Wallpaper Vs Paint – You Can Finally Make The Right Decision For Your House

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 31, 2024 | 6 mins read

Wallpaper vs paint ideas for your home

Weigh all the pros and cons of wallpaper vs paint and choose the option that best suits your home!

And those walls reflect the smiles of a family, of a home that is made with love and laughter.

Walls are an essential part of a house. Apart from their primary function to zone rooms and support the roof and floors, walls also create a house’s look. No wonder walls are a favourite with interior designers. But walls are also tricky when it comes to decoration, especially if you are renovating your old walls. The wrong colour or texture can ruin the wall, and hence, wreck the room’s design. But it’s not just about what colour to choose; it is also about whether to select wallpaper vs paint. 

While paints have always been popular in India, wallpapers are becoming a hot favourite in home designs. But it is not only about which looks better! Therefore, we thought of solving this dilemma of walls with our list of wallpaper vs paint checkpoints that will help you make a more informed decision. 

So, let’s explore the various facets of the wallpaper vs paint debate and see what works best for you!

Try To Select One As Per Your Budget

First, you must decide on your budget. This is important because the cost of wallpaper vs paint is different. Wallpapers are usually costlier than paints in India. However, if you are looking for a better ROI, then wallpapers may be more cost-effective in the long run as they have excellent durability. But then it also depends on factors like sunlight, moisture, etc., that may have adverse effects on both wallpaper and paint. 

Try to select one as per your budget wallpaper vs paint
If you are thinking of just the immediate cost of wallpaper vs paint, then paint is always a more affordable choice for Indian homes

Paint Vs Wallpaper: The Better Choice As Per Your Areas

We suggest you pick between paint and wallpaper as per the areas in your home. While paint may need retouches every couple of years, wallpapers can last for a decade, provided they are placed in a suitable environment. Wallpapers require dry and interior areas to last long because moisture on walls or direct sunlight may damage their quality. These factors affect painted walls too, but it is easier to repaint than to reapply a wallpaper. 

Cost of wallpaper vs paint as which is the better choice as per your areas
You should strictly avoid wallpapers for the house’s exteriors, kitchens and bathrooms

Select The One That’s Easy To Install

If you are thinking of doing up your walls on your own as part of a DIY project, your wallpaper vs paint decision may have a clear winner, and that is paint. It is because painting walls yourself will always be more manageable than installing wallpaper unless you are a pro in the process. Wallpapers even need smooth wall surfaces; if things go wrong and you paste the wallpaper on an uneven wall, there will be air bubbles on the wallpaper that would look disastrous. 

Paint vs wallpaper the better choice and select the one which is easy to install
If you are thinking of going with wallpapers, hire experts

Choose As Per The Available Varieties

We all love variety. The same applies to wallpaper vs paint. Paint comes in a variety of colours and textures for you to choose from. But if you want variety in design and prints, go for wallpapers. The choices available to you are dramatic floral prints, pre-pasted grasscloth, 3D designs, etc. 

paint vs wallpaper cost as choose the one as per the available varieties
Lets plan your home interiors together, speak to designers now

In Wallpaper Vs Paint, The Latter Can Be More Personalised

It goes without saying that paint can be customised according to your wishes. Wallpapers are generally readymade, so you have limited choice. 

Wallpaper vs wall paint, the latter can be more personalised
Creating wall paintings, wall art, stickers, etc. is easier with paint

Choose Wallpaper If You Want A Quick Fix For A Damaged Wall

A wallpaper is preferable if you want to hide wall damages like hairline cracks. A paint might look uneven and spoil the look of your wall if it is used to conceal wall damages. 

Choose wallpaper vs paint if you want a quick fix for a damaged wall
If the wall damage is severe, use advanced fixes

Make A Choice From Wallpaper Vs Paint By Considering The Renovation Factor

Are you someone who keeps tweaking your home decor? If yes, then go for paint as it can be replaced relatively easily. Else, settle on wallpaper as it will last you for years. Paints are an affordable option for Indian homeowners and can be repaired by the local painting agency. But wallpapers need expert help for replacement and are not easily changed.

Cost of wallpaper vs paint by considering the renovation factor for more straightforward wall repairs
Try using removable wallpapers for more straightforward wall repairs

Choose Wallpaper If You Want To Style Your Rented Home

Wallpaper vs paint can be an easy choice if you are thinking of redefining your rented home. Rented homes require temporary touch-ups that won’t upset the landlord. Selecting a removable wallpaper for your rented home is, therefore, a fantastic idea. 

Paint vs wallpaper the better choice if you want to style your rented home
Wallpapers are great if you want to camouflage wall damage in your rented home

Go With A Mix Of Both Wallpaper And Paint

The best way to resolve your wallpaper vs paint dilemma is to use both. You can use wallpapers in specific areas to create accent designs in the living room. Wallpapers are also great in places that don’t see heavy footfall, like the bedroom where kids don’t usually hang out. 

Go with a mix of both paint vs wallpaper cost for the house’s exteriors
For the house’s exteriors, choose paint as it is easier to maintain and replace
Lets plan your home interiors together, speak to designers now

Wallpaper Vs Paint – The Former Accurately Reflects Your Style

If you want to go for paint, be ready for surprises because the colour does not always accurately match that on the shade card. A wallpaper, however, will always be how you selected it. If you are going with paint, the trick is to do a sampling before deciding on the colour. You can have one wall painted in the colour you’ve chosen to see how it looks during the day and at night. 

Wallpaper vs wall paint the former accurately reflects your style
With wallpapers, there is no need for experimentation

Check out this comprehensive guide on wallpaper vs paint:

Wallpaper Paint 
Can be expensiveAffordable
Specific Areas  Not for kitchen, bathroom Can be used in both areas
InstallationNeeds experts Can be done by local painters
ReplacementNot so easy   Easier to replace
Damage     Needs complete replacementCan be covered for minor cracks
AppearanceUsually same as samplesMay vary from the shade card
Kid-friendlyNot so much Would be easy to handle
Customization Needs special effortCan be easily customized
Environment concerns  Have sustainable options Have sustainable options

Now that you know the ins and outs of wallpaper vs paint, choose the one you prefer. In case you need more information, get in touch with us today!

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