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How To Style A Minimalist Bohemian Living Room In Your Home

Chic bohemian living room ideas for your home

Hacks for those who want a bohemian living room but don’t want to be extra

Think bohemian, and the first characteristics to come to mind are free-spirited, easy-going and lots of colours! This style of interiors infuses aspects from the philosophy and way of life lived by the ‘wanderlusting’ hippies of the ’60s and ’70s. You’ll see several different influences in bohemian style as it borrows from the many cultures and regions these vagabonds travelled to. A bohemian living room is an excellent idea if you want to create a relaxed vibe and ambience. 

You might want to consider a minimalist bohemian living room that takes inspiration from only select aspects of the style of the interior. This way, you can be sure your space doesn’t end up looking like a college student’s dorm room while yet keeping the bohemian aesthetic intact. These modern bohemian living room ideas show you different ways to recreate the style in your apartment without going overboard.

Modern Bohemian Living Room Ideas Inspired By Nature

The people who popularised the bohemian style liked being close to nature. You can achieve sophisticated-looking modern bohemian living room ideas by infusing elements borrowed from nature in your space. This bohemian living room decor features natural wood flooring and a rustic brown brick-style detail on the wall. The comfortable and inviting sofa in a soft cream colour is pleasing to the eye and perfectly complemented by the cushions in different shades of leafy green.

Modern bohemian living room ideas with wall art and brown brick wall cladding
Consider getting a work of art to display in your bohemian living room
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Tell A Story With Your Bohemian Living Room Decor

One of the most fascinating things about bohemian decor is that it’s a curation of memories. Often, the decor is not so much strategically planned; instead, it comes together with objects and details that have a story behind them. This is why all the pieces don’t have to strictly fit or match. You can have your bohemian living room decor narrate its own story. Personalisation makes it special. The mustard yellow sofa could be a family heirloom, the rug picked up from a local vendor you discovered on your vacation and the wooden blue stool the result of a DIY project.

Bohemian living room decorated with yellow sofa, rug and wooden blue stool narrates its own story.
Turn your bohemian living room decor into a collection of memorable objects and details

Earthy Brown And Clean White Minimalist Bohemian Living Room

For the ultimate minimalist bohemian living room, go for a three-toned colour palette featuring earthy brown, clean white and hints of black. The mud-brown sofa borrows from the natural aesthetic of the bohemian style; meanwhile, the sink-in sofa cushions represent the comfort that the style stands for. Complete the sofa with large cushions in different shades of brown. The low coffee table in a crisp white is a great contrast to the sofa’s brown. The clean white walls lend the space a pristine look and serve as the perfect backdrop for a wooden brown clock and a collection of artwork.

A white minimalist bohemian living room has a brown sofa and a low coffee table in a crisp white.
Juxtapose a mud-brown sofa against clean white walls for the ultimate minimalist bohemian living room

Modern Bohemian Living Room Ideas With A Pleasant Colour Palette

The bohemian living room decor of this apartment is so easy on the eye that you simply can’t get enough of it. To recreate the effect in your home, stick to modern bohemian living room ideas that feature a colour palette of soothing shades and natural materials. Pair a modern sofa in a pale grey with a chair made of cane. The block of wood for a side table makes the space burst with character. The off-white macrame wall hanging is a common feature of bohemian living room decor and so is the woven lampshade.

Pale grey sofa and chair in the modern bohemian living room gives a soothing effect
Your bohemian living room decor won’t be complete till you have a rug
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Unconventional And Comfortable Bohemian Living Room Decor

The bohemian style is not about getting it right with accuracy. Instead, it’s all about the unconventional and mixing and matching elements you wouldn’t expect to see together. In this modern bohemian living room, the wooden frame sofa that appears to be stuffed with cushions really stands out. The oversized cushions define comfort and invite you to simply sink in. The sofa is brought to life with brightly coloured cushion covers in mustard yellow and sky blue. The modern purple armchair sits in perfect contrast to the rest of the living room furniture.

Bohemian living room decorate with mix and matching elements for a bohemian look
Decorate the wall of your modern bohemian living room with knick knacks collected on vacations

You will have a ton of fun putting together these modern bohemian living room ideas in your home and it will certainly reflect in the decor you finally achieve for the space. Create a warm space for you and your family to unwind and host guests. So stray away from the typical bohemian interiors and experiment with an Instagram-worthy minimalist bohemian living room.

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