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Spruce Up Your Small Living Room With These Inspirational Decor Ideas

small living room decorating ideas

Are you thinking of decorating your small living room? If yes, then you have to get it right as an extension of your personality.

The living room is the most important part of the house since it is the hub of maximum social activity and liveliness. It is here that you spend quality time with your family and entertain your guests. Setting up a living room is not as easy as you think it to be since it is much more than merely putting random pieces together. The living room, like every other room of your house, needs to reflect your personality and way of living to merge into an appealing and harmonious whole.

Bored of small living room interiors get inspired and revamp your space into a stylish and comfortable place.


Are you not quite sure about what’s the best approach to your small living room makeover? Read our small living room ideas below, get inspired and revamp your  space into a stylish and comfortable one that your friends and family will enjoy.

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Bunch Lights

If you want a lighting fixture with maximum impact at a reasonable cost then opt for these bunch lights. Its unique design with outward-facing holders ensures light reaches every corner of the room. Complement these with the toned-down wall colour and sleek furniture.

small living room lighting ideas with bunch lights are a unique design.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a great choice for those looking to make their living room entertainment-focussed. These lights can be hung from the ceiling to save on floor space. Pendant lights are more than enough to brighten up your small living room landscape. Pair it with a suitable TV showcase and some wall cabinets to accommodate your entertainment needs for charming living room interiors.

small living room interior with pendant lights are great for entertainment-focussed.

Sputnik Chandelier

The sputnik chandelier is ideal for an urban contemporary open-floor style house with a dining and living area combined in an open floor layout. Installing these lights instantly fills up the space and can become a focal point of great conversations. Its retro-style intricate design looks elegant, luxurious and quirky and blends well with the grey walls and wood-plank floors.

Sputnik chandelier is ideal for an urban contemporary open-floor style for dining areas with small living room interior ideas.

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Spiral Staircase

Does your home fall short of floor space? You can connect your living room to rooms on the other floors with this stunning spiral staircase. It is made of wooden slabs and supported by a raised one-sided metal railing. Since it has a small footprint, this spiral staircase looks compact and durable. It is a fabulous go-to option for those who love rustic and natural-looking spaces.