Designed To Stand Out: 10 Living Room Accent Wall Design Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | February 23, 2024 | 5 mins read

Stunning living room accent wall ideas

Your living room will probably look just fine without an accent wall till the time you create one! Take inspiration from these 10 living room accent wall design ideas and make your space sing!

First things first – what exactly is an accent wall? An accent wall is usually designed in complete contrast yet in perfect harmony with the remaining walls of a room. An accent wall for a living room is a fun way to bring in a little character to space.  

There is no set rule for how an accent wall needs to be designed except that it must be different from the other walls. Depending on the overall layout of your living room your accent wall can be dark or light or of the same colour palette. Take a look at these 10 accent wall ideas to know how they are a great idea to make your living room stand out.

Accent Wall 3D Art

Want your accent wall to look stylish with minimum effort? A 3D wall art installation can do the trick! Here, 3D art along with wallpaper create a spectacular effect for the living room. The wall art is in shades of gold and brown and blend in seamlessly with the furnishing of this living room.

Living room with accent wall 3d art in shades of gold and brown creates a spectacular effect
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Patterned Wallpaper As Living Room Accent Wall Design

There is a lot that gorgeous wallpaper can do for a space! A patterned wallpaper is a great idea to design a living room accent wall. Wall paintings and picture frames in addition to the wallpaper together create quite a statement wall.

Living room accent wall with patterned wallpaper creates quite a statement wall

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A Panelled Accent Wall For Your Living Room

If you don’t wish to experiment with colours you might as well experiment with textures for your accent wall. The wall against which your TV-unit is placed can double up as your living room accent wall. Wooden panels add wonderful structure and dimension to it.

Panelled wall accents for living room against tv unit

Accent Wall Pastel Paint Colour

The accent wall for a room can simply be made to stand out with a different colour. For the purpose of your living room pastel coloured paint is a great idea for an accent wall. Pastels work well with light neutral shades and are great to make a living room look spacious and bright.

Pastel paint coloured accent wall in living room adds spacious and bright look

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Dark Wall With Mouldings

A dark living room accent wall adds deep character to spaces. This modern apartment design has a hint of elegance and royalty thanks to the choice of colour used on this accent wall. Along with it are beautiful wall mouldings that add to the sophistication of this space. The geometric wall art is minimal and sharp and brings the interior design of this living room together.

Dark accent wall in living room with beautiful wall mouldings adds to the sophistication of the space

Another Bricked Wall

Another example of using texture to create an accent wall is with an exposed brick wall. The texture is wonderfully modern and rustic and serves as the perfect backdrop for the TV unit and floating shelves. The wall along with the entire decor are enough to hold your guests’ interest.

Accent wall ideas for small living room: Exposed brick wall is a perfect backdrop for the TV unit & floating shelves

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A Chequered Wall

Sometimes, a single element is enough to make a wall an accent wall. The chequered texture wall design is subtle in its contrast and elegant to look at. It goes perfectly well with the neutral colour scheme and warm lighting of this living room.

Living room accent wall ideas: Chequered texture wall design perfectly works with the neutral colour

Natural Inspired Wall Texture And Focus Lights

The interesting highlight about this living room is the additional seating in the form of a suspended swing chair. The accent wall cleverly highlights the unique feature in the interior design of this living room. A dark background and lights focus on the chair area.

A dark living room accent wall colours are the unique feature in the interior design of this living room.

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Elegant Living Room Accent Wall

This charming traditional style living room has a befittingly elegant accent wall. Floral wallpaper highlights the corner of this space which is the combined seating and dining area. The corner accent wall works as a great background for the gold curtains and an ornate chandelier.

Living room with a floral wallpaper accent wall can create a beautiful backdrop for curtains

A Modern Chalkboard Accent Wall

This cool chalkboard inspired accent wall is a fun design that enhances the look of a living room that is vibrant and modern in appeal. The dark paint contrasts beautifully with the other plain walls in this living room.

Modern chalkboard wall accent for living room

In our opinion, accent walls for living rooms are a great idea to paint your personality onto your space. Accent walls allow you to get creative with decor and there is no written rule for which wall needs to be converted to an accent wall in your living room.

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For all you know, the ceiling of the living room can be treated and designed as an accent wall. Which one of these ideas has inspired you to get creative with living room accent wall ideas for your home?

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