Go Get Some Coffee! Glass Coffee Table Designs For Your Living Room

by Shreya Bilagi | January 18, 2024 | 4 mins read

Glass coffee table for your living room

Love the idea of having a coffee table made from glass? Well we at Design Cafe have come up with just the blog for you –  it’s all about glass coffee tables. Keep reading to find out more. 

Don’t you all love a hot cup of coffee? It’s like a wake-up call to your brain while you’re feeling super groggy and need an instant hit. So we at Design Cafe say let the coffee hit you before reality does! This blog is all about glass coffee tables. When you have coffee, it goes without saying that a coffee table is a must! A glass coffee table will never fail you. It’s like the vegetable potato it goes with everything and merges absolutely well keeping your home trendy and classy at the same time.

Top It Up With A Glass Finish

Coffee, in one hand and confidence in the other, needs a glass coffee table on the side! This beautiful living room will remind you of a good cup of coffee. I mean take a look at the colour scheme – it’s got all shades of browns from light to dark and a hint of beige here and there. Right in the centre sits a lovely glass coffee table. This coffee table comes with a shelf so you can stack away all your magazines and newspapers after reading them. This glass coffee table has been used in a unique way to display plants and coconut to add to the interior decor of this living room giving it an earthy wildlife touch.

A glass coffee table for your living room with a lovely decor display on it
A glass coffee table steals the shows with a lovely display of decor on it

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It’s Always Coffee Time When You Have A Glass Coffee Table

If you want to snuggle in front of the fireplace with a book and a cup of steaming coffee, this coffee table design with a glass top will give you a hand. This living room has two glass tables-  one beside the sofa that can be at your assistance when you want to light a candle for some aromatherapy. And another right in the middle to make sure you can rest your mug and a plate full of snacks! So you’re now sorted for a cold winter’s day!

Glass coffee table with cream coloured sofa and a fireplace makes beautiful glass coffee table images
stunning wide windowed living room with cream coloured sofa and a fireplace is sure to keep you warm on a winter’s day
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May Your Coffee Be As Strong As Your Glass Coffee Table

This stunning living room in white has a square glass top coffee table resting in the middle with a soft, lavish carpet beneath. This coffee table acts as a surface to display decor which adds to the beauty of this living room. Many people like to have their coffee table do more than regular. While some of you may like to place your coffee cups on it others may like to use it as a platform to showcase decor.

A glass top coffee table with a bowl of acorns makes a nice glass coffee table in living room
A glass top coffee table in an elegant white living area with a bowl of acorns

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A Glorious Glass Coffee Table Design

Time to make your pretty living room look even prettier! This glass coffee table design will up the aesthetic game of your living room. Whether you use it as a showpiece by itself to complete a living room look or as a stage to showcase your mini house plants it is totally up to you. But with a glass coffee table, we advise that your living room would look like it’s missing something.

Beautiful glass coffee table design in black and white themed living room
A black and white themed living room with plush pillows and a glass top coffee table to complete the look

Just A Wooden Coffee Table With A Glass Top

Coffee is known as a liquid hug for your brain, warm, comforting, and mesmerizing. And for a good dose of liquid hug, you need a nice living room and somewhere to place it. This gorgeous brick-walled living room has a wooden coffee table with a glass top that’s perfect to place your cup of coffee as you sit back, relax and binge-watch your favourite show after a long day’s work.

Wooden coffee table with a glass top in brick-walled living room
A living room with brick walls and a multicolor floor rug with a wooden glass table make it a safe space to spend time

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