Exciting Wallpaper Design Ideas To Transform Your Bedroom Walls

by Charmaine Kenita | February 26, 2024 | 8 mins read

Bedroom design wallpaper with textured wall design with pop with bedroom wallpaper price

Ditch boring decor and spruce up your walls with the right wallpaper design for your bedroom.

We didn’t hear much about wallpaper when growing up. They looked good in magazines or movies till we waited for them to become a reality in India. Bedroom wallpapers are a relatively recent concept. Till a decade or two ago, they were quite popular abroad. Indian homes and wall colours didn’t allow or afford much creativity when it came to walls. With the change in home interior trends in India, the emphasis on design and experimentation with colours and textures came about. Homeowners now want to light up their walls from a solid colour block wall to one embellished with motifs and designs, from flowers to birds, geometrical patterns to pastel-hued ones. 

Wallpapers are today a quintessential part of most modern homes. Walk into any home and you will catch a wall with designs matching the sofa’s colour or lifting the mood of the room.  Look carefully and you will notice how wallpaper gives you a visual relief from heavy furnishings and more. 

Before you jump right into getting the best wallpaper design for your home, you must first look into two crucial aspects – why do you need it and where? A few pointers below might help.

Heavy And Old, Your Bedroom Has Aged Before You

Time changes many things, including the youthfulness of your bedroom. A once, bright, lit room can become too heavy, stifling, boring and unwelcome. One way of transforming this without getting the wall colours changed or making any major upheavals are wallpapers. Paste it across one wall in contrasting colours, highlight a section of a wall, experiment and push boundaries and watch your walls transform.

Transform Your Bedroom Cost-Effectively

Painting your bedroom cannot be an isolated exercise. It will need much time and effort, not to mention plenty of money. Imagine the time it will take and how much interruption it will cause? Why make your work difficult when the solution can be so easy? Wallpapers can be very cost-effective in this. Besides, you get to choose whether you want them on all four walls or just one. It gets done easily in a day and doesn’t require two many resources too.

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Wallpaper Makes Your Bedroom Decor Exciting

Imagine what you have to do to fill up or decorate your wall rooms. A couple of photographs, paintings, hangings and bookcases, all planned well and laid beautifully is what gives bedroom character. If you are bored with what has traditionally been a part of your bedroom and now want more, then wallpapers are the way to go. Strip off everything from the walls and put up a wallpaper that is bright, embellished, tells a story or plain distracts. Now every time you walk into your bedroom you’ll go wow!

We’ve seen how a great-looking bedroom just requires a bed, few furniture pieces and an interesting wallpaper. Do you want to also know some popular wallpaper design for bedrooms?

Indian Bedroom Shenanigans

Wallpaper designs for Indian bedrooms adhere to Indian motifs, symbols and colours. From vermilion yellow to ochres, reds to saucy oranges, these colours interspersed with Indian designs merge well with furniture that compliments the Indian traditional look.

Wallpaper design for bedroom with a bright yellow colour rangoli design
Rangoli designs in green splashed across the wall in this wallpaper design is reminiscent of Indian homes and their entranceways

Wallpaper For Bedroom Walls With Watercolour Inspired Masterpieces

Watching paintings of masters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh in museums can be mesmerising. Waking up to them every day can be even more rejuvenating. Wallpapers in watercolour textures and art are high impact, rich pieces without being loud yet soothing that you can add to your bedroom.

Wallpaper for bedroom walls with a city view and pillars on both sides of a master bed
The skyline of a city is what covers the wall above the bed, a perfect backdrop against which the bedroom revolves

Showcasing The Master Bedroom Wallpaper

Master bedrooms offer a rich, vivid palette for bedrooms. Their size, design and magnificence can take bold rich hues of maroons, chocolate browns and deep blues as also pristine whites, steel greys and pastels. Offsetting their walls are wallpapers of the grandest of textures, bold in language and eye-catching in choice. Give your master bedroom the spin it deserves, by being adventurous and taking your chances.

Bedroom wallpaper with a shine of hidden light takes a simple bedroom to one that resembles a stage
Gorgeously designed wallpaper interspersed with hidden lighting takes a simple bedroom to one that resembles a stage

Geometry Never Looked This Interesting in a bedroom with 3d wallpaper

Graphic grids or geometric patterns are often considered too staid to do up with wallpapers. On the contrary, they can be quite the head turners. Graphic navy wallpapers or colours in red and maroon can offset a simple bed or antique pieces beautifully.

3d wallpaper design for bedroom wall with different coloured hexagons printed
Small patterned grids in contrasting pastel hues bring together the bedroom’s dual tones beautifully
Want stylish interiors for your home and bedroom?

Not Just Movies That Have 3D Wallpaper Patterns

3D wallpaper for bedroom walls makes walls come alive. They can transform the entire look of the bedroom. Think roses or sunflowers popping out of the walls or giant fishes in your children’s bedroom making the entire room an underwater world! 3D wallpapers are a new concept yet look attractive, particularly if chosen with care. They can sometimes look textured, embellished or carved, and can make the room look traditional or modern with their designs. Exposed brick look of walls seen popularly nowadays can also be recreated with 3D wallpapers.

Exposed brick wallpaper for bedroom wall with 3d texture
This exposed brick multi-hued wallpaper is so stylish to make heads turn. Looks great behind the bed and removes the need for any embellishments

Digitising Nature Inside The Home

How many times and hours have you spent observing the striations of leaves, lined barks of trees, grains of wood and other little signs sprinkled everywhere in nature? If you’ve been fascinated with them outside, you can now stare just as much by having them on your walls as wallpaper. These papers come in varied photorealist interpretations that can be mixed and matched with bedroom designs to complement their look.

Matte finish bedroom wallpaper with a sand-like texture in grey
The grains of sand in grey are spilled all over the wall of this gorgeous bedroom. Chosen for its light character and pattern

Creating Contrasting Imagery Bedroom Wallpaper

Contrasts are interesting. They force you to look, take notice, observe. They throw up possibilities you never thought of before. Contrasting imagery in bedrooms can be like taking quite the chance. Imagine doing something radically different and regretting it later? A great alternative to create contrasts in bedrooms are wallpapers. Modern bedroom wallpapers come in bold designs and symbols. They question the accepted and are apt for bedrooms that seek to derive interests. These especially work great for teenage wallpaper designs or modern bedrooms. A traditional furniture with contemporary bold turquoise background builds more character than a uniformly coloured bedroom wall.

Modern bedroom wallpaper in bold design and symbols against headboard wall
Gorgeous black velvety wallpaper for this grand master bedroom is a study in contrasts. It screams bold, royal and rich

Bedroom wallpapers are a godsend especially in today’s times when it is impossible and often difficult to change the colour of walls often. Besides looking good and lending character to the room, they often remove the need of additional wall decor. A great home design specialist will be the best person to tell you what suits your bedroom and the design that can elevate your space.

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FAQs On Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas

1. Are there specific wallpaper designs that work well for small bedrooms to create an illusion of space?
Light and gentle patterns, such as vertical stripes or delicate motifs, can visually expand the space in small bedrooms, creating a sense of spaciousness. Choosing a right wallpaper design will make the space feel more open and airy.

2. Can I mix and match different wallpaper designs for an accent wall in my bedroom?
You can mix and match different wallpaper designs for an accent wall in your bedroom. For example, try matching a floral pattern with a subtle geometric one or pairing a textured wall like brick with a neutral design. This adds visual interest and enhances the style of your bedroom.

3. What are some popular patterns and textures available for wallpaper designs in bedrooms?
Some popular patterns and textures for bedroom wallpaper designs include floral motifs, geometric patterns, textured finishes like brick or wood, and elegant damask designs.

4. How can I use wallpaper designs to create a focal point or highlight a specific area in my bedroom?
Strategically incorporating wallpaper designs can create a focal point or focus specific areas in your bedroom. For instance, placing a bold pattern behind your bed or framing an area with a contrasting design effectively draws attention to that spot.

5. Can I incorporate nature-inspired wallpaper designs to bring the outdoors into my bedroom?
Yes, nature-inspired wallpaper designs effortlessly infuse the essence of the outdoors into your bedroom. Consider choosing serene forest designs, floral prints, or beach motifs to create a rejuvenating and exotic atmosphere.

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