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Let Your Bathroom Shine With These Gorgeous Wall Lighting Ideas

bathroom wall lighting ideas for your bathroom

Bathroom wall lights are one of the most important features of any bathroom design. But they’re often overlooked because it’s essentially a private and intimate space where we end up spending a lot of time

The right bathroom wall lights can serve you well both in terms of function and aesthetics. This means that it can prevent you from falling/slipping and can also make your personal space look more cohesive and luxurious by highlighting certain details. There are many different activities that you carry out in the bathroom and each requires a different kind of lighting. Typically, bathroom lights can be placed on the ceiling, wall or around a mirror. 

With a plethora of styles and types of bathroom wall light fittings available, it will be a wise decision to go through them briefly and also keep a few things in mind to help you make an informed choice. So, let’s begin.

Types Of Bathroom Wall Lights 

  • Based on style: Vintage/Modern/Antique/Designer/Traditional/Industrial/Contemporary
  • Based on the type of bulb used: Standard incandescent/Compact fluorescents/LED (more energy-efficient with longer lifespan)
  • Based on bathroom zones and mood you want to create: Accent lighting/Task lighting/Ambient lighting/Decorative lighting
  1. Accent lighting options: Spotlights/Downlights/Profile backlights/Sconces 
  2. Task lighting options: Classic LED bulbs/Sconces/Dimmer lights/Built-in LEDs 
  3. Ambient/Mood lighting options: Pendant lights/Recessed lights
  4. Decorative lighting options: Mini chandeliers

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Bathroom Wall Lights

  • The wall paint, the tiles on the floor/wall and the lights you choose should complement one another
  • The lighting in the bathroom should be evenly distributed, that is, neither too less nor too much in a particular area
  • Try to incorporate layered lighting in your bathroom by using a combination of task, accent and ambient lighting rather than just choosing one of them 
  • When looking for the right bathroom wall lights, consider the window position, the amount of natural light it receives, the number of times you use the space in a day and so on to filter your choices. Try to maximise the natural sunlight as much as possible to create a diffused and soft feel
  • Create your bathroom blueprint on paper wherein the entire layout and the dimensions of each element (shower, bath, basin, door, etc.) are clearly laid out along with the lighting plan (in consultation with an electrician) to get the most out of your bathroom lighting project 
  • To check out how much bulb wattage (brightness) is required in your bathroom, simply measure the space in metres squared and multiply it by 25. It’s that simple 
  • Prefer going in for white lights — cool white or warm white — when choosing modern LED bulbs for the bathroom. Consider the light output and dimmability factor as well

It’s now time to dig into our collection of the best bathroom wall lighting ideas to adorn your bathroom space with. We’re sure there’ll be something to flatter everyone.

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Ain’t These Sconces Pretty?

These bathroom wall light sconces placed right above the large rectangular mirror provide ample task lighting on the bathroom countertop and also blend in well with the white walls and marble-tiled shower area.

Placing bathroom wall light Sconces about the mirror provide ample task lighting
These sconces provide downlighting and also make the flower vase stand out

Bath Bars Are Trendy

This pair of modern four-light bath bars give an industrial touch to the space and look very versatile within the bathroom interiors. They lend a sophisticated yet fun ambience and also complement the light-framed mirror below. 

Bathroom wall light fittings with a four-light bath bar give an industrial touch to the bathroom
The design of these bath bars is very unique and they add texture and style to the interiors

Don’t These Look Like Mini Lampshades?

These shade sconces paired with matching shade chandeliers give a traditional old-timey feeling and bring visual drama into the bathroom interiors. They also provide soft ambient lighting in the area and accentuate the finer details of the white vanity cabinet below.

Bathroom wall lights in a sconce chandelier style bring a traditional old-timey feeling
These shade sconce chandeliers contrast perfectly against these abstract tiled walls and light grey flooring

LEDs Brighten Up The Space

This bathroom wall mirror with LED lights provides this beige and brown bathroom with a clean and sleek look. They give just the right amount of task lighting to the sink area without taking away the beauty of the other decor pieces.

Bathroom wall mirror with led lights lends a clean and sleek look
LED lights are extremely eco-friendly and energy-efficient in nature

The Royal Touch Bathroom Wall Light

These bell-framed downlights make the green potted plant pop out and also ooze royalty and class into this neutral-coloured bathroom space.

Antique bathroom wall light in bell-framed style gives a royal touch to the space
These yellow lights add a feeling of comfort and warmth to this bathroom

Uplighting Works Wonders

This small wall light for the bathroom looks simple yet contemporary. It provides accent lighting to the mirror while the grill window lets sufficient natural sunlight into this light grey-walled bathroom.

Small bathroom wall light looks contemporary yet straightforward is the best bathroom wall pendant light
These lights soften the task lighting and enhance the ambient lighting in the bathroom
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That’s all folks! Hope this blog post has inspired you enough to give your ordinary bathroom a beautiful makeover without breaking the bank. So, hurry up and get the ball rolling. We’d love to see your bathroom transformation pictures in the comment box below. Good luck!

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