Make These Center Table Designs The Cynosure Of Your Home

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 27, 2024 | 4 mins read

Center table design for your home

Functional, quirky, and stylish center table design ideas curated just for you!

A center table rests at the heart of your living area. Therefore, it needs to be a subtle attention receiver as well, don’t you agree? From umpteen coffee conversations to celebrations centre tables get noticed by all your guests. So, it makes sense to choose the one that fits the design of your home but also stands out as a unique piece of furniture or maybe even art?

Most importantly, the center table design has to meet both form and function. It needs to have a utilitarian aspect to its design in your living room. It must be trendy enough to bag compliments and utilitarian enough to function as a coffee spot, a surface to stack magazines, and even a robust feet holder. 

Based on your requirements and as per the spatial dynamics of your home, you can choose a center table design that meets both parameters. We have curated a few of the latest center table designs on the basis of aesthetics, trends, size, and various other design factors. Have a look at them!

Wooden Center Table Design

Timeless and never out of trends, a wooden center table is a treasure trove for life. Its finish is elegant and the texture is robust enough to provide the best of functionality in your living area or elsewhere. You can choose various types of wood to create this design. Your options range from teak, walnut, and more.

Simple wooden center table designs for drawing room which robust enough to provide the best of functionality
For a timeless center table design, choose a wooden one
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Glass Center Table Design

Both for its sheen and royal look, a center table design in glass is absolutely irresistible. To avoid making it look so fragile and delicate, you could use dense or frosted glass that has a durable tabletop. Pair the glass tabletop with a chic base of metal or wood and you will have a center table of your dreams!

Glass center table design with with a chic base of metal or wood
A glass center table for home looks regal and never goes out of fashion

Abstract Center Table Design

Grant some personality to your center table by choosing an abstract design for it. Choose a mix of logs, metal and other textures to create a center table that stands out. This abstract center table design will suit your sensibilities and also create an artistic anchor in your space. Love art and bohemian designs? Select this design any day then!

Abstract new design of center table which creates an artistic anchor in your space
Go for a slightly abstract center table design to create an artistic attention spot in your living area

Stylish Center Table Design

Center table can be the most stylish spot in your space. So, give some thought to its design and functionality before you choose one! Select a mix of materials like fiber, glass, and even metals to create an iconic anchor for your space. Go all out for this stylish center table design then?

Stylish center table design furniture which create an iconic anchor for your space
Make your home interesting and characterful with this stylish center table design
Love this design? Make it your own

Metal Center Table Design

Old and vintage have a charm of their own. You could interpret it in a slightly different way by getting this metal center table home. Owing to its chic texture and glaze, this table design grants an everlasting impression to your home. Also, it stays durable enough to sustain the weight of all your decor items and knick-knacks.

Metal latest center table design which grants an everlasting impression to your home
An intricate, metal center table design makes a home extraordinary

Modern Center Table Design

Give your home a bold, contemporary touch with a smoothly edged modern center table design. While square and rectangular center tables are quite common you can opt for a round center table. Try it and see how beautiful it looks in your living room. It’s modern and trendy.

Modern wooden center table design which you can opt for a round center table
Want a modern center table? Choose a circular design to make a statement with the same

Minimal Center Table Design

Sometimes, a simpler, streamlined and neatly etched center table design brings a sense of balance to your space. So, if your inner Marie Kondo cherishes the same then by all means opt for this minimal center table that is crafted keeping in mind the bare necessities of a simpler lifestyle.

Minimal center table designs for drawing room which brings a sense of balance to your space

Turn the tables on boring center tables with these latest center table designs recommendations. From your studio apartments to your bungalow, these designs will come to your rescue any day. For any further help, feel free to book our consultation, any time.

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