6 Space Theme Decoration Ideas For An Out Of The World Experience At Home

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 13, 2024 | 6 mins read

Space theme decoration ideas for your home

Ignite your love for the universe with these space theme decoration ideas for the home

Space theme decoration adds a unique character to your home interiors. It lends a calming vibe to your luxurious bedroom and the same theme can bring in a fun and quirky element to your kid’s room. So whether you want to nurture your kid’s aspiration of being an astronaut, relive your childhood dream in your own little way or explore the opportunities to bring the celestial world into your home interiors, we have an exhaustive list of space theme decoration ideas for you. 

An expensive telescope in your bedroom to enjoy stargazing from your window, a serene moon themed wallpaper in your living room, a celestial tablescape apt for space-themed birthday decor or simple pocket-friendly DIY ideas. This list will spark your imagination in creating picture-perfect space theme decorations for your home. Read along to know more.

1. Space Theme Decoration Ideas That Are Perfect For Hosting A Theme Party

Looking for some space-themed table decorations? We have an innovative idea for you. Get some planet-themed dinner plates and some space ship themed salt and pepper shakers. They look quirky and unconventional. Place a celestial printed table runner and upholstery for your chairs. You can add a milky way galaxy-themed wallpaper to your accent wall to take your space-themed party decorations to a different level. But if you want to keep the theme subtle and make the tablescape the focal point of your decor, accessorise your accent wall with a space-themed wall clock. You can add a side cabinet with inbuilt organisers to keep your crockery in a clutter-free manner and a bar unit with shelves and base cabinets to show off your exclusive wine collection.

Space themed party decorations idea for dining space with milky way galaxy-themed wallpaper
An exciting space-themed party decorations idea for your dining space

2. Light Up Your Bedroom For A Space Theme Decoration And Sleep With The Stars

Now you can make your sleep time a starry affair with glow in the dark space theme decoration ideas. You can use some glow in the dark paints, glitters or glow stickers to get a starry effect. The room decor might look simple and elegant during the day, but the interiors and mood completely change once the sun is down. This also helps break the monotony of your all-day humdrum and get a good night sleep in the lap of the universe. For more DIY space-themed decorations, you can add a sheer canopy to your bed and give it a starry effect with fairy lights. You could also use some celestial printed bed sheets and pillow covers for a comforting vibe.

Space theme decoration for a bedroom with lights and celestial printed bed sheets might look elegant during the day
Space theme decoration ideas for your bedroom with lights, sheer canopy and celestial printed bed sheets
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3. DIY Space Themed Decoration Ideas To Give Your Living Area A Celestial Makeover

Here are a few budget-friendly DIY space-themed decoration ideas that will transform the look of your home without burning a hole in your pocket. Place a set of moon-shaped mirrors on your accent wall to create space-themed aesthetics of the space. Mirrors reflect light and make your room look spacious and bright. The sectional sofa matches the colour scheme and adds a comforting aura to your living room. You could place some fairy lights inside old wine bottles to transform them into beautiful DIY lamps. Use some moon shaped planters to match the decor theme. If you want to add space-themed party decorations, get some glittery wall hangings, and your spunky home party hall will be ready in no time.

DIY space-themed decoration ideas that will transform the look of your living room without burning a hole in your pocket
Dazzle up your home for stunning house parties with space-themed party decorations

4. Nurture Your Kid’s Space Dreams With These Space Theme Decoration Ideas

Nurturing your munchkin’s aspirations and inspiring them to dream big from a tender age is very effective in shaping their future. And what better way to do it than surrounding their room with inspirational decor elements. With space-themed wallpaper, playful toys and simple decor elements in their room, you can help them develop curiosity and in opening up their creative minds. Decorating your kid’s room with these productive elements might help in their mental and emotional growth. You can add a low-lying seater with storage underneath to arrange their toys in an organised manner.

Space theme decoration for your kid's room with space-themed wallpaper, playful toys and simple decor elements
A thoughtful decor idea for your toddler’s room to create curiosity about outer space

5. Outer Space Theme Decorations For Your Bedroom

Want a simple and elegant decor idea for your home that has the theme of outer space? Get a Milky Way galaxy-themed wallpaper for your accent wall for a quick and easy makeover. This will give you the vibe of outer space and bring layers to your bedroom interior design. You could place a moon-shaped floor rug to decorate your floor area. You can seamlessly blend your modern space-saving furniture like a modular wardrobe or a tiny study nook into this design theme. If you like stargazing or are an astrophile, you can also place a telescope beside the window and nurture your passion for stargazing on nights with a clear sky.

Outer space theme decorations for the bedroom with a milky way galaxy wallpaper gives an outer space vibe
A Milky Way galaxy wallpaper is an excellent outer space theme decoration

6. Space Theme Decoration Ideas That Incorporate A Fun Element In Your Kid’s Room

To incorporate some fun elements into your kid’s bedroom, you can use some space-themed wallpaper and neon sign lights. These decor elements go well with modern furniture and add a quirky vibe. You can also add some wall hangings with space theme toys to make learning fun and engaging for your kids. Keep the colour scheme vibrant and make sure to place the study table strategically to let in ample natural light into your kid’s room.

Space theme decoration ideas for kids room with fun elements make a fun learning space
Space theme decoration can make your kid’s room a fun learning space

We hope this list has answered all your queries regarding space theme decoration ideas for the home. If you still have some questions or want personalised assistance for remodelling your home interior, our designers are always there to help you. Book your free consultation today and explore some exclusive offers, easy EMI options and personalised design ideas that are tailor-made for your preference, choice and budget. And for more such exciting home interior design ideas and trends, check out our blogs and guide section

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