More Than Just A Pretty Colour: Go Modern With Pastel Wall Colours For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | February 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

Pastel home decor for walls

Clean, chic and captivating – pastel wall colours are a big hit with modern home owners!

For years, pastels wall colours have either been considered female-oriented or more suited for children’s room interiors. Thankfully this is no longer the case. With pastels making their way into home interiors on a regular basis the possibilities are endless! People usually tend to opt for bold colours to make a statement with their interiors or opt for neutrals to paint a balanced picture, but pastels can offer you a mix of both. Check out these eight beautiful pastel colour schemes for your home interiors to make a pretty unique statement.

Pastel Wall With A Pop Of Colour

A green or a mint green pastel wall colour is one of your safest bets if you are a newbie with pastels. The colour adds a touch of freshness as well as softness to a room. It works especially well with homes that are low on natural light. Most of the space is kept minimal with the use of neutrals except for the addition of the bright sofa that perfectly complements the pastel green wall.

Green or Mint green pastel wall paint colour adds a touch of freshness as well as softness to a room.

Pastel Pink Wall Paint

We think pastel pink wall colours are still one of the most sought-after pastel options. While pastel pink has always been a go-to colour for nurseries in modern times this shade is for any room and for every homeowner that is bold enough to pull it off! A pastel pink wall paint works fabulously if you wish to add a playful tone to your space. You can pair it with colour and texture combinations that change the way you want the room to be perceived. The use of another pastel colour and neutrals for this room helps in keeping the tone of the space chic yet minimalistic in its appeal.

Pastel pink wall paint colour in this room with a blue sofa & pink pillow works fabulously.

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Blue For Living Room Pastel Wall Colours

There is nothing that a soothing pastel blue wall colour cannot fix! Another one of your options if you want to experiment yet play it safe with pastels. Blue is an obvious choice for a lively looking living room! Shades of blue along with a lot of soft whites breathe freshness into any space. The pop of yellow used for the particular space is a great way to break the monotony of the blues and white that are in perfect harmony with each other.

Shades of blue for living room pastel wall colors with a lot of soft whites furniture brings freshness to the place.

Modern Pastel Wall Colours

Can we start off by saying how much this reminds us of our favourite sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Whether or not you are a fan of the iconic series, you have to fall in love with this iconic colour combination! The pastel lavender wall colour works wonders for this living room that looks modern, sophisticated, and yet cosy! The beauty of this design lies with the intermingling of pastel hues with loud colours. The look delivered is stunning without being over the top!

Living room in lavender pastel wall colour with grey & yellow sofa & coffee table looks stunning.

Go For A Partially Pastel Wall

It doesn’t always have to be all pastel! For smaller spaces like this one, the use of dual wall paint colours help segregate the personal corner and a cute little dining space. As you can see, a pastel pink works well with neutrals like black and white. All of these colours work well with bright yellow making the place look bright and cheerful!

In this room white & pink, dual-wall paint colours segregate living & dining area look bright and cheerful

Opt For A Pastel Wallpaper

If a pastel wall colour seems too much of a hassle you can always opt for a pastel coloured wallpaper.  The beautiful and sophisticated peach coloured wallpaper is the perfect hue that adds character to this bedroom. The use of natural browns and whites let this pastel coloured wallpaper take centre stage as it maintains a breezy and inviting vibe for space.

Bedroom in peach coloured wallpaper is the perfect hue pastel wall decals is beautiful and sophisticated.

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Pastel Wall Colours For The Kitchen

We think bright colours for the kitchen are always a great idea. And do you know what? Bright colours in pastel are even better! Much of the space in this kitchen is taken up by stunning all-white cabinetry, however, the addition of pastel yellow makes all the difference. Here is a kitchen space that you will always look forward to cooking in.

Pastel yellow wall paint colour in the kitchen with all-white cabinetry is bright & stunning.

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Think Of Pastel Wall Colours For The Bathroom

We cannot get over how refreshing this bathroom space looks. And much credit goes to the use of a pastel wall colour. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom you might definitely want to consider pastel options to brighten up your space.

Bathroom in pastel blue wall paint colour with white tiles is refreshing and brightens up space.

We think these beautiful modern spaces are enough of a reason to seriously consider incorporating pastel wall colours in your home. Pastel colours brighten spaces but also come in moody tones. They have always worked great for kids’ rooms but they are truly for all ages! You may even start with pastel home decor to gradually infuse this modern-day colour trend into your home. Go ahead and choose a beautiful shade in pastel for your walls, and make sure to tell us all about it in the comments.

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