10 Ideas To Transform A Blank Wall Into A Great Gallery Wall

by Pulkit Singh | February 17, 2024 | 4 mins read

Gallery wall ideas for every room

Our innovative gallery wall layout guides help you ace your wall game. 

Is that blank wall staring back at you relentlessly? Many of us have been cowed into submission by an austere wall — there it lies unadorned, foreboding and rack your brains as you may, there is nothing that works. Our best interior designers offer 10 creative gallery wall ideas to make your walls the conversation starters with your guests — time to show them who is the boss. 

Gallery Wall Ideas For The Living Room

Setting The Tone: We have art. And then we have memories. Oversized art may be the staple go-to for most gallery wall ideas but using photographs adds a personal touch that makes a house a home. Experimenting with different frames, sizes and colours can create a beautiful collage or create a cool gallery wall idea.

Go Arty: Geometric, eclectic and modern art pieces can make a plain wall into an imitation-worthy gallery wall idea. A mix of solid, oversized pieces or many in similar dimensions, monochromatic or colourful — you can’t go wrong with these options.

Living room gallery wall ideas with personal photos
Gallery wall ideas for living room with a mix of solid, oversized, monochromatic pieces can't go wrong
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Gallery Wall Ideas For The Dining Room

Eat With Your Eyes: Instead of cramming the living room’s gallery wall with all your favourite pieces, you can split them up between the living room and the dining room. Instead of limiting your frames to one wall, you can fill out a corner and provide awkward corners with aesthetic anchors.

Staggered Gallery Wall: The traditional grid style that is the hallmark of a cool gallery wall idea can be replaced with a staggered style, especially while dealing with staircase walls. Ensure that the pieces hang at eye level, so the guests don’t have to crane their necks to check them out.

Photo gallery wall ideas with monochromatic provide contrast to the dining room
Gallery wall ideas for stairs with family memories
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Are you looking to make your walls look vibrant

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Gallery Wall Ideas For The Bedroom

Gold Gilded Dreams: Whether you are displaying artworks of the same proportions and subject matter or different, you can harmonise their look by using gold frames. The colour and the framework will unify the space and add a dash of glamour. Gold frames complement most modular furniture and cabinet ranges, so you needn’t worry about them looking out of place.

Go Classic: A photo gallery wall idea is traditionally followed by most people. You can always mix and match different artworks in your bedroom space to add a zing of creativity. Keeping the setup vibrant and eclectic will look great above the bed.

Gallery wall ideas for bedroom with gold framed pieces enhance the space look
Bedroom gallery wall ideas, setup vibrant and eclectic will look great
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Gallery Wall Ideas For The TV Room

Shelfie Magic: Do you get bored of looking at the same old art or photographs over and over again? Then shelves offer a significant advantage over nails on the wall. If placing a shelf over a couch, hook the pieces on nails to anchor them. Switch paintings and pictures, move them in from other rooms and keep a fresh vibe going all the time.

Side Hustle: TV walls commonly have a lot of vertical space, which is tough to handle. Smaller pieces arranged in a cluster work best in this space. The more the number of pieces, the greater will be the visual impact.

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Gallery Wall Ideas For Versatile Spaces

Geometry: Placing geometric prints with uniform frames is a cool gallery wall idea. Depending on the room you place them in, they can be personal or impersonal. You could also stick to a similar colour palette or play with vibrancy and more colour if you are not afraid of making a more eclectic space.

Awkward, No More: Place interesting artwork over complementary modular furniture, and a difficult space begins breathing with new life. You can make any corner or nook come alive by adding a few colourful pieces. A gallery wall can truly be created anywhere.

Cool gallery wall ideas go for geometric prints with uniform frames to give a more eclectic look
Gallery wall ideas place oversized frames over complementary modular furniture for aesthetics
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You don’t have to redecorate a room or spend big bucks on remodelling. A mini style update by creating an artistic or personal gallery wall can refresh your home equally well. A pocket-friendly option, it has a significant visual impact. So, make a style statement without the financial trappings. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and style that wall that is begging for your attention.

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