Make Space For Yourself In Your Relationship As Well As In Your Wardrobe

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Organizing relationship with your wardrobe

Stop the wardrobe war with your partner and have exclusive his-and-hers space with DesignCafe!

Wardrobe wars are genuine life problems. And here’s a story of a couple who have everything sorted except their wardrobe. Yes! As they decided to merge their lives, they sort of mixed up their clothes too. And although that may sound romantic, they found difficulty every time they wanted to get ready to go out! 


Well, on some days, she won’t find her matching skirt because it’s hidden somewhere under the pile of his T-shirts. And on other days, he would find his brand new blazer pressed under a load of her handbags. Thus, the wardrobe space issues led to irritations that led to arguments. 

However, after endless arguments, they found the right wardrobe solution for themselves. 

How? Where?

Come, have a glimpse of this quintessential Indian couple who is in the middle of a wardrobe war!

Design Cafe decided to put an end to these household tussles over wardrobe space. Its unique modular wardrobe designs with separate his and hers sections come with personal space! 

These modular bedroom wardrobes have multiple organising miracles to solve your feuds over whose clothes are getting the hanging counter. 

Don’t believe us? Let’s show you our four latest modular wardrobe designs built to fix all your wardrobe woes. So, hang on there and browse through our handpicked bedroom wardrobe designs. Just a heads up! Do watch out for the fourth one; it’s a treat for the eyes! 

A Clever Shutter-Less Bedroom Wardrobe With Equal Space for Him And Her

This modular wardrobe is designed to give you and your partner equal amounts of space. It comes with a three-door design with separate sections, each with a wide hanger rod cabinet. This makes it easy for you to hang your dresses and coats and your partner’s clothes. 

The wardrobe also comes with multiple drawers and shelves to distribute the clothes. It also has loft shelves where you and your partner can store the less frequently used items. This way, you can use your wardrobe space for the stuff you mostly need. 

A clever shutter-less bedroom wardrobe with equal space for him and her

One of the highlights of this wardrobe is the attached dressing unit. The unit also has space to store your handbags, shoes, etc. 

A Glass Door Wooden Wardrobe With Dedicated Space For Everything

This lavish glass-front wooden wardrobe is ideal for a spacious bedroom. The L-shaped closet has three sections, each designed to meet your clothing arrangement needs. 

There are spacious clothing racks to hang your precious dresses and blazers so that they don’t pile up one above another. The wardrobe also has a middle section with shelves to store your towels, leather bags, etc.  

A glass door wooden wardrobe with dedicated space for everything

The wardrobe also has shoe shelves to keep your most prized footwear inside the closet. A great thing about this glass-front wardrobe is that you can practically see your clothes. This will help you select the dress you want to wear without making a mess. 

Is your wardrobe placed right?

Two Identical Wardrobes With Separate Organisers To Easily Assort The Clothes

One big problem while arranging clothes for yourself and your partner is that they all get mixed up and create chaos. 

So Design Cafe came up with a solution to segregate your clothes and split them into hanging clothes and piling clothes. 

The result? Well, you get two identical-looking wardrobes with contrasting organising sections. The dresses, coats, suits, trousers, etc., can be hung on hanger rods in the first wardrobe with four hanging racks. And the other clothes can be piled up above another in the next wardrobe with shelves and racks.

Two identical wardrobes with separate organisers to easily assort the clothes

 This wardrobe will surely settle your arguments about his shirt hung in your section and vice versa. 

A Luxury Walk-In Closet For You And Your Better Half

If space and budget are not a constraint, why not go for a luxury wardrobe design that will solve all your wardrobe wars with your partner? 

The wooden glass-front wardrobe has exclusionary sections where you can segregate your clothes the way you want. 

The wardrobe has multiple hanging rod racks, drawers and shelves to organise the space as per your requirements. 

There are also pull-down wardrobe rail rack hangers, pull-out trouser/saree cabinets, etc., to make the sections more accessible to you. 

DIY Tips To Make Individual Space For You And Him In The Wardrobe 

1. Keep your clothes away from your partner’s so that they never mix up and create chaos

2. Arrange your dresses and his coats in separate hanger rod sections

3. Place your accessories in an accessory tray so that there are other drawers for his stuff

4. Use glass shutter drawers to spot everything easily without pulling out every item

5. Get loft cabinets for your wardrobe to stack up the less frequently used items 

Organising your wardrobe can be challenging if it doesn’t have dedicated sections. Our modular wardrobes with his and hers sections are exclusively innovated to sort this battle of space between partners.

A luxury walk-in closet for women and men

And if you too want to stop this #wardrobewars, reach out to us and let us help you get one of these! Hence, choose a wardrobe that is customised with your requirements.

Give your wardrobe a designer look!

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