone, the best advice we can give you is to go green. Even the tiniest splash of nature’s dominant colour – green – can bring a lot of exuberance into your bedroom. 

There are countless ways to liven up your bedroom, a space that is so intimate and where you spend so much time. Green bedroom designs are popping everywhere on the internet and decor magazines. And if you are a nature enthusiast or an environmentally conscious person, green is the colour for you! From lime, forest, emerald or pastel – the myriad shades of green are endless. So let’s take a look at green bedroom design ideas worth noticing.

Bottle Green Colour For The Bedroom

The colour green exudes calmness and brings in a relaxed vibe to spaces. Green isn’t just for the garden, and when used right, it can make a mellow, gentle statement to any space. Bottle green paint in a bedroom will make it calm, invigorating, comforting and refreshing. This image shows how the colour green brings in a soothing vibe to this bedroom. And teamed up with a brown bed and closet it lends a modern look. 

Bottle green paint colors for bedrooms will make it calm, invigorating, comforting and refreshing.
Do not overpower the room with multiple colours, keep it simple and basic

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A Restful Retreat With Forest Green

Forest green can work with big and small spaces alike. It looks magnificent even on walls. Dark green resonates with a deep jungle and can be paired with any neutral colour to bring out the essence of a bedroom. This colour has the power to change your mood instantaneously and make you feel fresh and energised in the mornings. Deep brown hardwood flooring and a creamy white wall with a few indoor plants makes this bedroom bloom with sophistication.

Forest green bedroom has the power to change your mood instantaneously and make you feel fresh and energised.
A dark wood floor or black accessories make this bedroom feel like a forest

Zesty Lime Green Bedroom

On a deep primitive level, humans have always associated the colour green with fertility, wealth and safety. Paint all four walls in your bedroom with zesty lime green for an energising spark. It will make you feel calm yet joyful. You can tone the level of brightness of this shade in your bedroom with a few touches of light blue or white for a peaceful aura.