Latest Colour Combinations For Living Room In 2024

by Natasha Unger | January 24, 2024 | 4 mins read

Latest colour schemes for living rooms for your home

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Given the global crisis that all of us are going through, homeowners have somewhat become used to living in their own space. All this while, homeowners paid not much attention to how the home looked as there wasn’t much time to invest in the latest living room colours.

As almost everyone has been living indoors, room decor has become a topic of interest. Even though your living room spoke a lot about your personal choices and personality, the present times have made you look even more closely.

When talking of the latest colour combination for living room, there has been a drastic change. Here are a few that you may want to know of.

Latest Colour Combination For Living Room Involving Orange And Grey

Shades of grey have become extremely popular among millennial homeowners looking for the latest colour schemes for living rooms. Add furniture with dark shades of grey and watch your living room come alive. A colour which goes well with grey is orange. It is a unique combination that defines elegance. Orange rugs or cushion covers can bring a drastic change to the monotony. You do not have to paint the walls orange unless you want to experiment.

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Latest colour combination for living room involving orange and grey and popular among millennial homeowners
Orange and grey can go hand in hand when you attract attention in the proper manner

Latest Colour Combination For Living Room Involving Pink And Black 

The combination of salmon pink and black is something not many can think of. For a bold statement, multiple homeowners have opted for this combination, which is trending. Now, it depends on you to incorporate them together and in different forms. Experts might suggest black walls and pink upholstery. Curtains or rugs, too, can be in pink. With its feminine touch, it makes your living room attractive. The room can otherwise be spartan. A quiet conversation with your loved ones or simply gazing out of the window allows a perfect setting.

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Latest living room colours involving pink and black which is something not many can think of
This trendy colour combination is also extremely classy and appealing
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Latest Colour Combination For Living Room Involving White And Green

The combination of white and green will surely appeal to a wide range of people. The green works to break the monotony of white on the walls, floor, furniture and decor. The rug and the statement chair can be of green colour. You can also place indoor plants here and there. It allows you to spend time caring for them. Since we are spending much of our time indoors, green plants will enable us to be near nature. 

Latest colour schemes for living rooms involving white and green which breaks the monotony of white on the walls
The trend of using white and green is novel and popular among urban dwellers

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Multiple Shades Of Blue

The colour blue has multiple shades, and each one has a different impact on your mood. How about putting them all together and coming up with something marvellous? When it comes to the best trending colour for the Indian living room, trends say that painting your walls with a light blue colour gives a very relaxed and soothing vibe. Add a rug that is a shade deeper and opt for upholstery in dark blue. Dark blue makes you feel bold and energetic.

Latest colour combination for living room with multiple shades of blue which makes you feel bold and energetic
A combination of the shades of blue makes your living room picture-perfect
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Latest Colour Combination For Living Room Involving Red And White 

Although this combination is associated with feelings of love, there is so much else to it. It is a combination that is common but never goes out of trend. If your living room is brightly lit, this gets to be the perfect combination. Red and white tiles for the floor, white walls, red sofas and curtains, pretty cushions and much more can transform the way your living room looks. This is a combination synonymous with class, and when it’s your living room, why not make it luxurious? Even though red is a bold colour, white tends to minimise its effect and make it look soothing to the eyes. 

Latest living room colours involving red and white which is associated with feelings of love
While red and white means love, it also means class and luxury when it is in the living room

The shift to working from home has meant that people are spending more time indoors. They are naturally paying more attention to their surroundings, which has influenced the latest living room colours trends. More and more people are experimenting with colours and styles. Why be left behind? Go for a colour combination you love!

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