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All You Need Is The Power Of Pink! 11 Incredible Pink Living Room Design Ideas

Pink living room ideas for your home

Pep up your place with our extremely charming pink living room design ideas!

‘Pink is feminine’ is so out of fashion!

Today, pink is cool, pink is catchy, and pink is the new bold. Although always associated with femininity, pink is actually a great colour for your home’s interiors. Pink living rooms create the best home interior design statements. The colour is warm, positive, and it imbues a sense of welcome to the place. Moreover, it blends amazingly with other colours. And even if you are using pink in just a splash, it peps up the entire room. So, we’d say pink is an excellent choice for living room designs. However, pink can also get tricky at times. Therefore, one must know how to use the colour in home interiors. You can go for layers in pink and even the all-pink look, but choose the right shade and the right accessories to not go wrong with your pink interiors. Here are 11 designer favourite pink living room ideas that can totally transform your living space. Watch out for the 10th one!

Floor To Ceiling Pink Setup

If used smartly, there is no such thing as ‘too much pink’. Yes, go all pink with your living room, provided you select a suitable shade. Otherwise, the pink may overwhelm your space and create a major disbalance, especially if the other rooms are in a darker colour palette. According to our design ninjas, going for a lighter shade of pink for the living room is safe as well as fancy. Shades like light pink and peach pink are subtle and welcoming and therefore, great for living rooms. Today, we bring you one such all-pink living room that is pink from floor to ceiling. It has a soft pink wall colour with a darker pink floor rug. The pink is kept ubiquitous in the room with curtains, wall paintings and flowers in pink. So you can see, even if we have used pink almost everywhere in the room, it still looks balanced and subtle. However, if we had chosen a bright pink instead, the room might have looked overwhelming. Thus our tip is: choose your pink carefully!

Floor to ceiling pink setup in pink living room

The Pastel Pink Living Room

Pastel is the new love for home interior designers. It is soothing, minimalist and distinguishing. So, if you are more about subtle pinks, this pastel pink living room is what you need. It is a redemption from all the wrong pinks. The pastel pink mirrors an elegant monochromatic vibe that is contemporary. You can twist things up with a pastel pink wallpaper and a piece of darker pink furniture to add a bit of variation to an otherwise monotonous setup.

Pink living room with a pastel pink wallpaper and a piece of darker pink furniture
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Pink Wallpapers Are Always In

If plain-pink walls don’t work, you can go for some dramatic wallpapers in pink that can glam up your place instantly.  You can use a surprising wallpaper of mixed shades of pink or floral wallpapers with pink as one of the primary colours.  With a bold pink wallpaper, go for furniture in white. The fun part about using wallpapers is that you can use any shade of pink. So, feel free to accent any of your living room walls with even the not-so-subtle-pinks.

Pink walls living room with pink wallpapers or floral wallpapers

Explore Coral Pink Living Rooms

If pastel is the latest love in interior design, corals are universal love. Coral pink, in particular, is a bold and unique living room colour choice. So if you are open to some unconventional pink look for the living room, like us, go for this coral pink room decor idea that’s a treat to the eyes. Inspired by natural colours of the ocean corals, coral pink is a modern contemporary colour that adds warmth in the interiors. It also looks classy and royal. If you are using coral pink on walls, go for dark blue furniture and golden metallic design elements like centrepieces, pendant lights or other decorative elements.

Coral pink living room decor is a modern contemporary colour

Selective Pink Can Be Great Too

All pink can be overpowering at times! So, if you are up for some real dramatic living room home interiors, go for a selective pink living room design. Well, it may sound fancy but is actually quite easy to come up with. All you need is to divide your living room into sections and use pink on one side and any colour on the other side. While there’s blue that totally blends with pink, you can also go for a safer option like pink and white. The colours will create a visual demarcation in the living room, allowing you to style up the place in sections. White and pink are also calming together, so you don’t have to worry about the sections becoming too diverse from each other.

Selective pink living room interior design
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Pretty Pink Living Room Furniture

Furniture can add a distinct look to your interiors. Therefore, for your pink living room, pink furniture is an amazing choice. You can go for a baby pink sofa set, dark pink lounge furniture, blush pink Chesterfield-style sofa, etc. If you want to emphasise your pink living room furniture, keep the rest of the room’s setup in whites, light blues or greys. You can also use other design elements like light fixtures or centrepieces in rose gold, as they work pretty well with pink furniture sets.

Pink living room furniture design with pink chesterfield style sofa

The Classic Pink

We all love classic and traditional living room designs. They are rare and timeless. Therefore, if you want to create a unique pink living room setup, go for this classic pink look. It has pink and purple walls with old-style furniture sets. You can add wooden furniture pieces in the room to complement the use of pink. If pink is the dominating colour in the room, add white curtains and furniture for an English-looking vibe to the room.

Classic and traditional living room design with classic pink

The Modern Pink Living Room

If the classic pink is not your style, go for this modern pink living room design. Just use pink paint colours for the living room walls and add bold colour furniture sets. The one here displays a pink living room wall balanced with a peppy yellow colour couch, white centrepiece and wall frames. The pink here is in the backdrop, letting you play around with other colours to create a contemporary pink living room setup.

Modern pink living room design with yellow sofa
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Pink, Green And Golden Go Really Well Together

In case you already have a pink living room, and you are looking for ways to add vibrancy to the place, go for greens and rose golds. Green works amazingly with pink. So, this is the chance to indulge in some fancy furniture choices in green. You can go with a pristine emerald green sofa set with rose gold in different elements. The green, rose gold and pink together, can never go wrong. The green adds a natural vibe to the place while the rose gold and pink add the glamour aspect.

Pink, green and golden colors go well for pink living room

Brick Pink Wall Is The Next Fancy Thing

An exposed brick wall can be the best interior addition in your living room. It is bold, rustic, and eclectic. While it can work with different interior styles, it is best for an industrial interior setup. So, if you are looking for a brick wall shade, that would add a natural appeal to your space while not overdoing the brick cladding then opt for this light pink shade. It is subtle, works great for open areas like living rooms, and helps you maintain an elegant look. The pink brick cladding setup we bring here is teamed up with dark pink and off-white furniture pieces. This type of interior will go great with wooden floorings.

Pink walls living room design with brick pink wall

The Pink Colour Thread In The Living Room

Thread the pink colour in your living room through different elements. This way you won’t have to use pink for any major section of the room but only as a connecting design element to give you the perfect pink living room. The catch is to identify different elements and settings where you want to exhibit pink. In the setup shown below, pink connects the entire space with elements like the pink cushions, a pink rug, a terracotta- pink wall, the dark pink chair and more. The pink elements create a design uniformity in the room with colours that go well with pinks: white, grey, purple. Thus the room exhibits a pink setup without using the colour in any major part.

Pink living room design with a pink rug, a terracotta- pink wall, the dark pink chair

There you are! Pink is not just pretty, it’s stylish and bold. So, don’t hold yourself back, and embrace a new dawn of modern home interiors that are liberal and unapologetically pink! Try them out and let us know how your pink living room is coming along. In case you want to explore other living room ideas , visit our blog section.

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