2024 Trends In Furniture Are All About Smart Functionality For The Home

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 11, 2024 | 6 mins read

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Get ready to explore the current furniture trends of 2024!

2023 has taught us the value of our home. Spending the maximum amount of our time indoors, we have seen our homes turn into offices, entertainment zones and the most secure and comforting space in the entire universe. The way the pandemic situation is progressing currently, it is clear that we will be spending most of 2024 in our homes away from the crowd. So we thought of bringing you some of the current furniture trends for 2024 that can turn your home into a comforting haven. They are thoughtful and multifunctional to help you create a clutter-free space to spend the year in bliss and in the cosiness of your home. So without further ado, let’s check out what’s trending in the furniture industry this season.

Sustainable Rattan Is A Trend In Furniture That’s Creating A Buzz This Year

This year is all about sustainability and eco-friendly design trends, and rattan furniture tops the list. It was also a popular choice in outdoor furniture trends of 2023. Rattan sofas are easy to maintain and add an earthy tone to your space. Pair it up with some wooden cabinets and a rattan swing to complete the look. If you love accentuating your home with plants, you can use your balcony to nurture your plant parenting skills. Add some potted plants around your home to bring in a fresh green aura and fill your home with immense positivity and freshness. Rattan furniture is quite versatile and matches well with modern themed interiors. 

Sustainable rattan is a trend furniture that’s creating a buzz this year
Rattan furniture is a sustainable way of beautifying your balcony area

Modular Wardrobe With A Study Pullout Is A Current Furniture Trend

As apartments get cramped up with time, modular and multifunctional furniture trends are here to stay. This modular wardrobe comes with a pullout study table and open shelves above. The design is perfect for setting up a compact work from home space in the comfort of your bedroom. The wooden laminates bring in a rustic vibe and lend a sense of warmth. Add an ergonomic chair and you’re all set to take your work calls and complete your office work in a peaceful atmosphere. The wardrobe also has a loft unit for you to store blankets and other non-essentials in a clutter-free manner.

Modular wardrobe with a study pullout is a current furniture trends
Turn your bedroom into a multifunctional workspace with these smart and current furniture trends

Murphy Bed Furniture Trends Can Turn Your Bedroom Into A Multifunctional Space

A Murphy bed is an excellent way to add a stylish edge to your home interiors. They are space-saving and extremely functional. You can opt for a Murphy bed with a foldable sofa unit. This can turn your bedroom into a living room or a hobby room in no time. Just pull it down when required and put it back on the wall when you want some empty floor space for yourself. This is also an excellent option for the guest room and kid’s room. We have also incorporated the latest office furniture trends in this bedroom to maximise the room. The wall-mounted shelves, closed cabinets, study desk with sleek drawers and a swivel chair complete the look of the compact home office setup. So you can avoid sitting on the bed during office hours. 

Murphy bed furniture trends can turn your bedroom into a multifunctional space
Opt for a Murphy bed if you want some functional furniture trends in your home
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

Raw And Bold Surfaces And Structures Are The Trend In Furniture This Year

Spending most of the time indoors, we are now finding creative ways to reconnect with nature in whatever ways possible. Besides adding plants to your interiors, you can also add natural elements in the form of raw wood log tables. These add a bold statement to your interiors while adding a strong connection to nature in a unique way. The wood log coffee table upgrades the design aesthetics of this living room by several notches yet matches with the modular setup of the entire room. You can use any sofa unit of your choice to match with the coffee table. We have used bamboo partitions and rattan lampshades to add to the natural, raw and bold surfaces.

Raw and bold surfaces and structures are the trend furniture this year
The use of natural structure and surfaces are a thoughtful way of adopting current furniture trends in your home

Wooden Carvings And Intricate Designs Can Never Go Out Of Style

This year we also see vintage and traditional furniture making a comeback in a large way. With wood keeping its impression intact even in this era, it is quite obvious that the vintage trend is not going anywhere. To embrace this style, you can add a wooden carved sofa unit with a cushion seater and a matching coffee table. You can use veneer or wooden laminates on the cabinets or bookshelves to match with the wooden sofa unit. Add some tall potted plants to complete the look. We have opted for vinyl flooring to match the wooden theme of the living room. Choose muted walls to bring attention to your intricate designs of the sofa unit.

Wooden carvings and intricate designs are current furniture trends which can never go out of style
Wooden furniture is timeless and adds warmth to your home interiors effortlessly

Add A Trendy Touch To Your Home Office With A Very Peri Study Unit 

When talking about the current furniture trends, we cannot ignore the colour trends, especially if it is the beautiful Pantone colour of 2022 named, Very Peri. The combination of blue with purple and red undertone is a perfect blend of stability and cheerful vibes. You can use it to accentuate your modular office setup. The Very Peri hue on the frosted glass shutters and the matching wall encompasses the room with a positive vibe and gives you an ergonomic work from home setup. The wall cabinet comes with a combination of open and closed storage and a foldable ledge. You can add another table with a corporate chair if you are a working couple and love to work together in the comfort of your home.

Add a trendy furniture trends touch to your home office with a very peri study unit
A work from home setup with trendy furniture and the happening Very Peri hues

Love to incorporate these current furniture trends in your home? Book a free consultation today, and our designers will take it up from there. Our personalised home interior design solutions, quick turnaround time and the best of materials and technology will make revamping your home a cakewalk. We hope this year brings an enormous amount of peace, joy and wholesomeness to your home and life. Stay safe and take care of your family.

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