10 Charming Home Decor Ideas For Living Room

by Noopur Lidbide | February 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

Charming living room home decor ideas

Crafting a cozy living room can be a fun exercise. Wondering where to start? Let us give you a leg-up. Take a look at these 10 home decor ideas for living room that are easy to put together and fabulous to look at!

Decorating your living room can be a fun project and it can be surprisingly easy. Sometimes all a living room needs is that one item that can completely change the vibe of a space. It is a place dedicated for regular family time or to entertain guests. Here’s a curated list of home decor ideas for living room that look as well as work good.

Throw In A Pouffe

Living rooms usually double up as a family space and there can be many ways to make this set-up comfortable. Adding a pouffe or a footstool as part of the seating arrangement in a living room adds a comfort to the setting. The pouffes can double up as additional seating options when guests come over!

Home decor ideas for white living room with pouffe

Frames On A Wall As Living Room Decor

One of the best and simplest ways to get started to living room home decor is by hanging some pretty frames on the wall. These could be art, pictures, fabrics, or a mix of these. For this living room, the framed art is in sync with the furniture and overall design of the space. The prints and patterns add a wonderful cultural touch.

White partition home decor ideas for small living room
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Ceiling Centrepiece

Lighting is a simple yet intelligent way of adding a bit of glam to your living room home decor and a chandelier-style light makes for one bold statement. Dramatic lights like these work well with false ceilings and can be the much needed spruce-up that your living room needs. If chandeliers are not your style you can always opt for modern lighting to make it work for your space.

Simple home decor ideas for living room with chandelier-style ceiling

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Style It Up With A Mirror

If you have a blank wall or a bit of an empty space near the entrance or foyer that forms part of the living room, a statement mirror can be a great idea to deck it up. The mirror not only acts as a piece of decor it is also practical for a quick look when someone is leaving or entering the house.

Entrance mirror as a decor piece forms part of cheap home decor ideas for the living room

Assorted Pillows

Are you torn between wanting to give your living room a quick makeover of sorts and doing it in the thriftiest way possible? Bright and beautiful pillows are your DIY option! Throw in a bunch of pillows in contrasting colours and patterns and trust us, your living room decor will be looking as good as new!

Thrown assorted pillows on the sofa in contrasting colours and patterns is DIY home decor ideas for living room

Cover The Floor With A Smart Rug

An understated home accessory, rugs are critical to tie all the elements of a space together. You can get one that matches your interiors or one in a stylish contrast for a dramatic effect. You can get a fancy rug that ranks high on the style quotient or get a pretty one that also covers a majority of the floor and doubles up as a carpet!

Simple home decor ideas for a small living room floor covered up with blue patterned rug
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Leaning Ladder Shelves

Leaning ladder shelves are a life-saver! These versatile shelves are movable, can hold a host of different accessories and are equal parts beautiful and practical. Use them to display assorted accessories, as a bookshelf or to place potted plants – the list could go on! Getting a shelf like this one means you can place it in different places and change the display whenever you feel like giving your living room decor a fuss-free makeover. 

Leaning ladder shelves are small home decor ideas for living room.

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3D Wall And Inbuilt Shelves

If your living room houses the TV its backdrop is a great canvas for your living room decor. You may opt for a textured or 3D wall and top it up with some smart shelving if you like. We love this particular one as a home decor idea for living room as it is very modern and minimal.

Home decor ideas for living room with white textured 3d wall with inbuilt shelving

A Designer Wall Clock

Turn your living room from the land before time to one well after with a wall clock. Seems too easy? What if the wall clock looks like a work of art? As we see in this image here this wall clock is not only a functional addition but also makes for a stunning piece of decor for the living room.

Home decor ideas for a big living room wall clock is a stunning piece of decor

Metallic Decor

A subtle hint of metallic bling never hurt anyone! The copper decor used to liven up this pretty space gels well with the overall modern vibe of this apartment’s living room. You can similarly opt for gold or silver plated decor for your living room.

Copper decor in the shelves used to liven up this pretty space is home decor ideas for small living room

There are many ways you can change how your living room looks more often that not just a tiny detail is all it requires. A new coffee table, matching side stools, some fresh flowers or indoor plants – there are so many simple ways to get your project living room started. Which one of these ideas made you want to get on with brightening up your living room decor right away?

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