Bohemian Living Room: 6 Ideas To Inspire Your Redecoration Plans

by Pooja Dara | February 13, 2024 | 6 mins read

Bohemian living room ideas for your home

Bohemian-style living rooms are trending among urban homeowners for their free-spirited and multi-cultural characteristics. 

Bohemian (also often referred to as boho) interior design is a style that derives its influence from multiple cultures. It encourages the playful expression of individual personality through the layering of decor objects, patterns, textiles, etc. as it embraces design ideas from around the world. As compared to other styles of living rooms, a boho living room distinctively stands out because it brings a comfortable, lived-in, inviting, carefree and cosy vibe into the space, and it looks uniquely aesthetic too.  

Here are some typical elements of bohemian interior design in the living room:

  • Colour Palettes: A mix of neutral colours (like beige, ivory, light grey and white), earthy colours (such as brown, mint and green) and vibrant colours (like blue, yellow, red, pink). However, use bright colours in moderation only. 
  • Decor Items: Travel souvenirs, handmade figurines, flea market decor finds, bright and patterned cushions/throws, green potted plants (palm tree/money plant) in tall wicker flower stands, paintings, artistic plates. 
  • Furniture Pieces: Flower stands, swing chair, comfy armchairs, a wide sofa(s), coffee table (or a set of nested tables), pouffes, soft ottoman, magazine rack/bookshelf.
  • Textiles and Patterns: Cotton, silk, genuine/faux leather, floral/ethnic/geometric patterns in moderation. 
  • Lighting: Lanterns, table lamp, ambient pendant light, chandelier, sconces.
  • Flooring: Carpets and rugs in a circular or rectangular shape. 
  • Furniture Material: Wicker, rattan, jute, natural wood. 
  • Overall Aesthetic: No specific rules, layering of textures, colours and patterns.  

Now it’s time to explore some stunning pictures of living rooms with bohemian interior design that are the talk of the town nowadays. 

A Minimalist Bohemian Living Room 

This minimalist bohemian living room shows an unconventional combination of a low-level wooden frame sofa that has been stuffed with big, fluffy cushions. You can literally sink into them and be mentally transported to a peaceful oasis. The mustard yellow and sky blue-coloured throw cushions add a pop of bright colour to the living room. Matching the sofa’s design are the centre table and the side table while the art decor in the background acts as a great conversation starter. The purplish-grey armchair contrasts well with the rest of the living room furniture.

A minimalist bohemian living room with a large rug adds more depth to the space.
The large rug adds more depth to the living room
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Bohemian Chic Living Room Design

The botanicals play a major role in this boho chic living room design idea. The tall plants contrast perfectly against the industrial grey-coloured accent wall. They are successful in bringing the natural world indoors and improving the air quality as well. The look of the accent wall is softened by the white side walls. You can again play with texture here by bringing in a pair of floral-patterned chairs. What immediately catches your eye is the big wooden table lamp which illuminates the entire living room without much effort.

Bohemian chic living room with a set of green vases looks elegant on the side table
A set of green vases look elegant on the side table

A Colourful Boho Living Room With A Quirky Vibe 

If you are a lover of bright colours and geometric shapes then this colourful boho living room will be the perfect choice for you. The entire theme of the living room looks bold and narrates an interesting story to visitors. The big LED TV is enveloped within a circular pattern on the accent wall which gives you an expression of it being almost invisible. The bright colours have been smartly balanced out by the large carpet in the room. The circular coffee table and the pouffe provide the perfect setting for your evening coffee.

A colorful boho living room with a large balcony window brings ample sunlight.
A large balcony window for ample sunlight

A Modern Bohemian Living Room Design 

This modern boho living room looks sophisticated and stylish. The decor isn’t as strategically planned; rather it weaves together a story with all the artistic elements and the other boho living room decor. In this living room, the floral-patterned accent wall brings in tropical vibes while the cane centre table and the area rug add a rustic touch to the space. The wooden blue-painted stool and the abstract art could be the result of a creative DIY project while the mustard yellow sofa could be a family heirloom. 

Modern bohemian living room with a yellow sofa, rug and wooden blue stool narrate its own story
The key to choosing Boho decor is personalisation

Bohemian Living Room Design With An Industrial Look

This bohemian living room decor features natural wood flooring that is layered with a grey area rug. The horizontal rustic brown brick-style accent detail with the vertical black panel on the side is a creative contrast to the light grey wall. The tall palm tree brings a refreshing vibe into the space while the soft cream L-shaped sofa looks so cosy and welcoming. It is perfectly complemented by cushions of different shades of green. The abstract painting on the wall also looks mesmerising.

Bohemian living room design with an industrial look
Nested tables provide extra space in the living room
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Maximalist Bohemian Living Room Design

This bohemian living room design speaks of maximalism, that is, the principle of ‘more is more’. The king-size grey sofa with cushions can serve a dual purpose of hosting guests and relatives when they are over, and chilling while watching TV when they’re gone. The rectangular wooden centre table has space underneath to store your favourite books and magazines. The light colour theme of the living room makes it look visually appealing and airier.

Maximalist bohemian living room-king-size-grey-sofa-with-cushions
Use the space between windows for showcase shelves

We hope this blog has provided you with enough inspiration to design the perfect bohemian living room of your dreams. Trust us, you’ll have a lot of fun putting the look together and savouring the outcome: a warm and cosy space for you, your family and the guests. Schedule a free interior design consultation with our team if you need any guidance and get started today!

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