6 Living Room Indoor Plant Ideas To Give Your Home A Refreshing Look

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

Living room indoor plants for your home

Add some life to your living room and transform it into a soothing nest with indoor plants.

Plants not just accentuate the aesthetic value of your home decor they breathe life to your living space, purify the air around you and help improve your lifestyle. They are therapeutic, alleviate your mood and can even help you deal with stress.

So get ready to be a little closer to nature through these beautiful living room indoor plant ideas. They are easy to maintain, look attractive, don’t need much attention and add vibrance to your modern living room decor effortlessly. Some indoor plants are also believed to bring wondrous benefits as per Vastu.

While there are lovely indoor plants in the market that are pretty and attractive but placing them to match your home decor seamlessly might be tricky. So here we bring to you six ideas how to decorate your living room with indoor plants.

Add A Shelf Dedicated To Indoor Plants

Placing indoor plants on a shelf in your living room is an intelligent way to bring in additional storage while adding elements of freshness to your life. You can dedicate a shelf entirely for plants or keep your favorite books, decor elements, a small timepiece along with them. Aloe Vera, Peace lilies, Spider plant, Anthurium are ideal indoor plant variants that can be placed on shelves.

Living room Indoor plants placed on a shelf bring freshness to life
Some refreshing indoor plant decor ideas for your living room
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Hanging Planters Are An Excellent Way To Add Some Greenery Without Cannibalising Your Floor Space

If you have a small living room and lack of space is stopping you from becoming a plant parent, hanging planters is an excellent design hack. These pretty plant hangers add elegance to your living room without occupying any floor space. Add a few small planters or a single hanging planter to your living room and enjoy a splash of purified air around you. These planters are easily available online or in nearby stores. You can also make a simple and elegant planter yourself using ropes and drapes. Asparagus Fern, Money Plant, Crocodile Fern, Spider plants look beautiful in hanging planters.

Hanging living room indoor plants decoration ideas
Hanging planters adds to your decor and saves space too

Create An Urban Jungle With Some Indoor Vine In Your Living Room

Transforming your living room into an urban jungle might sound like a little crazy idea but the calm and serene environment natural vines create in your living space is mesmerising. So if you love being wrapped in the lap of mother nature but dont have space or time to maintain a garden in your house then you must transform your living room into an urban jungle with some luscious green vine.

Living room indoor plant wall transforms the place into an urban jungle
Make your living room a beautiful urban jungle

Indoor Plants For Small Living Room

A small potted plant on your coffee table or near your TV unit can add simplicity and elegance to your small living room. This will add a touch of nature to your space without clustering your living room.

Living room indoor plants for small living rooms
Play it subtle and simple to match with your small living room decor

Big Indoor Plant For Your Living Room

Tall ornamental plants look excellent beside the sofa or any empty corner of any living room. Areca palm, Dracaena and Umbrella papyrus are the perfect choice. They might be a little difficult to maintain and need some care but look beautiful if done right. You can also decorate them with some fairy lights to dazzle up your living room. Just imagine, gazing at the long leaves swaying with wind while sipping on a cup of hot coffee there cannot be a better way of unwinding after a long day at work.

Big living room indoor plant that make your room look colourful
Big indoor plant for your living room makes colorful, cozy and soothing
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Try Indoor Plant Holder Stands For Indoor Plants To Enhances The Look Of Your Living Room

If you feel, taking care of tall indoor plants is a daunting task you can accumulate a mix of small plants of different types and place them on sleek plant holder stands. This will enhance the look of your living room and bring in fresh vibes to empty corners of your room. Living room low light indoor plants are excellent if you stay in an apartment with limited access to direct sunlight. You can also opt for indoor artificial plants for your living room if you don’t have time and patience to take care of living plants.

Living room indoor plants in the the beautiful plant stand
A beautiful living room indoor plants deserve beautiful plant stands

Home is where your mind and body gets some rest so why not make it a natural nest.

These indoor plant ideas will add a hint of freshness to your living room, be it a large living room of a tiny one. So use these indoor plants ideas for living room to bring nature right to your home.

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