Modern Classic Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

by Henna Achhpal | February 17, 2024 | 4 mins read

modern classic interior design ideas for your home

Find out what is modern classic interior design and how to recreate it in your home

When you think of modern classic interior design at first, it’s okay to think of it as an oxymoron. After all, it does combine two opposing terms – modern with classic. And if you’re wondering what modern classic interior design is, it’s precisely that – a juxtaposition of traditional features with modern elements. This interior design style integrates aspects from both worlds to create a balance that results in striking decor. The colour palette is usually neutral, with classic shades like black, white, grey, beige and brown dominating the look. The furnishings are a combination of dramatic and functional. The modern classic interior design concept leads to homes that look elegant, sophisticated and luxurious. Check out these images to get an idea of what modern classic house interior design looks like.

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Modern Classic Living Room Interior Design For Understated Glam

The classic grey, white and brown colour scheme with subtle hints of gold give this living room a look of understated glam. The panelling on the walls makes them stand out instead of looking dull. The modern furniture is simple, functional and made of traditional wood—the sideboard and side table in coffee brown complement the grey sofa well. The unconventional structure of the coffee table with its metal legs injects modernity along with the statement light fixture overhead.

Modern classic living room interior design in grey, white and brown colour scheme looks glam.
This modern classic living room interior design perfectly balances grey, white and brown tones

Transcend Eras With This Modern Classic Living Room Interior Design

This modern classic living room interior design is a melting pot of periods. The large chesterfield sofas are a classic collectable boasting a modern leather finish. The cream patterned walls make the perfect backdrop for displaying modern art. The dramatic rug demands attention; meanwhile, the simple coffee table with its modern edginess balances the entire look of the space. With so much going on, blinds on the windows instead of curtains add more modernity.

Modern classic interior design living room with chesterfield sofas and cream patterned walls adds more modernity.
Decorative moulding on ceilings is a popular feature of modern classic house interior

A Statement-Making Blend Of Modern And Classic For The Living Room

The traditional chesterfield sofa in a bold modern colour like red will completely turn the look around of your living room. With a statement sofa like that, it’s a given that it should do all the talking in the space. It’s best matched with a cream-coloured wall in the background. Since the sofa is in a solid but bold colour, a cream wall with large prints creates a pleasing balance.

Classic modern interior living room with chesterfield sofa in a bold colour creates a statement.
All you need is one striking piece for this modern classic living room interior design
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Ideas To Introduce Modern Classic Interior Design In The Bedroom

Modern classic interior design in the bedroom results in a space you can’t take your eyes off of. The greyish-blue accent wall behind the bed adds a breathtaking effect and instantly grabs attention. Thick traditional wall panelling gives it definition and creates an ideal space for art frames with classic borders. The bed in a creamy white with a headboard that features channel tufting complements the wall perfectly. The trendy side table lamps have fun with shapes featuring a modern glass orb base and classic wide cylinder lamp shades.

Bedroom in a classic modern house interior with greyish-blue accent wall behind the bed adds a breathtaking effect.
Hardwood floors in a chevron pattern are timeless and continue to remain trendy

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Sophisticated Modern Classic Interior Design For The Bedroom

Here’s a way to go bold and dramatic without the room looking garish because that’s what is modern classic interior design in a nutshell. The diamond tufted headboard that almost touches the ceiling immediately commands attention. Still, because it’s in a strategic cream shade, it doesn’t end up overpowering the room despite being larger than life. Walls in white don’t take away from the statement headboard, and panelling introduces character to keep them from looking plain.

Bedroom in a white modern classic interior design with diamond tufted headboard and geometric lamps lend a contemporary.
Geometric lamps suspended from the ceiling lend a modern, edgy touch to this look

These images give you an idea of the standard features of modern classic interior design. Those who are old school at heart but cherish the practicality of modern times will particularly love the modern classic interior design concept. It’s indeed where you find the best of both worlds. Whether you want to recreate modern classic house interior design in your living room or bedroom, this aesthetic truly elevates the elegance of your space, giving it a personality of its own.

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