5 Popular Summer Plants To Bring Home And How To Care For Them

by Henna Achhpal | January 11, 2024 | 6 mins read

summer season flowers in india for your indoor home

Find out why these are the best plants to grow in summer at home

Ever since the pandemic limited our recreation options to the home, many are developing a green thumb and turning to home gardening as a hobby. Indoor plants have fast caught up as the hottest interior trend for many reasons. They are the quickest way to infuse natural elements into your living space and instantly add colour. Potting your summer plants in modern planters further lends a touch of design. Meanwhile, caring for indoor plants gives you a little relaxation time away from devices and screens in your daily routine.

There’s no better time than summer to take up this new hobby. There are many summer season flowers in India you can invite into your home. Home gardening isn’t as demanding as you may think, and you don’t need to be an expert to get started. As a first-timer, you can begin your home gardening journey with any plant, ideally potted from a nursery. Learn the initial steps of caring for your plant and experience the gratification of it blooming. Before you know it, many more summer plants would have joined your blossoming family.

Most of the popular plants to grow in summer at home are fast-growing annuals or perennials that give quick results. These summer season plants offer great encouragement to newbie home gardeners. They’re also beginner-friendly as they yield colourful results with little maintenance. If you don’t know where to get started, these are some of the most popular summer season flowers in India, along with tips on how to care for them.

Hibiscus Is One Of The Exotic Plants To Grow In Summer

This full-bodied exotic flower is most commonly seen on Hawaiian shirts but is also one of the best summer plants in India. They’re a particular favourite with first-time home gardeners. All they need is a bit of attentive care, and you can enjoy blooms from these lush summer season plants for many years. The bright flowers with the pistil shooting out of a collection of large petals are the most distinct feature of this tropical plant. Watching the blossom in different stages of its life cycle is also a delight. An area that receives direct sunlight for most of the day is ideal for the hibiscus plant. Easy plants to grow in summer, they don’t need much water during the cooler months.

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Bougainvillaea Are The Best Summer Plants In India

It’s hard to miss this bright, sprawling plant that may have often stopped you in your tracks. These summer plants demand that you admire them. When in bloom, the plant paints its surroundings in a carpet of colour. While the flowers of this plant are simple white clusters, it’s the bright and paper-like bracts that surround them that grab all the attention. Bougainvillaea is commonly found along Indian streets with its shed leaves strewn below. The plant’s low-growing varieties are popular summer garden plants for homes. These are the best plants to grow in summer at home as they need abundant sunlight. They are fast-growing, so you won’t have to wait for too long to enjoy the bloom.

Nothing Defines Summer Plants Like Sunflower

The cheery bright flower is well-known worldwide and the sunflower is one of the popular summer flowering plants in India. The large flower head’s curious heliotropic characteristic of following the sun’s path makes it a favourite with many home gardeners. Its many seeds are easy to harvest and known for their health benefits, adding to the list of reasons why it should be part of your summer garden plants. It’s best to grow the sunflower plant from seed rather than transplanting one from a nursery as it’s not recommended to disturb the plant’s roots once established. So getting the much-coveted flower of this plant may require some research, planning and preparation. However, the sunflower plant grows quite fast, so you won’t have to wait too long for results.

Marigold Enriches Your Collection Of Summer Garden Plants

Owing to their significance in many Indian traditions and ceremonies, marigold flowers are more than just summer flowering plants in India—they are a cultural icon. These deep-hued flowers ranging from shades of red, orange and yellow are also strung together with leaves to make torans—an auspicious decoration found at the entrance of temples and homes in India. The marigold plant grows fast and tends to become overcrowded in indoor planters, so make sure you set it in a large pot and space it well from your other summer garden plants. The round blooms of this plant are dense with small petals that don’t like too much water. Keep them dry by watering the plant at the base.

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Roses Are The Showstopper Of Summer Garden Plants

These beautiful flowers enjoy the ultimate pride of place in every home garden. The deep colours and velvety texture of these blooms make roses irresistible to every home gardener. Available in many varieties and colours, roses are among the best summer plants in India. Rose connoisseurs may fuss a little extra over their blooms but caring for these summer plants is not as cumbersome as one might assume. While the rose plant loves the sun, be careful to keep it away from harsh afternoon sunlight. Since the plant needs at least six hours of daylight, it’s best to treat it to the morning sun. The rose plant’s foliage doesn’t like too much water so make sure you water the plant at its base.

These are some of the best summer season flowers in India as they require many hours of sunlight in a day. These summer flowering plants in India are also the easiest way to beautify your living space. Few decor accessories can compete with a natural flower that’s bloomed after your tender, loving and care. The flowers act as great motivation when you’re looking for plants to grow in summer at home.

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