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Bang-Up Bathroom Wall Tiles Design Ideas To Ace Your Bathroom Space

Bathroom wall tiles design ideas

Boring walls of your basic bathroom making you want to revamp? These wonderful wall tile designs are sure to get your creative juices brewing!

Whoever said bonny bathroom tiles have to be restricted to the floor? You can have these gorgeous puzzle pieces fitted just about almost anywhere in your bathroom space and have some fun with designs while you’re at it too. Suiting up your bathroom is not as easy as you would assume. Simply butting together all-white elements is so – as Katy Perry would say – 2000 and late! Most other elements in your bathroom can barely be adorned because your major focus would have to lie on the utility of these elements. Bathroom wall tiles, on the other hand, are basically just plain canvases begging for makeovers. So put on those prolific pants and give your bathroom the ti(t)le it deserves!

Whether you choose bold colours, pleasant patterns or nude textured backdrops, these are some handpicked bathroom wall tile designs that are sure to inspire mission makeover!

Bold Is Beautiful

If you’re into bold colours, you can always choose rich patterns and colours that complement your otherwise basic bathroom floor to amplify one single wall. Call it the showstopper if you may but make sure to design it like one too. Sea blue, baby blue and shades of orange are all pop of colours that look fantastic when pitted together in patterns between plain white walls.

Bathroom wall tiles design with decorative glossy penny tiles that add glamour
Statement bathroom wall with decorative glossy penny tiles that add glamour

Half (Tile) Wall Half Wallpaper

Ever feel the urge to deck up your bathroom space with vivid wallpapers that make it look like and artistic haven? We feel you. A smart way to spruce up your bathroom is by going halfsies. The top half can be your pick of a glamorous wallpaper and the bottom half can be tiles styled according to the colours on top. This way, the wallpaper is out of harm’s range and beautiful wall tiles do much to bedazzle the rest of your bathroom.

Artistic grey bathroom wall tiles and wallpaper do much to bedazzle the rest of your bathroom
Artistic grey tiles and a funky wallpaper that makes this basic bathroom mighty beautiful

Penny For Your Thoughts On Penny Tiles?

Penny tiles are a fabulous way to create crafty patterns on your bathroom walls to make them look like mosaic wallpapers. Strips, waves or flaunty flowers, you can take your pick and prettify your bathroom walls with titivating tile designs that stand out.

Pick and prettify your bathroom walls with glossy penny wall tiles in shades of blue
Glossy penny wall tiles in shades of blue adding pizzazz to a modern bathroom

Abstract Art Wall Tile Designs

A pattern that’s abstract and asymmetric brings in a rather groovy and fresh appearance to your bathroom tiles. Although this might be too much to incorporate on all walls of your bath space, you can either have a single wall, or a petite portion around each element of your bathroom enclosed within these abstract tile designs.

Abstract art bathroom wall tile designs make for an edgy backdrop in a modern bathroom
Abstract and uneven rectangular tiles make for an edgy backdrop in a modern bathroom

Matte Me Not Wall Tiles

In a way, if you think about it, your powder room is where you’re really feeling all things glamorous, ready and prepared to take on a new day after a hot shower on a cosy day or a cold shower on a warm summer. Don’t you think this glamorous routine deserves a backdrop that complements its very purpose? Because we sure as hell do! Ditch all things matte for glossy grey bathroom wall tiles that add hints of luxe, in style!

Glossy grey bathroom wall tiles that add hints of luxe, in style
Glossy black-tiled wall complements the magnificent monochrome floor of a modern bathroom

Dear Mirror On The Wall Tile

Silver niches between broad hexagon tiles give you bathroom walls an unmatched mirror-like look that sets off a gorgeous charm in your bath space. If you want a traditional-styled bathroom, this bold blue has got to be your go-to. To further accentuate this wall, you can add actual mirrors spaced out within these hexagons to embellish your ‘me-time’ room.

Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tiles

Hand painted ceramic bathroom wall tiles have gained immense popularity in the last couple of years. The tiniest powder rooms seem to be greatly prettified with Portuguese paint patterns that are in all true senses, a delightful visual! So go ahead and paint up those tiring tiles.

Ceramic bathroom wall tiles add seamless charm
Grainy ceramic bathroom wall tiles that add seamless charm to your powder room

White Wall Tiles For Your Bathroom

Would you not agree that if the dominant colour in your bathroom space is not white, it’s just not right? There’s something about a great bathroom that just completely revolves around this ever glorious, elegant colour and for all the right reasons. White is a great backdrop for all your other tiny elements, for starters. Besides, the charm and serenity of this timeless colour can be accentuated on your tiles with splashes of tangerine or yellow. A perfect bathroom? Sounds like a perfect landscape.

White bathroom wall tiles add to the elegance of the space
Wave-textured white wall tiles that add to the elegance of the space

There you go, bathroom wall tile designs to make your space look like a million bucks. Spruce up your bathroom with these simple but spunky ideas and enjoy that me time eve more.

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