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by Ekta Poddar | February 27, 2024 | 6 mins read

Home Design Trends 2019

Our forecast for interior design trends this year with some golden oldies as inspiration. Read on

2021 has brought with it exciting new possibilities and home decor trends. With evergreen songs and music as our muse, here’s our forecast of trends that are set to make their mark on interior design this year. So pick up your guitar, turn up the volume and get ready to hit the play button to redo your home!

Building Stairways To Heavenly Ceilings

To kick off our fabulous 2021 line-up is our favorite song of all time – British rock band Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. This song’s lyrics inspire us to look heavenwards and to our ceilings in a quest to make the ultimate style statement. Bold and bright walls are becoming passé, with all eyes turning to ceilings this year. Wallpaper, tile, wooden accents, and paint are some tools the artist in you can use on the canvas of your ceiling. Go bold with block designs or express your quirkiness with geometric patterns. Create art on your ceilings by painting eye-catching scenes or going three-dimensional to make an emphatic statement. When it comes to doing up your ceiling, ditch the boring this year and let only the heavens limit your imagination!

Now that you know how the interior design trends 2023 are different from the interior design trends 2021.

Moonwalking On The Dance Floor

From heavenly matters to more earthly ones, let’s turn our attention to floors. With Michael Jackson – the eternal king of pop – singing of betrayal and danger in Blood on the Dance Floor, your floors need not be prim and boring in 2021. Think beyond traditional tiles to inlays, geometric or patterned designs, and even contrasting grout. Black grout against white tiles or the reverse will make a bold statement for your floor. Or go retro to bring back Terrazzo – chip-flecked polished tiles from the good old days. Terrazzo was a rage in mid-century Indian homes and is all set to make a comeback. Crafted from a combination of glass, granite, marble, and quartz chips pressed and polished into smooth cement or resin; Terrazzo is an uber-luxe alternative to typical floor choices. So ditch the old vitrified, porcelain and ceramic options! With a range of modern flooring choices in the market, there is plenty to get your feet tapping. Eye Catching flooring is certainly a 2021 home design trend you don’t want to miss!

Mid-century living cum dining area designed with traditional patterned white tiles
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Letting Black Weave Its Magic

Santana famously strummed about his Black Magic Woman who fast got him under her spell. Black, with its instant ability to add drama, has enchanted design enthusiasts for a long. Not the obvious choice for home decor, black can be used with discretion to surprising effect! Pair it with neutral colors to create sharp contrasts to turn up the oomph in any room. In 2021, the kitchen is where black or charcoal will come into its own. Consider charcoal-hued counters, mysterious black cabinets, darker lighting fixtures as you cook up some black magic to ensnare the special people in your life. Be judicious in your choices, as less is more when it comes to this enigmatic and glamorous color. Yes, believe it or not, black is the interior color trend for 2021.

Mysterious Black Cabinets Trends

Getting The Tra-La-La On With Warm Hues

After black magic women, let’s look to Boney M’s Brown Girl in the Ring as we pick out colors for our latest interior design trends this year. Get ready to bid adieu to frosty greys and cool whites, and embrace warm and inviting beiges, taupes, and browns. Warm colors with fleshier, pinker undertones are set to see a revival in 2021 and we could not be happier. The world over, Biophilia, or our connection with nature is being celebrated. What better way to invite nature into our homes than with cozy natural colors? Unlike with more somber shades you can afford to be generous with earthy tones and effectively use these to create a tranquil and welcoming haven.

Home Interior Color Trends

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Amplifying With Heavy Metal

For our next pick, we are channeling a band instead of just a song. No such list is complete without good old metal and who better than Metallica to set the beat. Our favorite Metallica song? Nothing Else Matters. Take a leaf out of the iconic heavy metal band book and opt for metallic designs for accents and accessories. Rose and yellow gold have been ruling the roost in the home décor palette for a while now. This year, joining them are copper and metals with red and orange undertones. Use brass, with its gold tones, to effectively style mirrors and light fixtures. Copper, with its health-promoting properties, has long been an Indian kitchen staple when it comes to vessels. Now you can use it for furniture and accent pieces as well. Warmer-hued metals will further complement the home decor trend of earthy and natural colors.

Metallic Design Trends
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Getting Into The Roll With The Doors

Yet another band features next on our list. When talking about doors, The Doors is but an obvious choice. Without contention, their no. 1 song is Light My Fire and it is no surprise that it is our go-to as well. With Doors being the last name in rock and roll, channel their unique counterculture vibe as you make design choices in 2021. Splash your doors with neon or other unexpected colours to contrast the rest of your home. Choose creative doormats that can instantly jazz up otherwise plain entrances. For your front door entrance, use knockers that add charm and complete the whimsical look. The only downside to having a great door? You may not want to open it.

Home Door Design Trends

Falling In Love With Shapely Furniture

After a series of oldies, let’s tune into something more contemporary. Ed Sheeran fell hard for his lady love, ‘every day discovering something brand new’ in his hit song TheShape of You. Shapes are going to rule furniture choices in 2021! Sinew curves and tapered flourishes are going to be one of the hottest trends in furniture this year. Out with the big bulky sofas that take up half the living room and with curved divans, reclining daybeds, elegant chaise lounges. We’re talking graceful, practical designs this year! These are no longer restricted to formal seating arrangements, and will become a mainstay in informal lounges, lending understated elegance and instant glam to seating spaces.  These new interior design trends are going to up the ante and buyer appeal of your home!

Furniture Decor Trends

And on that sweet note, we have reached the end of our interior design trends forecast. From statement ceilings to floors, jazzed up doors, shapely furniture and a range of hues to choose from, home decor options in 2021 are in plenty. Put on your favourite music, channel your inner design rockstar and let your home be a reflection of your personal style this year!

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