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Bland Walls And Boring Decor? 10 Ideas To Amp Up Your Living Room In Minutes!

Living room wall decor ideas

Revive those dull walls with these brilliant living room wall decor ideas

Bored of your dull living room and those bland walls? Then it is time to amp up your home with elegant wall decor for your living room. Living rooms reveal your personality. It is almost like your signature that is left on your walls. So, whether you are a travel buff, a fashionista, an art enthusiast or a true blue bibliophile, your living room walls are like your canvas. If transforming your ordinary living room walls into unforgettable masterpieces sounds like something you want to do then explore these brilliant modern wall decor ideas. You will soon be living in a stylish home that will grow on your guests!

Large Artwork For Modern Wall Decor

Art undoubtedly attracts attention. Let a large painting be the centerpiece of one of your living room walls and watch its charm unfold. You can choose an abstract painting or also go for a minimalistic black and white photograph – absolutely up to you. But, bet on art for sure for small living room wall decor.

Modern living wall decor with a large photograph or a painting to make living room wall decor in attractive way
Choose a large photograph or a painting to tastefully attract attention to the walls of your living room

Use Shelves For Nice Wall Decor

Running out of floor space for your books? It makes perfect sense to show them off on a floating shelf. Along with that vanity, floating bookshelves also lend an interesting character to otherwise blank walls. Not to mention, it makes your home look cultured and tasteful to a stranger.

Living room wall decor with shelves, its look cultured and tasteful
Stack up those books on your living room shelves walls to tastefully transform them

Best Wall Decor For Living Room: Create A Splendid Gallery

Want to give your living room walls a quirky personality? Revamp it as an art space then! Display those framed posters, paintings, photographs, wall-hangings and give it new life. To make it look all the more expansive, you can also cover an entire wall them. This gives splendid continuity to your wall from the floor to ceiling.