Living Room Trends 2022

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 16, 2024 | 5 mins read

Living room trends 2022 for your home

Living room trends in 2022 are all about sassy and smart interiors

The living room is the heart of every house. It is the place of socialising, partying, and of course, entertainment. Thus, it becomes imperative to keep the style of your living area up to date. And as this is the start of a new year, it is important to update your interiors style guide with the latest living room trends of 2022.

While these 2022 living room trends show how some designs are timeless, we are also seeing a new wave of living room trends that are unique and innovative. From wall designs to living room furniture styles, it’s time to embrace a new beginning for our homes.

So, here we are with some fabulous living room trends for 2022 that predict this year will be anything but boring. Hop on to this fun ride because we are about to change how your living area looks!

Living Room Trends In 2022 Bring A Mix Of Vintage And Modern

2022 is all about bringing in classic retro designs. However, it’s not going to be that simple. Since we are in a modern age of home interiors, adopting a totally vintage look may not work out. So, we have complemented the vintage living room design with modern functional furniture elements to balance things. Hence, the right way to add a vintage appeal in your living room is by mixing it with modern home interiors. Take a look at this gorgeous modern living room with classic design elements like wall moulding, ornate wall coverings, wooden furniture with golden accents and floral rugs.

Living room trends 2022 with a mix of vintage and modern
A vintage living room design with modern elements

Sofas With Interesting Shapes Are Definitely A Living Room Trend In 2022

Modern sofa shapes are a hot favourite among the many innovative and current living room trends. So ditch your regular rectangular sofas and bring in some cool curves and angled sofa designs. These non-conventional sofa shapes add a futuristic appeal that is totally trending this year. You can team such living room furniture with three-dimensional wall designs to accentuate the modern look.

Sofas with interesting shapes is definitely a living room trends 2022
Have some fun with unconventional sofa shapes

Carefree Bohemian Will Be Popular In Living Room Design Trends

2022 will be a lot about bohemian designs. So feel free to use colours, textures and unapologetic interior designs. Since bohemian is all about being liberal and not driven by rules, you get to have a living room that’s everything you want this year. You can also try different types of upholsteries for your living room. In the picture, we have a bohemian living room design with a natural and carefree appeal. The ornate wallpaper, indoor plants and floral curtains create a refreshing interior setup. It also has a mix of modern and vintage elements that make the interiors quite enjoyable.

Popular living room trend in 2022 will be carefree bohemian
A living room design with bohemian elements

Sleek, Modular Furniture Continues To Be A Living Room Trend 2022

Modular furniture pieces will continue to be a design trend this year. Therefore, you can team up your living room design with urban furniture elements such as a sleek wall-mounted TV unit, floating shelves or a bookshelf with sliding doors. So, go for functional furniture pieces instead of heavily decorated ones. Watch out for sleek and simple furniture units that are easy to use.

Sleek, modular furniture continues to be a living room trends 2022
Sleek and functional furniture is in this year
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Current Living Room Trends Are Hot On Black Accents With An Earthy Backdrop

According to our design insights, 2022 living room trends will come with many black accent designs. We will see black accents with lighter and incredibly earthy colour palettes. The contrast of black with other shades creates a distinct living room appeal that will highlight your home design. You can use black accents in your wall designs, furniture elements as well as in light fixtures.

Living room trends 2022 are hot on black accents with an earthy backdrop
An earthy living room with black colour accents

Pop Of Bright Colours Is A Living Room Trend In 2022

Another great way to make your living room fashionable is to add a pop of bright colours. Yes, think vibrant colours like orange, rust and yellow. Add these bright pops in your traditional living room interiors to create a well-balanced interior setup. You can also use colourful rugs and carpets to add colours to your living areas. 

Pop of bright colours is a living room trends with a pop of orange
A trendy living design room with a pop of orange

Creating Segregated Areas In Your Living Room Can Be Trendy Too

This year our homes will be multifunctional and multi-zonal. Thus, your living rooms need to be multi-zonal too. Create different corners in your living space to make the area more versatile and non-monotonous. Think about creating a cool coffee corner by the side of your main living room sitting area. Or, you can create a simple reading corner by the side of your living room sofa. Adding such corners to the main living room setup will surely amp up the versatility of your living room design. 

Creating segregated areas in your living room trends 2022 can be trendy too
A living room with multiple zones for sitting

These were some popular living room trends in 2022. They are simple, easy and yet, quite interesting. So raise the bar of your home interiors by styling your living space with these ideas. And if you have more ideas, let us know! For a more in-depth living room design conversation, reach out to us.

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