7 Trends That Will Define Living Rooms In 2023

by Nikita Keshwani | February 27, 2024 | 7 mins read

Living room trends for 2023

It’s time to give your living room a stylish upgrade because living room trends for 2023 promise an eclectic and swoon-worthy living space. 

Every year we see interior design trends evolving to make spaces look smart, sleek and sophisticated. At the same time, these trends aim to enhance the utility of our home while still staying true to our personality. While other rooms may not see a very heavy upgrade every year, living rooms have surely seen some interesting trends coming forth in recent times. And this year is no different! These living room trends for 2023 are going to make your home stand out from the rest. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out the top living room trends that will be on your must-have list in 2023.

living room trend 2023

2023 Living Room Trends Point Towards A Bright Colour Palette

Tasneem Arsiwala, ace interior designer and Studio Manager at our Thane Experience Centre, predicts we will be seeing a lot of bold colours in Indian living rooms in 2023. While earthy tones and neutral colours took a front seat the last year, it’s time to switch to vibrant colours like chrome yellow, rust red, bluish grey, and grey blues this year. For those who don’t feel like experimenting too much with a vivid colour palette, Jessica Fernandis, our top interior designer at DesignCafe and Studio Head at our MGDC Bangalore Experience Centre, suggests adding a bright pop of colour to a pastel or neutral colour living room. This can be done by adding elements like decor, accessories, cushions or carpets in vibrant colours to a light-coloured living room.

Living room trends that points towards a bright colour palette
Living rooms will be bright and bold in 2023

Open Layouts Are The Biggest Living Room Trend For 2023

In a quest to make homes look more spacious than they actually are, we now have the perfect solution that does not involve breaking the bank to buy a bigger home. Interior designers suggest switching to open layouts to create the illusion of a bigger space. Walls to segregate the living area from the kitchen or dining space are a big no-no. Tasneem suggests going for semi-open layouts with partitions that can be used to separate the living room whenever needed. See-through materials like fluted glass panels and engraved wooden jali will be the top choice for creating such partitions, as per Jessica. The image below features a living room with a wooden beam partition and an intricate white jali door that separates the living from the kitchen-cum-dining area.

Living room trends with traditional touch
Wooden furniture with carvings for an eclectic feel
Want a living room that oozes luxury

Indian Living Rooms Will Have A Traditional Touch In 2023

Yes, you read it right! We’re gravitating back to the beautiful old-school designs that remind us of our countryside homes. Vintage furniture with a modern twist is high on everyone’s radar! Curved furniture with distinctive traditional patterns is one of the latest interior design trends for living rooms. Even upholstery and diwan bedsheets will feature traditional motifs. Traditional jhoolas will now be paired with sofas in living rooms. Sustainability is a major focus in 2023, according to Jessica. This is why wooden furniture will be a popular choice. Similarly, sustainable decor pieces like cane and wicker hanging lights are bound to be heavily adopted. 

Living room trends with traditional touch
Wooden furniture with carvings for an eclectic feel

Nature-Inspired Prints Are Making A Comeback

Biophilic prints were a huge trend in 2022 because everyone wanted a piece of the outdoors in their homes. This is a current living room design trend that will continue in 2023 too. With the latest colour trends for living rooms dictating a splash of bright colours, wallpapers will feature colourful and lively floral prints. When it comes to trending wallpaper designs for the living room, Nikita Chotrani, DesignCafe’s Associate Community Manager and ace architect, points towards wallpapers with minimal textures. The idea is to introduce elements that lend a sense of lightness, so the textures need not be heavy and overwhelming. 

Living room trends inspired by nature
A delicate floral print wallpaper in the living room

The Quintessential WFH Corner Remains A Constant

With the pandemic necessitating the work-from-home model in 2020, home workstations became an integral part of our lives. Even now, as most professionals switch to a hybrid work model, having a dedicated workspace in your home is a must. So, even though we may not see a dedicated room for a workstation in homes, living rooms will feature a work desk for a comfortable work-from-home experience. And it can just be a compact desk in a well-lit corner of your living room! In the living room in the image below, we installed a smart workstation-cum-TV-unit that features a unique sliding door mechanism. When you’re not working from home or using the workstation, it can be easily concealed to give your living room a clean and clutter-free look. 

A compact workstation for the living room corner
Living room trends that have Quintessential WFH corner
Enhance your living room's interior design with our solutions!

Multifunctional And Foldable Are The Latest Trends For Living Room Furniture

Large spacious living rooms are a luxury that’s not accessible to everyone. Add to that the fact that our furniture needs are not getting lesser with time. So, living room trends in 2023 point towards versatile furniture with enhanced functionality. For instance, crockery units where the door opens up to become a breakfast table or a murphy bed cum sofa that can be easily expanded or contracted depending on the need, increasing floor space when not in use. In the living room in the image below, we included a TV unit that offers hidden storage inside. It is also an excellent example of foldable trending living room furniture in 2023. Not only does this modular TV unit make your living room look sleek but also doubles up the storage space.

Modern modular solutions offer extra storage space
Living room trends of having multifunctional furnitures

Latest Living Room Furniture Trends Put The Spotlight On Sleek Storage Solutions

In line with the increased popularity of multifunctional furniture, another major living room design trend is to stick to minimal furniture. This means no elaborate crockery units in the living room. They are becoming a part of the kitchen display. Whatever furniture goes into the living room will be sleek and compact to maintain a clean minimalistic look. This will make living rooms in 2023 more manageable and fuss-free. Isn’t that wonderful? Check out this brilliant bookshelf design that hides away your entire bar collection behind the door as well as in the tall pull-out shelf. Stylish, sleek, smart and space-saving!

Living room trends having sleek storage solutions
Minimum furniture for an airy vibe in the living room

Modern Living Room Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

  • Metal mural art for living room walls
  • Big plants and planters in living room corners
  • Lots of wall frames to add character to the living space
  • Classic moulding on living room walls
  • European-style wall beading

That brings us to the end of new living room trends for 2023. While this is not an exhaustive list, it surely sums up everything from trending wall colours for the living room to the latest living room furniture trends as well as trending wallpaper for the living room. If you’re looking for an expert’s help to understand which of these trends will be a good fit for your home, book a free consultation with our talented designers today!

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