7 Trending Contemporary Dining Table Designs For Modern Homes

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

Contemporary dining tables made for modern lifestyles

Here are some of our top contemporary dining table sets approved by our expert designers.

The dining table is the focal point of your dining room. It gives you a hangout spot to enjoy meals with your family and friends and adds a style statement to your home interiors. Contemporary dining table designs have gained popularity because of their versatility and functional attributes. Contemporary dining table sets match most home interiors and are available in various designs, shapes and sizes for a personalised dining room. So, whether you are living in a compact urban apartment with a small dining area or a lavish villa with an elaborate dining room where you host some happening dinner parties, this list of contemporary dining table designs will melt your heart. So, give this blog a read if you’re thinking of buying a new dining table and elevating your dining room interiors.

An Elegant Black And Red Contemporary Dining Table Set

This black and red contemporary dining table set is a perfect piece of furniture to lend a bold look to your home. The red bucket chairs lend a striking contrast to the black table. This modern dining space is designed with white walls and wooden flooring that draw all the attention to the contemporary dining table set. The side cabinet in sleek white features handleless drawers and glass shutters for ample storage and display space. The clean lines and clutter-free design aesthetics make the room look bigger and allow free-flow movement around the space.

An elegant black and red contemporary dining table set with a smart play of colours
A modern dining room with a smart play of colours

A Contemporary Dining Table Design With A Marble Top

Marble is known for its luxurious appeal and soothing aura. This dining area is an extension of the living room which is designed with a geometric-patterned wallpaper and marble flooring. The dining table has a modern wooden base and a classic marble top which lends it a chic look. The wooden base of the contemporary dining table chairs matches the table, while the blue upholstery adds a pop of colour. This dining room interior also features a modular bar cabinet. The tinted glass allows you to display your expensive collection, while the drawers beneath provide ample storage space.

Contemporary dining table design with a marble top for its luxurious appeal and soothing aura
A compact dining room with a marble top table

A Wall-Mounted Contemporary Dining Table Design For Two

This contemporary dining table is perfect for you if you live in a compact apartment or love having a cosy dining corner for two in your home. The wall-mounted folding dining table is designed with a rustic finish and paired with solid wood chairs for an uber-cool look. You can simply pull down the dining table during mealtimes and put it back when not required. The design is minimalistic and space-saving, made for urban lifestyles. Add a pendant light to highlight your cute dinette and place some potted indoor plants to complete the look.

A wall mounted contemporary dining table set for two
A wall-mounted rustic dining table with edgy chairs
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An Uber Cool Contemporary Dining Table For An Outdoor Area

Love dining under the open sky? Then you will fall in love with this setup. The folding contemporary outdoor dining table and chairs let you enjoy your meals in a natural setup. You can place it in your backyard or even on your small balcony. Decorate the space with vines, potted plants and grass to add splashes of green. 

An uber cool contemporary dining table for an outdoor area enjoy your meals in a natural setup
A contemporary dining table set for the outdoors

A Smart And Contemporary Dining Table Design For Compact Homes

This side cabinet with a pull-out dining table is the perfect example of functional and space-saving furniture for a contemporary interior design. The cabinet has hidden storage space and a table pull-out for a complete dining room setup. This piece of furniture turns your living room into a fully functional dinette in no time. The design is seamless and soothing to the eye as well. You can use it as a two-seater, four-seater or a six-seater dining table as per your requirement.

A smart and contemporary dining table design for compact homes with a space-saving side cabinet
A space-saving side cabinet plus dining table set

Glass Top Contemporary Dining Table For A Sleek Look

Glass top dining tables look lighter to the eye and reflect light beautifully. This dining table sits in a room designed in muted colours and ample lighting options. We opted for cushion upholstered chairs to add a comforting vibe. Keep the decor to the minimum for a spacious look. You can choose a contemporary round glass dining table if your dining room is too small to house a six-seater rectangular dining table.

Glass top contemporary dining table set for a sleek look
Contemporary dining table design with a glass top

Folding Contemporary Dining Table Design With Concealed Storage

This modern contemporary dining table design is all about functionality and aesthetic appeal. This dining table pull-out has concealed storage behind to increase the storage space in your home. You can utilise the space as a bar unit or a crockery unit. If you live in a small apartment, a separate dining table may look bulky and take up a lot of space. But this contemporary dining table is designed intelligently so you can enjoy your mealtimes without worrying about space constraints. Pull out the tabletop, add some chairs on either side and your restaurant-like dining area is ready. You can add a wall painting, a floor rug and a tall potted plant to stitch the look together.

Folding contemporary dining table with concealed storage, functionality and aesthetic appeal
A contemporary furniture dining table

Now that you know about the different contemporary dining table designs, let’s talk about some sparkling contemporary dining room chandeliers to accentuate the beauty of your table and illuminate your dining space. Our personalised designs guarantee you 20% extra space and come with 10 years of warranty. You can walk into our experience centres to check out our designs or call us and get ready to transform your house into the comforting haven of your dreams.

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