Jazz Up Your Shower Area With The Latest Bathroom Tile Trends Of 2022

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

Latest bathroom tile trends in 2022 for your bathroom

Explore these bathroom tile trends of 2022 if you’re planning to revamp your space this year

Choosing the tiles is one of the most exciting and daunting tasks when it comes to revamping your bathroom. Gone are the days when the decision about tiles was just based on their functional features like easy to clean and water-resistant. In today’s times, stunning and eye-catching tiles are available in the market that add layers to your bathroom interiors and set the correct tone. From different shapes, patterns, colours and materials, we are spoilt for choice with bathroom tile designs. So here we bring you the latest bathroom tile trends and matching design aesthetics that will instantly change the look and feel of your bathroom’s interiors. 

Bathroom tiles can make or break the look of your bathroom, so choose wisely and make an informed decision. Take a look at the latest bathroom tile trends in 2022 before revamping your bathroom interior design this year. Read along to know more.

Slate Is The Latest In Bathroom Tile Trends For A Bold And Edgy Look

It’s time we move away from the usual glossy finishes in bathroom tiles and move towards matte shades. This bathroom is designed with slate tiles for an edgy look. If an all-black look is too much, you can tone it down by adding some white to the bathroom. The large slate tiles look clean and well defined, just the way you want them to be. The white vanity unit with cupboards provides a lot of storage space. So one of the latest bathroom tile trends is about the sleek black and white bathroom space.

Slate tile is the latest bathroom tile trend with a matte finish that gives the space an edgy look
Slate tiles are a total hit in bathroom interiors

Bathroom Tiles Trends In 2022 Are Favouring Moroccan Aesthetics

If you want to add an aesthetic touch when looking for new bathroom tiles, Moroccan tiles will be the perfect choice for you. The intricate patterns on Moroccan tiles turn your bathroom into a masterpiece and these tiles lend a luxurious vibe to the entire space. You can choose two different colour palettes for the walls and flooring to create a striking contrast. You can install a bathtub and wall cabinet with open and closed storage spaces to elevate the luxury quotient and the functionality of the space.

Bathroom tile trends in 2022 are Moroccan tile which lends a luxurious vibe to the entire space
Add an aesthetic vibe with Moroccan tiles
Want to see your dream home before its built

Marble Is An All-Time Trending Tile For The Bathroom

Marble brings in a luxurious vibe and will never go out of fashion. Marble reflects light beautifully and makes your bathroom look spacious and bright. You can either go with an all-white theme in your bathroom or opt for a half and half design. The matte wall tiles on one side of the bathroom with a matching tall unit cuts the monotony of marble and adds definition to the bathroom interiors. You can also highlight the walls with backlights and spotlights for extra illumination. Choose a clear glass partition to separate the dry area from the wet one. This will help keep your bathroom neat and dry.

Marble is an all-time trending tile for a bathroom that makes your bathroom look spacious and bright
Marble is an all-time classic choice

Dual Colours Are Trending Tiles For The Bathroom This Year

This bathroom tile trend is for you if you want a stylish edge to your bathroom. The white and pink patterned tiles bring in a subtle feminine vibe and are perfect for a young girl’s bathroom. Pair it with some brass or gold finish bathroom fixtures to match the design scheme. A bowl-shaped sink, wall mounted tall unit and mirror with backlights adds a stylish vibe to the bathroom and turns it into a luxurious shower haven.

Dual colours are the latest bathroom tile trends in 2022 that adds a stylish vibe to the bathroom
Pastel colours are a trending choice in 2022

Patterned Walls Are An Interesting New Trend In Bathroom Tiles

Another trending tile for the bathroom this season is the small patterned tile. A patterned floral wall or a graffiti design on the walls with small tiles looks trendy, chic and livens up your bathroom space beautifully. The vanity unit is designed with wooden panelling on the wall to amplify the area’s beauty. The wooden flooring matches the wall and creates a warm and cosy vibe. Place some small potted plants and pendant lights to infuse a fresh and illuminated vibe in your bathroom.

Patterned floral walls are a new trend in bathroom tiles that creates a warm and cosy vibe
Liven up the bathroom walls with patterned tiles
Lets plan your home interiors together, speak to designers now

Get Some Hexagon-Shaped Trending Tiles For Your Bathroom

If you want to take your bathroom design game up by several notches, move away from the usual choices like subway or square tiles and go for the trendy hexagonal tiles. Use a vibrant shade like turquoise to highlight the walls and floor of the shower area. The rest of the space is kept muted to cut the bright colour’s monotony. The round glass shower compartment is an intelligent way of separating the wet and dry areas. Add in some beach themes on the wall to create an aqua vibe for the space.

Hexagon-shaped is trending tiles for a bathroom lends an aesthetic touch to the space
Make room for fun with hexagonal tiles

Now that you are familiar with the bathroom tile trends for 2022, let’s tell you what are the interior design trends of 2022. And if you want to revamp your home this year, book a free consultation with our designers today. Our experts will help you with personalised designs that suit your budget and needs. The designs come with ten years of warranty and are highly functional. Have a beautiful year ahead, and take care of your near and dear ones.

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